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Painting madness! Getting freeguild ready for 03/05/2018



So I have a busy week ahead of me!


I've got a 3v3 game organised next week of order versus khorne. We will have myself and my freeguild along with Dan & his Pheonix Temple & Chris and his freeguild. It's going to be a tough game and we're likely going to have to try and win it through cunning, attrition and a boat load of shooting!


So what I have available so far, in various stages of painting:

10 gunners

10 guard w/ sword and shield

10 guard w/ militia weapons

1 freeguild general on foot

3 demigryph knights

1 cannon (albeit lacking in dwarven crew)


What I plan to finish building this week:

1 general on griffon

10 greatswords (mostly done just need to do a couple heads. They're a jaguar warrior conversion so take time to build but should be quick to paint)

20 guard (I hate building the guardsmen so this will hurt)

10 crossbowmen


Possibly 1 luminark depending on how many points I have left as it would be nice to have something to buff my teammates. Also a 30" range gun will be nice for upsetting bloodsecrators.


I'm going to be detailing my progress on the blog and also brainstorming some lists. Should be good fun!


I do love my freeguild but they are a pain to get built and painted sometimes xD At least the demigryphs were fun when I did them. Also note to self: Buy some rocket batteries at some point... and make an engineer.


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