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Characterdescriptions of the Faithful of Eloni



Here is my first characterdescription for my faithful army. Its the description for sister Christina, my Free Guild General of the Order of the verdant cycle. There is already a hint, that she met with my Stormcast Eternals (How the Stormcast Eternals gets there is still Work in Process).

For everyone who is wondering, I called the town 'Rosenheim' in the german version (Mithrilrock is called 'Mithrilfels' there for example. You guys already know Mithrilrock from my characterdescription of "Vanguard Raptor Prime, Ramir"). After I wasn't satisfied with translations like 'rosehome' I didn't translate it in that story. Have fun. ;)

Free Guild General, Sister Christina



Sister Christina grew up in the town of ‘Rosenheim’ in the Realm Ghyran. Because of her devoutness, she decided to become a novice of the monastery of the verdant cycle in town. She heart the news that chaos had invaded many areas of the realm and multiple monasteries got destroyed during attacks. Rosenheim survived attacked multiple times by small chaos warbands, thanks to the support of Mithrilfels, which supported them with weapons and armour for a long time. It was this alliance, that allows the order to trench the rare paladin order. Since she wanted to fight for the powers of order she decided to go the way of the paladin and ascended to the highest ranks of paladins. When the inevitable day came, they were prepared for the chaos attack. Troops of Nurgle supported by clan pestilence began to besiege Rosenheim. Christina had intended to fight, but the highest priest gave her the task, to evacuate parts of the population with units of paladins and small groups of the “watchsisters” through the catacombs, since there allies of Mithilrock and other town didn’t respond to their distress signal. Christina was saddened, that she couldn’t be part of the defence, but fulfilled her task. On the escape they battled multiple small chaos patrouilles, they could parry with only a few loses. In the distance they saw Rosenheim burning down. For many residents the loss of their home was difficult and after they only had their faith, they indulged in zealotry and loot weapons of barbarian warbands to fight as flagellants. On their journey Christina could convince small groups of surviving brothers and sisters of burned down monasteries of the Order of verdant cycle to join them, so the group got some rangers.


Than the auspicious day came then they met Sigismund. He was a charismatic and devoutness man who gathered many refugees, who worship Sigmar or Alarielle, behind him with his convince that the gods would help them. Even if some of these groups were a little suspicious to Christina, mostly some of the barbaric tribes, they joined him. She wasn’t sure if the gods would really help after Sigmar closed all Realmgates to Azyr and Alarielles wood spirits weren’t seen in a long time.

It was the arrival of Yelena Stormheart and the Stormcast Eternals, which convinced her faith that the gods will help them. Furthermore she was intrigued that Yelena and Verena were sisters of the Order before they became Stormcast Eternals.



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Nice! I like how you give each character their own narrative but link them together at the same time. It helps make Your Dudes feel like real people.

If I were you (which I'm not) I might keep the German names for flavor- I think that Mithrilfels sounds cooler than Mithrilrock, personally. Just my two cents.

Hope to see more of this!

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Thanks, I will try to make more. I hope I will finish my other stories for Yelena soon, so I could make a counterpart of those stories here. (The first meeting between Yelena and Christina).

I think the biggest problem with my stories is the timeline. The monastery were Yelena and Verena are coming from were written that they were fallen hundreds of years ago, while Rosenheim and Mithrilfels/Mithrilrock would be during this Generation, so my continent Eloni and the Part of Chamon weren't corrupted for a long time during the Age of Chaos.

There is also the point that most of my stories contain my own armies (good and evil). The only exeption was my battlerteport I wrote in "Battle of Heroes"

I have a third project that didn't has a blog here yet about my Skaven Army that is already mentioned in Yelenas Story in my Stormcast Project, and about 5-6 armies, that are waiting as well (Nurgle Mortal + Rotbringers + Daemons, Khorne Bloodbound, Swifthawk Agents + Eldritch Council, Darkling Covens + Scourge Privateers + perhaps Order Serpendis,  Bonesplitterz, Ogors). And my skaven actually have only 7 painted models and about 3 parts of backbround that isn't translated, yet.

This project here is the special one of all of my projects because it's more a proxy project to give the continent life.


And thanks that you like the german name, I changed Mithrilrock back to Mithrilfels. I think, that it makes it a little easier for me)

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