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About this blog

A focus on the shenanigans involved in my hobby and gaming career. I hope to help inspire others to make shortcuts for themselves to get painting faster, storing models better, and playing games as smoothly as possible.

A little about myself: First and foremost, I am an enthusiast, no matter the subject.  I've come to interpret this as always focusing on the things that make me excited and just plain ignore the things that go out of their way to make me not-so. For that reason, my goal with this or any community will be to build things up and not tear things down, the latter being a complete waste of time.  Second and second-most, FUN is top priority in all cases. Simple as that (and yes, there's gamer psychological profiles that dictate in what way people have fun and these different folks butt heads sometimes, but you get the point). I see you "Spike" players, get outta my face. 

I am a 30-somethin' who's been primarily painting Age of Sigmar models for the last four years, but I always looks forward to playing, designing or play-testing board games. My background is, frankly, non-existent? Still haven't figured that out yet. The culmination of my time in the miniatures hobby can be described as gaming on a budget and in a confined space. I've done almost all my work in my bedroom and haven't been big on spending gobs of money (yes I know, "choose a different hobby", I get it).

But restriction breeds creativity! It's my frugality and success enjoying this hobby that has brought about a few innovations that will serve as the back-bone for future entries. For this community, I wish to take problems or obstacles from you fine folks that has hindered your time in the hobby or game and do my best to provide solutions. Perhaps learning about your "restrictions" during all of your hobby career will inspire future entries.

Entries in this blog

Battle Report - Skaven Doomwheel Doom-stack VS Stormcast

In every sense, Skaven did not win. There was little doom. Stormcast actually had more bodies than a Skaven army. I felt naked. Doomwheels proceeded to do no damage when rolling over models which I was counting on against high armor.  A single unit of Thunderstrike hammers just dropped in within 7" and killed off all 3 of my MSU acolytes with MWs and then battleshocked off. The same unit proceded to make their 9'' in charge into all of my foot heroes.  My lightning cannon blew itself up doing no

Battle Report - Beast-Claw Raiders VS. Skaven Doomwheel stack - Veins of Ghur

This one was the most fun I've had in any game of AOS of all time.  Here was my Skaven list: Things I wanted to learn with my list:  1) Can I play cagey with doomwheels and bait my opponent into chasing them? 2) Is there a situation where a lightning cannon can be used as chaff? 3) Is the Warp Lightning Vortex still worth it? And is it still toxic to play? Here was my opponent's Beast-Claw list:   The Scenario Veins of Ghur The setup BCR

Battle Report 3.0: Skaven vs. Ironjawz - "Vice" Battleplan

Hey ya'll. I've got a fun one for ya. Lets get started. First off we have the armies: First off is my friend's Orruk Warclans with a few units of Gloomspite friends. This was my opponent's 1st(?) game with 3.0 and was using their books for point values. So no hard feelings being at a 100 pt disadvantage here. Straight-forward list, the Savage Cabbage is gonna be unleashed and rush the board. This is why I love Destruction. Now for the Skaven. Things I wanted to try out with th

Storage Wars! The Incomplete Guide Part I

In my multi-part series I would like to explore the myriad of ways we store miniatures. As a great many of you grow your collections and/or become more ambitious playing larger games, it is always wise to think ahead on how your gonna transport all your precious plastic. I would like to focus on the 1000 ft view of storing mini's to begin with, starting with the basics and the age old dilemma of magnetizing vs foam storage. Later I'll explore more advanced or practical storage with respect to ho



Making deployment easy! With chopsticks?

After many hours of setting up games, handling so many models and conducting deployment shenanigans I have finally cracked the code on doing these things the easy way.  We have a "Tape measure companies hate him, find out why" situation here. The solution: 9'' chopsticks bought in bulk. As many of you have discovered GW has settled on rules' that generally rely on distances/ranges that have some multiple of 9, mostly concerning the core book, realm and scenario rules. I wish to show how and



Be bold! Behold! The Warp-Sun of Skavenblight

This first entry was an exercise in letting ago of fears and going for it. I must attribute my undertaking of this project to Age of Sigmar regulars from the Warhammer Weekly show, who, many cycles ago, made a big point of getting wild and wacky with your hobby. In particular when you've been using the guide rails of Citidal paints and the thought that you only had to paint the models that you were given.  And thus began the era of making my own models or in this case, not kit-bashing at al



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