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Step 2. Admitting you have a problem



I did a little bit more cleaning up on the other horrors and put the first bit of paint onto one horror as an experiment. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the colour, but it is a deep pinky purple from Vallejo applied as a few washes over white. A little bit of blue was added for some shadows/splotchyness to break up the overall PINK. The aim is for it to blend out to purple or blue towards the finger and tentacle tips. We shall see...


So what is this problem? The problem is my butterfly like nature getting the better of me already. I knew I wanted to start a small AoS force at some point as a friend's son has just started collecting Seraphon as his first ever army and he has no-one to play against. The original aim was to just use the Silver Tower models as a small Tzeentch force, bolstered by their ST models if needed.

...Then I started reading the source books for the Realmgate wars because it would be rude not to know more about the new universe right? This meant starting at the beginning and picking up the starter set. So two more potential armies in the painting pile. Not, in itself, a massive issue as I can convert a number of them into the additional Silver Tower characters.

Then I read the Flesh Eater's Court and really really want one of those too.

The last straw that broke my resolve was the global campaign announcement coming along side reading the Ironjawz book. 

So what we now have is the start of an Ironjawz force too. Grrr Waaagh and all that. I have a rough concept for a theme for this force based on one line from early in their book, but I want to see if anyone can guess what it is as the Boss comes into being. The initial stage isn't going to give anything away yet ;)



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