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About this blog

Got into Warhammer stuffs in Sept. 2018, (new to miniature hobbying and tabletop gaming). Just wanted to start a blog to keep track of hobbying works (and to self motivate), as well as begin to keep track of battle reports.

Current Armies:

Stormcast Eternals - 1250 points (assembled, 1000 points painted)

Ironjawz - 1,000 points assembled

Beasts of Chaos - 1,500 assembled (0 painted)

Nighthaunts - 500 points assembled

Blades of Khorne - 500 points assembled

Idoneth Deepkin - 0 assembled

Entries in this blog

Batrep: Deepkin vs. Fyreslayers

Batrep: Idoneth Deepkin (me) vs. Fyreslayers Battleplan: Places of Arcane Power Lists:   Deepkin: Enclave: Fuethan / Realm: Aqshy Leaders: -       Tidecaster n   General n   Spell: Steeds of Tides n   Command Trait: Born from Agony (+2 wounds) -       Souscryer n   Artifact: Cloud of Midnight -       Soulrender n   Artifact: Thermalrider Cloak Battleline: -       10 x Namarti Thrall -       10 x Namarti Thrall



500 point mini game BoC vs KO

Visited FLGS last night and a friend challenged me to a mini pickup game of 500 points of AoS. (I had my BoC army still at store from last weekend's 1000 event).  Matched Play: 500 points Mission: Starfall (played on 2x2 board so edited mission so that objective would drop in center of either board rather than 3 locations). Lists: BoC: Greatfrey: Allherd - 1 x Beastlord  (General, Command Trait: Dominator, Artefact: Blade of Desecrator) - 1x 10 Ungor (mace and



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