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A little more Building



Alright, a little more building.

I got my order for 4x Sisters of the Thorn and 1x Sisters of the Watch and my plan building Sisters of the Watch styled Reavers worked.


I didn't get them spears because profilewise it didn't make sense. In the profile they get them spears and the Champion has a sword (because this was the way it was with the Spire of Dawn models). But, the spear and the blade have literally the same profile (the blade has 1 attack more, but its because it's the champions weapon). There is no better range or worse To-Hit role like we often see with spears.

The other 10 models (mostly the deers with the forehooves down make another 10 Wildriders


Actually I started to paint one of them, because I switch him into the other unit. The point is, 7 deers with front hooves down in a single unit doesn't look that good.

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On 6/23/2018 at 5:47 PM, Melcavuk said:

Looking good 

Thanks, funfact is, if I can manage it painting my entire Maiden Guard, I will have painted 40 Deers (if I don't use more of them).

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Fixed the Link of the Wildriders. For some reason the picture was only visible when I had logged in into Google ?.

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