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Battlereport "Battle of Heroes"




On Friday I made a my actual third game of Age of Sigmar with the Battle of Heroes Event in GW-Wiesbaden.

I wrote a little introductionstory before posting this the first time:


The Blazenhearts had fought for months in Eloni for the local citizens and armys to get them some rest. Doring a patrol, the lords of the Storm experienced through reconnaissance, that troops of the bloodbound got close to multiple places of power to corrupt them. Against the objections of Victor Brightsoul, the Lord Castellant, to wait for the rest of the chamber, Valten Blazenheart the Lord Celestant conforms, after the sighted troops were a small warband. Valten knew that they have to act quickly, so chaos could not determine in the region.

Actually it was some sort of introductiongame because my it was the first game for my opponent. After he only has "normalsized" models I didn't use my Drakesworn Templar, so it was a 500 Point Game with 5 Heroes. So my army looked like this:

Victor Brightsoul (100)

Knight-Venator (120)

Morbius (80)

Valten Blazenheart (100)

Total: 500/ 500

The army of my opponent contained the following models:

Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer (80)

Exalted Deathbringer (80)
- Ruinous Axe & Skullgouger

Bloodstoker (80)

Bloodsecrator (120)

Mighty Lord Of Khorne (140)

Total: 500/500


At first I thought the shop would have a scenario for that event, but after should compromise to a Battleplan. To keep it simple we used "Three Places of Power", because it fits nicely to the event after heroes should hold objectives.

I hope I didn't make an mistake that the marker is controlled by a hero until is is killed or left the 3" range of the marker.

The battlefield was 48"x48", and we still used 3 markers so each marker were 12" away to each other instead of 18".

So here was the battlefield (seen from my side of the table)


Sadly some of my pictures have a bad quality, because I made them with my smartphone and didn't wanted to waste to much time.

Set-up of Stormcast Eternals:

Knight Questor positioned next to the right wood

Lord Relictor right from the magical water.

Lord Celestant left of the magical water, next to the tower

Lord Castellant between the left wood and the tower and the Knight Venator next behind the Lord Castellant


Set-Up Chaos:

Blood Stoker right to the ruinwalls

Mighty Lord of Khorne and Bloodsecrator behind the mausoleum

Exalted Deathbringer and Aspiring Deathbringer positioned behind the wood in the enemy territorium.


I didn't read that the player that finished first could choose who has initiative we rolled the Initiative (after both armies did have the same number of units I think it was alright so).

The first initiative goes to Chaos:

Chaos Turn 1:

Blood Stoker Wipped the Mighty Lord of Khorne

in the Movement Phase all models exept the the Bloodsecrator ran to the markers. The Bloodsecrator moved right behind the mausoleum. the Blood Stoker conquered the right marker, the Mighty Lord of Khorne the middle marker and the Aspiring Deathbringer conquered the left marker

3 : 0 points for Chaos


Stormcast Eternals Turn 1:

Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Lord Celestant

The Lord Relictor moved into the wood. Lord Castellant and Knight Venator move near the left marker. The Lord Celestant moved closer to the two Deathbringers. The Knight Questor moved closer to the Blood Stoker but falied it's charge later this round.

The Knight Questor shoots at the Aspiring Deathbringer and makes 3 wounds. The Lord Celestant uses his Sigmarite Warcloak, generating 4 hammers and killed the Aspiring Deathbringer. After that he charged Exalted Deathbringer and wounded him once but got 2 wounds (even with the lanterns effect).

After my units were not near enough to the marker I didn't get any points that round. So it's still 3 : 0 for chaos



Ini roll round 2: Stormcast Eternals win

Stormcast Eternals Turn 2:

Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Lord Celestant. The Lord Relictor used the storm to heal the Lord Celestant.

The Lord Castellant moved to the left marker to conquer it. The Lord Quetor moved closer to the Blood Stoker.

The Knight Venator moved forward to get free sight to the Mighy Lord of Khorne (more aesthetical than really needed)

He shoots at the mighty lord, but failed to wound him.

The Lord Celestant generated another four hammers and damaed the Mighty Lord with them.

