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  1. Would an UNFORGED carrying the Relic blade inflict a weapon damage of 3 or 4 when fighting against CHAOS units? (I'm looking at the 'Nemesis' special rule which doubles the damage against chaos units)
  2. Would an UNFORGED carrying the Relic blade inflict a weapon damage of 3 or 4 when fighting against CHAOS units? (I'm looking at the 'Nemesis' special rule which doubles the damage against chaos units)
  3. The original Path to Glory had 4 tailored battle plans..'Monolith', Trial of Champions'(4P), 'Rewards of Chaos' and 'Lair of the beast'. When we played the campaign, we alternated between those, and just random campaigns from the Realmgate Wars books, or from the matched play section of Generals Handbook. 'Rewards of chaos' was probably the best of the bunch. Basically you can use any scenario, but those 'official' ones have some bonuses which apply specifically to Path to Glory campaigns. Photos below are from 'Rewards of Chaos' game. The Hydra had been earned by Khorne in the previous game of 'Lair of the beast'!!
  4. Tom W

    Freeguild Knights

    I would love to know the colour recipe that you used to achieve this blue- grey armour.
  5. I use a plague priest (with plague censor) to aid the giant rats, he can use either the 'wither' prayer or the 'plague tome' to improve their chances of wounding.
  6. So, here is the final draft for the 'Right of Conquest' map campaign. The play testing has been going well. The campaign feels balanced and tactical. The latest revision adds a number of new actions which can be carried out during the resource phase, and tones down the numbers of troops that can be raised in a season. The wording of the 'battle phase' paragraph has been tidied up, hopefully to make it all a bit clearer. Enjoy, and thanks for the positive feedback. Right of Conquest 1.4.pdf
  7. Great! Looking forward @Kramer to reading your version of the campaign. Playtesting has been going really well with my co-author, Jose , we're on the fifth battle and a little over half way through. I'll be sharing a 'final' draft shortly. We've discovered that raising troops to your army can be potentially over-powering, so we're downgrading that a bit. Also adding a host of new activities to do during the resource phase.
  8. Tom W

    Bloodbound HQs

    The mighty lord is a great threat-maker, though perhaps not the most durable..his axe can really put fear into your opponent's expensive single models. I've always liked to use the Aspiring DB as a general, just to make use of his +1 attacks bubble. I'm also a fan of the skull grinder (not as the general) as he can really put out a lot of damage if you buff his number of attacks using the multitude of Khornian ways!
  9. Good job!..plenty of useful and interesting content.
  10. Thanks, that's cool. Please go ahead and showcase! I have a twitter account but rarely use it.
  11. Finally, I have begun play testing this campaign system, and so far so good. There are enough tactical choices in choosing which territory to attack, that the 'Empire building' game feels exciting, and each individual battle is enriched because of it. The initial choice of capital cities is very much led by which 'spoils' you will gain from owning that city (in the General's Handbook some of the spoils are way more powerful than others), but as the campaign grows, the tactical choices open up, so that you find yourself wanting to block your opponent's territory, or complete a secret mission. made a few minor amendments to this update, which are highlighted in red: Better definition of who is the ATTACKER and the DEFENDER, more variation in the outcome of the battle depending on major/minor victory, and restricting SPOILS bonuses to only one at a time. Also allowing capital city to be UP TO 3 EPs, if desired. Right of Conquest 1.3.pdf
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