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About this blog

So hopefully be consistently updating this, but for now here is where I am starting at. First who am I? I am Arathorn here, you might know me in other Warhammer communities as Schlitzaf. I was a Bretonnia player in old world.

Now I always wanted to get into Sigmar. But I wanted to use my Bretonnian’s as a way to springboard. With release of Cities of Sigmar, and me likeing the Shadowblade rules, I created a Shadowblade.Army. Below you see the various models and conversions. 

The Horses are Dark Riders, using Dark Riders, Bretonnian Cavalry and the Bloodbowl Human. The other conversions used Splintered Fangs + Scourge Ark + Shadow Warriors. The rules I uses are Hal Kuron. But below the pictures is the lore. 

Ostensibly the goal is to reuse my Bretonnian models. The goal is NOT to be Bretonnia, as Bretonnia is gone. For this end I made the army focus sneaky mcsneakerson. 

Also reason lack of painting due to my adhd and otherwise I really really hate painting.









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The Assassin

These two were first models I made for the army. They are Assassin count as. Well the one with wings is techenically originally meant to be Nomad Prince w/ Thermal Rider.    So while actual Shadowblade models not a massive fan of. I loved the Splintered Fang models. So you can see the base here. The Assassins use Splintered Fang, Dark Eldar Scourge and Scourge Ark. The first one has its snakes representing the poison, leaping from a striking pose. The second model was designed to be
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