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Road to Adepticon 2018 : Part 3



Hey Everyone!  Adepticon is almost here and I am happy to say I have accomplished my tasks in preparation for the big event!  The release of the new Daughters of Khaine really put me into a state of Hobby frenzy I was not expecting as I got my head around the new Battletome, worked up a new list, and painted Morathi to take to the table.  I am very excited to field the new book and see how they do at a higher level.  More importantly, I cannot wait to see the friends I made last year and through online interaction and have a great time enjoying the game we all love so much.


After a lot of debating in my own mind as well as looking around online while building my list, I decided to take a slightly changed variant of the list I wrote for a recent Tactica Article on the Warhammer Community Site.  While I won't be putting up the whole list you can be sure it will have lots of Witch Aelves as well as Morathi to lead it all.  With the number of attacks my Witch Aelves put out in combat she is a big force multiplier for every list I have written.  While a lot of people are building Melusai lists using the Temple Nest Battalion I am taking the road of lots and lots of Witch Aelves.

While all the effort toward this army has been toward getting ready for Adepticon I still have the newer units to build and paint to add to the army.  You can be sure to see them hitting my hobby table shortly after Adepticon and I cannot wait to have all the options available to really begin playing this army to its fullest and varying play styles.  Although I suspect the upcoming Idoneth Deepkin could cause a bit of a distraction if I don't get all of my Daughters done before their release, but even if I do resist I will be looking to add them to my collection.


While I am a bit saddened that my original list of one hundred and twenty Witch Aelves is no longer viable, if I wish to include Morathi I need to slim the total number down a bit.  I knew Morathi was going to Adepticon the moment I saw and knew it was released before the cut-off date.  I managed to pick her and I set to work right away.  Her two forms took much longer to paint than originally expected, but the whole process was a joy and she is my favorite model I have put a brush to date.  I really put in my best effort and constantly sought advice from my friend Sean (BrushforHire) to make sure the final product was what I had envisioned.


After she was complete I set to work on my Display Board and while it is not exactly what I had envisioned I am happy enough with the result.  I feel like I could add a lot more to the board, but I know it will look a lot fuller once the army is on it and taking up the negative space.  I might go back to it in the future and try to remake in a better fashion with brickwork, resin blood flows, but for its purpose at Adepticon, I am going to leave it where it is.

With some time left before Adepticon I really need to get more practice games in with my army so the plan is to play as many games as possible between now and next Thursday.  Thankfully I have some great opponents around here who are ready and willing to play.  I am thankful that I had plenty of games before the Battletome, but I wish to ensure I get all the new rules in my head so I don't miss any steps at the tables come next week.


There is a lot more I wish to add to this army and I plan to do so after Adepticon, but with a lack of time I am calling my Adepticon preparations complete.  Adepticon promises to be a great time with a  big Games Workshop reveal Wednesday night, which I'll sadly miss as I drive in on Thursday and plenty of Age of Sigmar and time with friends.   I look forward to seeing you all there next week if you are attending and be sure to say hi if you see me!  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore

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