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  1. A normal tier list will inevitably be inaccurate. What we need is a tier list with error bars that show the range of an army - how good it is both at its best and worst relative to other armies.
  2. When I used sand on my minis I would apply it prior to painting, firstly because actual sand and its colour and variation at that scale doesn't really look right IMO and because the spray primer would seal it in place perfectly.
  3. I disagree. Legions of Nagash is a soup tome anyhow and its name shouldn't take priority over one which is highly specific and built from the ground up. "Legion" evokes the idea of the Roman empire, and OBR are clearly based on ancient military cultures and are unique in GA: Death for being a highly organised military machine. Calling things 'subjective' is a pointless get-out card, we may as well not have any discussions at that point.
  4. All they'd have to do with this one is swap out the liberators for a general on griffon (and maybe also the castellant if the liberators are the cheap easy to build ones) and switch the old multipart general kit for the general on foot with zwei kit / clampack.
  5. I can - there's no freeguild start collecting which is odd since they're the faction on the cover and the other two races received a SC box each. My bet is on a Hammerhal freeguild box with a General on griffon and demigryphs among other things.
  6. I doubt it's related - names don't mean much. I mean the ogroid thaumaturge isn't a ogor.
  7. Frankly rules are a bit of a secondary consideration regarding this collection - I think I'll end up using the greywater rules as I don't have any plans to include kharadron yet.
  8. It'd be a human / hammerhal box since aelves and duardin got SC! boxes in some form
  9. I could see a Battleforce but not a vs box - the vs boxes have always come out prior to the book release.
  10. With the Cities of Sigmar only days away from pre-order, I figured I'd make blog of my army and the free city from which they hail. The lore is as follows: Aurumburg is a coastal city located in the realm of metal, Chamon. It was build to capitalise on a large realmgate that extends out of the sea and leads to Azyr, dubbed the 'Seaspire' by the city's Azyrite founders. Naturally, the Seaspire has made Aurumburg a centre of trade and commerce. Each member of the ruling council of Merchant Lords takes their wealth through a variety of tariffs on different categories of goods shipped back and forth by the large numbers of trade ships, as well as through the riches brought back from surrounding lands by their own expeditionary forces. In addition to the Seaspire (and unknown to most of its inhabitants) is the fact that the tunnels under the city also lead to a realmgate to Shyish. After this discovery by the city's founder, the local cult of Morrda was charged with the task of guarding this hidden gate and has prevented several necromantic incursions since. Another controversy that surrounds the city includes a great forced exile of aelves from the city after the sole Aelven member of the Merchant Council was discovered by chance to be a Tzeentch worshipper. To this day, many of Aurumburg's inhabitants (and especially its duardin) hold a deep distrust of aelves. As the saying goes in the city, "Better to trust an ogor than an aelf, at least hunger is predictable". This army represents an expeditionary force into the surrounding lands along the coast to secure any valuable sources of wealth (think colonialism but substantially more justifiable what with the natives being orruks / ogors / moonclan / chaos worshippers etc.). The two biggest themes I'm trying to incorporate into the army visually is the nautical nature of its city and its location, being situated in the realm of metal. Aurumburg's military forces wear black and purple in quartered or halves schemes, accented by teal. Given its prevalence in Chamon, gold trim is commonly incorporated into uniforms as well. Aurumburg's symbol is the chamon magic symbol with a trident in place of the arrow. Model pics will come soon.
  11. I see low fantasy as less about the amount of magic and other fantastical elements but rather the ease with which they can be related to by reference to real world natural laws and so forth - do the dragons fly by their wings alone and are they comparable to a wild beast or are they intelligent and perhaps fly with the aid of magic? This also applies to magic itself - is magic bound by laws in terms of source and function or wild and crazy and appear randomly? Ultimately, those are machines and so can be understood without too much struggle. They're powered by a mcguffin sure (warpstone), but it's not a mcguffin we can't related to - it's similar in nature to a radioisotope, being an energy-emitting power source and mutagen.
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