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Coalescence : Malign Portents Event Impressions



Hey Everyone!  While I am busy at Adepticon I wanted to briefly cover the recent Malign Portents Coalescence Global Event that took place this past weekend.  I was able to run the event for my local club, Ligonier Legion, once again and we had a great turnout for a fun day of gaming!  If you haven't seen the global results Death won the event overall.  If you are thinking about running narrative gaming in any way or wish to try your hand at running the upcoming June Coalescence event be sure to keep an eye on the We are The Neon Blog.


One of my favorite parts of the Coalescence events is how I can take the global narrative and add my own local lore for my event.  At the first event, I had Tyrion and Teclis as the driving forces behind my local lore and with the recent release of Daughters of Khaine, I couldn't resist adding Morathi into my local story.  In order to loosely tie it to the first local Coalescence, I had Teclis as part of the story.  He formed an alliance with Morathi in order to find out what was going on in Shyish.  


The awards prepped, and tables full of terrain we began the event.  I was blown away to have so many players for the event considering Adepticon was right around the corner, but I was happy to see a gaming hall full of Age of Sigmar.  The day went by smoothly with two-hour rounds and breaks in between.  All in all the pack was solid and clearly laid out and everyone at my club showed up with a great attitude to play and craft their narrative as the day progressed.  I was excited to see an odd number turn up which allowed me to play all three games and get some more practice with my Daughters of Khaine and enjoy some narrative games before a major GT.


I really enjoy running a narrative event as it is more laid back as the point of the day is about the story and not just about who wins or looses.  With players across all skill levels of painting and gaming, it is also a great time to talk about our passion and help each other improve with strategy, painting tips, and perhaps get one another excited for our next army.  We had some great hobby on display and while some players are much newer to painting everyone was happy to put in a model to be judged for best painted.  Seeing the club share their enthusiasm for the hobby despite their level is great o behold.


After a well fought three rounds my local club saw Death win out overall in a surprise defeat.  My local area is often Order and Chaos heavy, but the Death players showed up to play and seized the win.  Awards passed out and our event logged for the global narrative we all headed over for the standard post-game beer and chats.  It was a fantastic day and I am more excited ever to dive into the June event and make it even better and try to max out our venue.


I want to give thanks to the NEON team and Games Workshop for the effort they put into creating this pack and event.  It was a top-level event that my local club will always be running as long as the packs keep on coming.  Knowing that we are connecting to the large global community really drives us to make it bigger and better.


The global event wrapped up all that I had left was to tidy up my little narrative which you can read above.  I cannot wait for the June event and I plan to bring much more detailed coverage on it as the month draws closer.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Chuck Moore

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