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Swamp to do list



Hey guys!

So its been a while since my last post due to 40k and real life getting the way. The spell of 40k has finally broken though, after playing some shadespire with a friend the other day. It's gotten me pumped to get going on some unpainted models and finish my swamp themed Troll army and if all goes to plan take it out for a spin in two months.

The list!

Alliance: destruction

Troggoth hag  - 360 - General, Rockeye, Wild fury (will need to test this, might go with the extra wound depends on testing)

Gitmob shaman  - 80

Gitmob shaman  - 80

Gitboss on wolf - 60 (I have three of these dudes and never got to use them haha)

6 fellwater troggoths  - 360 (may reduce these to 3 and take 3 sourbreath ones for variety)

60 gitmob with bows - 270

60 gitmob with bows - 270

40 gitmob grots with spears - 200

Basilisk - 280

The hobby list!

Troggoth hag - Finish applying swamp extras for base

Gitmob shamans - Paint and base

Gitboss on wolf - re-base on circle and paint

Troggoths - A little more work on eyes and some additional washes

gitmob - Need to undercoat and paint 60, details and base finishing to be done on the rest

basilisk - Fix weird lipstick lips (picture below) and complete basing


I'll update the blog with my progress to attempt to keep on track haha.

here is my basilisk, I painted him a little while ago but he's been hard to fit in and hasn't seen any action



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Thinking more on the list, might drop the gitboss and 3 trolls for 2 spear chukkas. Need something to try and pin cushion these little synergistic characters running about.

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