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I wanted to have a go at fleshing-out the map campaign in the General's Handbook. My intention was to keep the map and  the rules for each location the same, but add a layer of strategy which would make the campaign more of a game within a game. 

I would welcome any thoughts or comments.


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'Right of Conquest' Map Campaign Version 3

So, here is the final draft for the 'Right of Conquest' map campaign. The play testing has been going well. The campaign feels balanced and tactical. The latest revision adds a number of new actions which can be carried out during the resource phase, and tones down the numbers of troops that can be raised in a season. The wording of the 'battle phase' paragraph has been tidied up, hopefully to make it all a bit clearer.  Enjoy, and thanks for the positive feedback.  

Tom W

Tom W

'Right of Conquest' Map Campaign Version 2

Finally, I have begun play testing this campaign system, and so far so good. There are enough tactical choices in choosing which territory to attack, that the 'Empire building' game feels exciting, and each individual battle is enriched because of it. The initial choice of capital cities is very much led by which 'spoils' you will gain from owning that city (in the General's Handbook some of the spoils are way more powerful than others), but as the campaign grows, the tactical choices open up, s

Tom W

Tom W

'Celemnis' campaign teaser

Inspired by the events at the start of 'Ghal Maraz' in the realm of metal, this campaign will take step back in time, before the shattering of the great city of Argent.

Tom W

Tom W

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