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About this blog

Aye maties! This blog is focused on the creation of my very own faction, a spiritual successor to the Harkon's fleet with new lore and even a new race and additions to existing races!

Entries in this blog

Monsters of the Deep

Hi! I'm back! Today without much lore other than the lore contained within the warscrolls themselves. But today, I come to you to present the Hardtack Boarders and Rotting Cranians. Hardtack Boarders are zombie mates that use giant undead parrots smuggled from Ghyran to board other vessels and try to sink them as fast as they can. They are hard to hit and are able to pack a punch with the right leader choice (foreshadowing???). I will not lie, they were inspired by the boarding troops used by Va

The Drowned Hordes Rise

As this is the first post I'd like to explain some of the lore of this faction. I'd like to mention that I tried to distance the Gravetide Corsairs from the Vampire Coast itself, as I want it to be a standalone faction with it's own backstory while retaining the vibe of a pirate-centric faction, although there are some rather obvious and outright stated references to Harkon and his crew. For the purposes of this faction I created an entirely new deep-dwelling race of shapeshifters original to th
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