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About this blog

Follow me as i progress through my mountain of grey models with some attempted conversions and paint jobs. 

A good chunk of work will be Skaven..............SQUEAK!!!!!!!!!  

Entries in this blog

What is the Generals Handbook and why you need it

It took a while for Games Workshop to release a general rule book for Age of Sigmar. But when they did we got a whopper of a book.   This book is a necessity for AOS players. AOS works really well with story driven narrative games. The big thing when AOS came out was that GW did a brave thing in removing points from the game. The game went from having an massive ruleset that can be difficult for beginners to a 4 page booklet.  It took a couple of months for GW to release this



Why im enjoying more of Skavens fascinating/crazy Clan Moulder

I have been trying to get through some of my skaven stuff the last few weeks. Going through boxes, seeing what needs to be painted and even striking up some conversion ideas but i did find a packmaster model that was mixed in with some clan rats i had bought off ebay months ago. Everything went pretty straight forward you know the usual, clipped off sprue, cleaned mold lines, primed and painted , but the more i was looking at the model the more i was thinking about its clan, Clan Moulder. Probab



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