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Ogor Butcher conversion completed

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I made a second Bucher conversion for my Gutbuster/Beastclaw army. I used Blood Bowl ogre. It is a little bit smaller than usual ogors, but not noticeably so, and has really nice dynamic pose. Gives some variety to otherwise quite similar and static ogors. 

So I put Ironblaster ogor head on him and hands from regular Ogors. That required some greenstuffing and cutting, but it was easy enough and I hid the flaws with shoulder plates. Cauldron is also from Ironblaster/Scraplauncher kit, filled with bits. 

 All in all it was fun little conversion and Blood Bowl ogre suits well, I like the forward rushing pose and how he drags forth fresh meat for his cauldron. IMAG2785_1.jpg.f3c2178671116237d1f8e97d59262be5.jpgIMAG2784_1.jpg.8f7dc05cd873424f8d1a44e8e5eb51ed.jpgIMAG2783_1.jpg.145ddd704692efa86ba9ea022f2207eb.jpgIMAG2782_1.jpg.00ab95df48971528d3bffc7672b13cd8.jpgIMAG2781_1.jpg.a994c627bfc4b3d1c65dd5eb6af47f44.jpg


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