The Knight Questor charged the Blood Stoker. I activated the Knight Questor first, because I thought the Lord Celestant would will survive with the 2+ Save with the lanterns effect and made three wounds at the Blood Stoker.

After it was the first game for my opponent I gave him the advise, he should attack with his Deathbringer first, after the Lord Celestant hadn't attacked yet and nothing would attack the Blood Stoker in that round. The Deathbringer failed to make damage to the Lord Celestant (because he blocked all damage). The Lord Celestant didn't make damage either because the Deathbringer blocked everything.

The Blood Stoker was able to make one damage to the Knight Questor.

After conquering the left marker the score was 3 : 1 for Chaos.



Chaos Turn 2

The Bloodsecrator used his portal of Skulls to for the Rage of Khorne Ability.

The Mighty Lord stayes at the marker to "corrupt" it further.

In the combat phase, the Lord Celestant makes 3 Damage to the Deathbringer, all other models fail to make damage.

After the Blood Stoker is still controlling the right marker and the Mighty Lord controlling the middle one he generates 4 pointes. So the score is 7 : 1 for chaos.


Ini Roll Turn 3: Chaos wins.

Chaos Turn 3

The Bloodsecrator used his portal of Skulls to for the Rage of Khorne Ability. Blood Stoker Wipped the Mighty Lord of Khorne.

Mighty Lord of Khorne moved closer to the Knight Questor to charge him and makes 2 damage with his axe.

Knight Questor tries zu kill the Blood Stoker but fails.

The Deathbringer makes 2 damage to the Lord Celestant but gets killed after this in return.

The ability of the Axe failed to kill the Knight Questor

The Blood Stoker generates another 3 points. So the score is 10 : 1 now.


Stormcast Eternals Turn 3

Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Lord Celestant. The Lord Relictor used the storm to heal the Lord Celestant.

The Lord Celestant moved to the middle marker, the Lord Castellant moved closer to the marker and the Knight Venator moves within 8" of the Bloodsecrator.

 The Knight Venator tries to shoot at the Mighty Lord and sends its eagle to the Blood Stoker, but both fail.

The Lord Celestant generates another 4 hammers sends 2 to the Mighty Lord and 2 to the Blood Stoker and killes the Mighty Lord but failes to kill the Blood Stoker.

The Knight Venator tries to charge the Bloodsecrator but failed with a 6.

In Combat Phase the Knight Questor killes at least the Blood Stoker and got controll to the right marker.

After the Lord Celestant and Lord Questor got control to the middle and right marker and generating 1 point each and the Lord Castellant still controlling the left marker generating 2 points it's still 10 : 5 for chaos.

Ini Roll for Round 4: Stormcast Eternals win (this is the last round)

Stormcast Eternals Turn 4

Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Knight Venator. The Lord Relictor moved forward after he had nothing to do. The Knight Venator moved within 3,5" to the Bloodsecrator, shoots at him which makes 2 damage and charged him with a roll of 3.

While piling in he moved around the Bloodsecrator (because he only has to move closer to the closest model at the end of piling in, so he is in the 9" bubble of the Lord Celestant).

Neighter the Knight Venator nor the Bloodsecrator made damage in combat.

The Knight Questor and Lord Celestant generate another 2 Points by holding the marker and the Lord Castellant another 3. So this is the first time in the game that the Stormcasts have more points with 10 : 12 for Chaos.



At this point the game ends after the Bloodsecrator is unable to make any points and is locked in combat.


So it was a win for the stormcast eternals at the end.

I know that a win against a veteran is more satisfying, but the game was fun and after I was 3 turns in the back that makes me sweat. If I hadn't slain the Deathbringer in chaos turn 3 or my Lord Questor would have slain during the game the game would have another ending.

Perhaps the Chaos Army would have more power by having a slaughterpriest, after he could create mortal wounds and would have pressurize my Stormcast Eternals perhaps more but I didn't made the list.

I don't know if the Mighty Lord should have attacked in turn 2 or generate 3 points by staying at the marker so I would have enough points in round 5 at best.



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