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The Mystvale Citadel was once a proud fortress city in the realm of Ulgu. The city stood proud, ruled over by the great council, a group of 7 influential families that each led a different sect of the cities society. The van Heinria's were proud mages that led the magical sect within the city, while the Eltrava's lead the industrial sect and were responsible for the creation of the huge cannons and volley guns that protected the city. The Vel-Suri, were an aelf family that led the military, while the Calnersini  where the blades in the shadow, taking out miscreants and those that threaten the balance in the city. The Baracia's family were major wolf breeders and were explorers and outriders, scouts responsible for maintaining the land around the city and it's borders protected. The final two families, were the Yuin-ti and the 'Records Removed from public domain'. The Yuin-ti were the responsible for the cities food production and maintenance of trade and supplies. 

The delicate balance within the city was shattered when the city was attacked by the hosts of Nurgle under the Lord of Decay Khalec Plagueheart. He was attracted to the city due to the well of magical energy within the main council building and through the whispers of Kugarth Plaguefather, he had taken with him a large jar containing a virulent plague meant to infest and corrupt the well and open up a portal directly to Nurgle's garden and spread it's influence over the realm of Ulgu. 

Although the city was overwhelmed, a desperate last strike by Maleri Eltrava into the heart of the Plagueheart's legions to destroy the well and collapsed the council building was successful preventing the infection of Nurgles rot within the realm of Ulgu. All while the cities citizenry and remaining soldiers were making a retreat to the secret solaces and mountain settlements to hide away. This led to a campaign of guerrilla warfare, that eventually led to the defeat of the legions of Nurgle alongside the stormcast of the The Sentinels of Shadow that destroyed the host that had built a mighty fortress out of the Citadels remains. The walls were destroyed by the firey breath of the Carmine Dragon Indraugnir, while the sorceress Elsvera Von Heinria destroyed many chaos warrios with swirling vortexes of blades. 

Khalec plagueheart died at the centre of his grand temple to nurgle, his bloated giant fly, lying dead beside him, while he was bested in combat by Thoros Grunhuwn, who shattered Khalec's magical heart with a final blow of his sword, the swirling energy released from the resulting explosion devastating the region, leaving only a large crater in the centre of the citadel. 

Following the final battle, the stormhost retreated once more into Azyr, leaving only a ruined city and an inhabitants looking over a corrupted plague ridden city. This is my blog concerning my slowly building army of both the stormcast host: The Sentinels of Shadow and the inhabitants of Mystvale Citadel.  


Entries in this blog

The Stormbringer

An ancient device created by the Astromancer Crystaran the mad, that helps monitor the magics flowing from Azyr as well as upon the battlefield creating large storms of magical energy. it was discovered within a destroyed laborator, High in the surrounding mountains during an exploration of an abandoned settlement. The mad inventor Heramedis, built a large clockwork engine with mechanical legs, that allowed the device to be deployed where necessary as well as traverse the heavy and difficult mou

Elsvera Von Heinria and Indraugnir

Elsvera Von Heinria, Magistrix of magic. Her family once led large covens of battlemages and sorceresses into battle as well as supporting the city through their magical abilities. now, she leads only a small handful of students as they slowly rebuild the city. her magic alongside her dragon Indraugnir was vital as part of the assault on the Plaguekeep. blasting apart the walls with concentrated breaths of fire and dark magic.  Since the city has started to being rebuilt, she has come under


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