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About this blog

A blog detailing the lore and models of my freeguild / Cities of Sigmar army and its associated free city, Aurumburg.


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The Great Aurumburg Expeditionary Force: An Introduction

With the Cities of Sigmar only days away from pre-order, I figured I'd make blog of my army and the free city from which they hail. The lore is as follows: Aurumburg is a coastal city located in the realm of metal, Chamon. It was build to capitalise on a large realmgate that extends out of the sea and leads to Azyr, dubbed the 'Seaspire' by the city's  Azyrite founders. Naturally, the Seaspire has made Aurumburg a centre of trade and commerce. Each member of the ruling council of Merchant L

The Merchant Prince

The Merchant Prince

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