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  1. Well just the AoS App if you click a sylvaneth warscroll lists the spell as one they can access/use @Popisdead And was surprised sense Azyr, the Warscroll on the Site and so on did NOT have said spell on their warscroll. So Seeing it on the new app warscroll confused me greatly
  2. so working on CoS Living City list. And looking at new app. Do Sylaventh wizards innately have the abilitt to summon wyldwoods?
  3. So going threw the app I am enjoying it. One thing bothers me I can no longer look up “Shadowblade” or other subfactions
  4. So hopefully it comes to ios soon. Edit nust dropped after I posted
  5. For me personally; I have bad case of adhd. I have trouble sitting snd doing something. If I do want to paint; I want to sit down and paint. If nothing is preprimed well you see how this goes. And I personally dislike painting and if I wanted to hobby I’d rather be building models
  6. I’ve kinda tried to NOT be doing Bretonnia. Its why my list is Shadowblade themed. And Bretonnia being here or there is not something matters to me. Like ultimately if I wanted Bretonnia, I’d play Bretonnia. What I want is bejng able to play my heroes and not feel awful*. And it seems verdict here is that non-monster heroes are terrible**. But are themselves not bad units. Because they provide strong support elements. And add abilities to the game that is lacking otherwise. Issue I posted this thread is the Monster Heroes, not Foot Heroes, but monsters like X character on X Monster Mount or literal monsters who are heroes. Just seems better than non monster hero equivalents. To point I was “why not just take this big character monster?” Like the small/non monsters characters felt like they do nothing. They have paltry and weak number of attacks. Their command abilities often are just weaker than the big monsters. And like yeah an 80 point Assassin might not be actively terrible. But that 80 point Assassin could be a Scourge Chariot which actively does something. I do feel this thread proved to me its not the system its me being bias/oddlt specific circumstances which is the issue here. *I do want to stress this I am not angry Bretonnia was gone. I have my models, I have legend rukes and okd world is comjng and my larger issue always been the lack of cavalry/knight models to make more bretonnins and cavalry heroes. Both within last year AoS has provided (Luminith Cavalry and Legends). Both models and rulewise for conversions wnd for cavalry character in cities. **As a unit they do actively nothing. A Freeguild footwalking general does nothing. He makes other units do great/better things. So terrible is there to unit own capabibility to do things
  7. Whispers to be clear that is why I posted this thread because of my bias. Which is why I wanted, to post this because despite “feeling” this way. I wanted to make sure this was due to oddly/weirdly specific situation I am in NOT because it is an actual problem. Through I’ll fight and say free people/freeguild is a real faction was original faction I working off of. (To be fair Assassins frankly don’t seem bad. If they had a two damage weapon they feel fine to me atleast)
  8. As a note that isn’t really true. A smash captain henerally eats half your cp. And its just a tad more complicated than you make it out to be here. Part of the problem. I am making a Shadowblade themed lists. And Assassins functionally do nothing. They don’t assassinate very well. Their pitiful saves make them ‘easy’ish to kill. And if they are my general Because how they deploy I lose a turn of any abilities*. I mean if a character does nothing why should he cost the same as a unit? *Albeit I admit there a bias here
  9. Two caveats: I don’t ‘really’ play AoS (ie I wanted to do. But didn’t have an army. Every time I make an army it got memed. (Bretonnia (self explanatory), Free Peoples (using my Bretonnian force until I got enough free people models but then Bretonnia lost Free people keyword). Ordo Draconis (I started them to use Bretonnia and they were somewhat closest things to my Knights. And Dragons are cool. I also looked at Swifthawk). Then Cities got released. I started Shadowblade thened cities. ThermalRider hero. As a stand in for my pegasi. Then realm relics. Then I tried a Settlers Gain. A coalition no generals (also squashed a living city build). Legends however has fixed these problems! But moving on Then I barely play but everytime I do. See above. I managed yo get two games before ThermalRider was dodo’d. Now memes aside. Often times I run into an issue where I build my list. This is admittedly coming from 40k. Everything seems innately kinda terrible.* Unless you do big monster or big blob squad and stack ALL THE BUFFS. The lack of aoe auras (command abilities notabky you have Freeguild and Living City). All target one unit to super buff it. This comes to me and well final caveat: my bias with army I am building. non-Monster heroes feel awful. They don’t do anything. Even the better ones like Azyros are somewhat expensive considering what they are buffing. And then the various relics/traits for non auras are meh are non monsters. I’d love to hear “your wrong non monster heroes aren’t in a terrible spot your bias/being memed like 5 times is showing” . But real question: What can be done? I tbink a large point reduction for infantru heroes. Like an infantry hero costs as much as another unit. Heroes costing 50-70 range vs 80-140. Change command abilities on small heroes to range base instead of single target. While big heroes are single target. What everuone else think? And is my history biassing me here?
  10. Wait saving stacking a thing in AOS/only hit/wound modifiers cannot be modified mire than once?
  11. I wish Tenebrael Shard was a Shadowblade. Anyone know a good place to discuss DIY?
  12. I just wish Darkriders/Shadow Warriors weren’t tied to Assassins for Battleline tbf
  13. Sadly they don’t have FREEGUILD for Freeguild units and memetically Dragon Blade Lord guy lacks cities of sigmar. But either way got a cavalry hero! I just wish knew whay to build now. Also Cav options….all feel kinda abysmal.
  14. Depending one reads latest raw for core rules regarding subfactions: Hero: 190 Assassin - 80: General (HawkEye), BattleBat Knight Azyros - 110: Adjunct, Artifact (Searstone Amulet or Arcane Tomb (depending how tou read the enhancement raw), VangaurdBat Battleline: 465 3x Dark Riders - 345 (115); Full Command, VangaurdBat 1x Shadow Warriors - 120: Full Command, Retinue, BattleBat Other: 345 1x Scourge or Drakespawn Chariot - 80: BattleBat 1x Sisters of the Hunt - 130: Spell (Aura of Glory & Celestial Visions (if I understand how enhancemf works correctly)), BattleBat 1x Grundstok Thunders - 135: 5 man, FullCommand. All w/ Aethershot Rifle, Sarg w/ TwinBarrel, BattleBat Total 1000
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