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Weekly Hobby Update : 3-21-18



Hey Everyone!  Adepticon officially kicks off today and everyone is eagerly anticipating the famous Games Workshop Reveal Show happening later tonight.  I am bummed to be missing it once again, but sadly there are only so many vacation days in the work year, but I will be taking a look at all the great reveals early in the morning before I begin my drive out to Chicago with my friend Sean.  Before all that fun I need to catch up on all the hobby I have had happening over the past week.

With my army and display board painted and ready for Adepticon, I was able to finish my final prep for the Malign Portents Coalescence Global event that took place this past Saturday.  The last bit I really had to finish was the one item I kept putting off, but with the help of my lovely wife, I was able to finish all the Pylons as part of the event pack for my tables.  They were built to be temporary, but if you printed these out on cardstock and in color they could prove to be some great entry level terrain so be sure to check it out.


I also celebrated a birthday this past week and I was gifted with some Daughters of Khaine (also money to spend on Daughters of Khaine) by way of models and dice.  I plan to eventually get a second set of Melusai and Khinerai so I can build both options for some post-Adepticon Hobby.  I was also gifted some of the excellent Daughters of Khaine themed dice and I love the design and look of them and I took them to try them out at Coalescence over the weekend.


I must say the dice roll exceptionally well and much to the dismay of one of my opponents they managed to roll a six for every single priority roll.  The downside to the dice with my Witch Aelf army is I was unable to roll all my attacks from a single unit at once due to the large size.  I tried throughout the day and while I managed to finish my games easily under two hours the flow of rolling was odd and I want to make sure to be as clean and quick on my rolls as possible so I will be using my old Dark Elf Dice for the bulk of my rolls.  Thankfully, my friends, Andrea and Dan gave me some great ideas on Twitter to use the bigger dice for Heros, priority rolls, spells, and prayers and I plan to do just that!


Even though I am all set for Adepticon I just cannot put my paintbrush down and my excitement for Daughters of Khaine is not going away anytime soon.  I took time over the weekend to paint up my third Avatar of Khaine.  It was a quick model t paint and washes really work well to bring out the details.  The unit is a combat beast and I look forward to running two of these in a list one day in the future.


If you are at Adepticon or driving out int eh next day or so I hope you have safe travels and be sure to come say hello if you see me wandering around the halls.  I cannot wait for the event and be sure to follow me on Twitter to see all the coverage from my perspective as the days go on.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore

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