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So that fell off a cliff...

Dave Fraser


Ok so Blog updates stopped.  In part this was due to the faff of my picture host - photobucket ****** the pooch and removing all external linking and partly extreme laziness on my part.

That extreme laziness did not extend to painting models however but first lets restate the years objectives:

  1. No not aim to paint 1/day, instead I’m going to try and paint some individual models to a higher standard, probably targeting something like 26 good quality models. (1/fortnight).  That’s not to say I won’t paint a load of other models around these but my objective will be the better stuff.

  2. Stop buying tonnes of junk I’ll never play with! I’ve curbed my KS habit in the last 6 months only backing Roots of Magic (9 models) because it’s a small independent KS making some very nice models on a shoestring budget.

  3. This is one I’ve not quite settled on yet – Sell off some of my armies. With the changes to AoS I basically won’t use a large chunk of my WFB stuff ever again so it doesn’t really make sense to hold onto it all.  Also there are a bunch of games I’m unlikely to actually play, do I really need to keep stuff for them or should I just get rid.

  4. Paint a ‘concept army’.  For those that don’t know this is a big thing in AoS at the moment, basically it means not to paint a colour scheme but to paint a theme eg ethereal, sin city etc.  In reality what many people have done is spray one colour, wash and drybrush their models and call it done which usually just looks like a half assed rush job.  I want to do it properly.

  5. Finish some projects – 30k Alphas have a few models o/s, Relic Knights, Epic Marines, various AoS armies.  I don’t want to be fully painted at the end of 2016 but I want to be able to say “I have no more of [x] to paint”.


1. Total Fail - I painted 1 model to a really high standard and that was my GUO.  I did good paintjobs on a few more models but utterly failed to achieve what I was intending to do.

2. Can argue that this was a total fail but I definitely curbed myself.  I painted a lot of unpainted stuff and I offloaded a load more but still probably 100 models I've added to my stash that need painting.  Have pretty much knocked KS on the head, just waiting for a single dragon model to come through.

3. Success - Sold multiple armies - Sylvaneth, Chaos Dwarfs, Squats, BA Germans, Saga,  Tzeentch and a bunch of random models I didn't want any more.

4. Kind of yes, I set out to do one early in the year then shelved it.  I then came back at the end of the year and have done a sylvaneth army that potentially could fall into this category but you could also argue is a proper paintjob for Sylvaneth.

5. I guess this goes down as a success but with a bit of an asterisk beside it. I don't think I painted any armies such that I have no more of [x] to paint.  But I did paint a lot of stuff up and I'm certain I've shrunk my unpainted mound.

In more specifics This year I've painted:

  • 36 Death Guard models - Done for my local game store, basically the starter box plus a few of the new releases
  • 68 Khorne - painted up an army but have a few more bits I still need to do.
  • 76 Tzeentch - painted up the filth, played it once, now sold it. They're fun & really nice to paint tho.
  • 4 other Chaos models
  • 21 Death models - Mostly for the TK utter filth netlist at the start of the year before the points update came out in April
  • 6 Destruction models - Mostly large monsters to run in my Moonclan - Rogue Idol, colossal squig, thundertusk.
  • 33 KO - The core of a Zilfin list, need to add the bubblemen
  • 102 Sylvaneth - This was a commission army (Gnarlroot) and then a second army for myself (Dreadwood).
  • 10 Darklands models
  • 69 Guild Ball models
  • 19 Shadespire models - All 4 warbands
  • 42 Epic Space marine models - I just enjoy painting on the smaller scale. I added a second company to my ultra marines plus some support units.

Total of 489 models

Commission Sylvaneth















Destruction Monsters





And my pride of the year the Exalted Great Unclean One




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I’ve averaged over 1 model per day since 1/1/2011, volume has never been an issue for  me. Where I struggle is putting more time into 1 figure to push the quality. 

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Great effort still mate. The variety of things you get done always amazes me. I'll be doing a review of my 2017 goals at some point - it was pretty much an unmitigated disaster! 

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