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Themed Listbuilding In the Age of Sigmar



I've been looking over the GH released points and been a little depressed on how a number of the new factions don't have enough different things to make a very diverse army. In particular, the old High and Dark Elf factions are quite limited, using the same unit over and over while supplementing with 1-2 Behemoths/Leaders.

Here's a few of the really easy to make specific allegiance Order factions I'm referring to:

Devoted of Sigmar: 30 Flagellants, 2 War Altars of Sigmar, Warrior Priest, Witch Hunter - 980 Points

Eldritch Council: 20 Swordmasters, Archmage, Loremaster, Archmage on Dragon - 980 Points

Order Draconis: 15 Dragon Blades, Dragon Noble, Dragonlord

Order Serpentis: 10 Drakespawn Knights, 1 War Hydra, 1 Drakespawn Chariot, 1 Dreadlord on Black Dragon

Phoenix Temple: (It's unclear as to whether the Anointed on Phoenix needs to be counted as both a Phoenix and an Anointed, or just the Phoenix). Count Both Units Separate: 30 Phoenix Guard, 1 Anointed (on the Phoenix), 1 of Either Phoenix - 940 or 960 Points. Count Both as the Same: 20 Phoenix Guard, 2 of either Phoenix, at least 1 ridden by Anointed (If both are Frost, you can sneak in an Anointed on foot) 

Scourge Privateers: 20 Black Ark Corsairs, 2 Black Ark Fleetmasters (Because everything else in this army is a multiple of 100, might as well take 2 FMs). Fairly open in what you take, but repeating Kharibdyss, FMs, Corsairs, and Scourgerunner Chariots.

Shadowblades: 1-4 Assassins, 20-30 Dark Riders. You'll get more Dark Riders with fewer Assassins, but it matches equally to 1000 points at 2 Assassins and 30 Dark Riders. Ironically, there's only 3 lists you can make if you insist on taking as many points as possible

Swifthawk Agents: 20 Shadow Warriors, 1 Skywarden, add to this Chariots Skycutters as you see fit.

I'm trying to illustrate that until these armies get expanded upon, there isn't much in the way of expanding a few of these armies past 1000 points unless you like repeating specific units. And in the future these forces are going to be expanded upon, so you'll want to be buying more things in the future, which may not be bad if you want to start at 1000 points. But unless you're a fan of the already developed factions, you may want to stick to the Grand Allegiances for Pitched Battle.

Oddly, everything that is Battleline is only Battleline when given the special Allegiance.

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To be honest all you have to do is meet the minimum requirement for battline with units that are battleline within The order alliance.  Their specific bonuses for keeping in faction are often very minuscule so one could build q dark elf army or high elf army and use as many unspecified units as the points allow.  

Though I am saying this without knowing what each faction's unit abilities are for staying in theme or if they even have any.

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In some ways, I really wish AoS was a bit more like 40k. Those lists don't sound so bad at 1000 points. It's enough of the same to still be interesting. But as soon as you start looking at 2000 points, none of those sub-factions look particularly enticing without drafting in some reinforcements from somewhere else.

But as soon as you do, you lose your allegiance battleline (So those reinforcements now have to be standard grand alliance battleline).

If you could build little mini-armies within the points limit, it'd be a lot nicer on building thematic grand alliance or allied forces style lists. That being said, 40k is riddled with abuse from what I've heard. So maybe a softer touch is you can claim an allegiance to a particular faction if more than 50% of the army share the keyword.

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I agree some of the factions are extremely limited. 

Im building a Scourge Privateers army, though my gaming group is fine with me taking corsairs as battleline even with additions, as long as most of it fits in the faction. I'm running Doomfire Warlocks, for example.

mostly it's because I had the models already, but I honestly think that based on the amount of models relegated to 'legacy' units that the units still included in factions are likely to stay and be expanded on in the same vein as beastclaw raiders.

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