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Batrep: Deepkin vs. Fyreslayers



Idoneth Deepkin (me) vs. Fyreslayers

Battleplan: Places of Arcane Power




Enclave: Fuethan / Realm: Aqshy


-       Tidecaster

n   General

n   Spell: Steeds of Tides

n   Command Trait: Born from Agony (+2 wounds)

-       Souscryer

n   Artifact: Cloud of Midnight

-       Soulrender

n   Artifact: Thermalrider Cloak


-       10 x Namarti Thrall

-       10 x Namarti Thrall

-       10 x Namarti Reavers

-       10 x Namarti Reavers

Other Units:

-       9 x Akhelian Morsarr Guard

-       9 x Akhelian Morsarr Guard


-       Namarti Corps

50 remaining points used for +1 CP

(2000/2000 points)


Fyreslayers: (Don’t remember the last one of the heroes, they all looked the same to me)


-       Auric Runefather

n   General

n   Tyrant Slayer

n   Warrior Indominate

-       Auric Runemaster

n   Prayer : Searing Heat

-       Auric Runemaster

n   Prayer: Ember Storm

-       Battlesmith

-       Auric Runesmiter

n   Prayer: Prayer of Ash (?)

-       Auric Runeson(?)


-       10x Vulkite Berzerkers

n   Handaxes

-       10x Vulkite Berzerkers

n   Handaxes

-       30x Hearthguard Berzerkers

n   Flamestrike Poleaxe

Other Units

-       5x Auric Hearthguard


-       Lords of the Lodge

Magmic Invocations:

-       Runic Fyrewall

-       Zharrgron Flame-spitter


(Sorry for the unpainted models, at least the eels are colorful? Also forgot my flight-stand bases that day so had bought the bases on-the-spot and just stuck the eels onto them…. I swear the next time I post them they’ll look MUCH better).



Fyreslayers won priority for deployment, and deployed vulkites to the west side. I deploy my tidecaster near the center. He proceeds to deploy the hearthguards(and the rest of his lords of the lodge) closer to the west edge (I was surprised he didn’t just deploy them straight down the middle), after I deployed a unit of 9 eels to the East. He then proceeded to declare the Runesmiter to ambush, which I followed up by declaring the same with my Soulscryer. He places a unit of vulkite with the runesmiter while I deploy a unit of eels with mine. I have a fewer number of drops, and finish first by deploying my namarti corps.


I choose to go first to try and establish a forward position and to try and limit his movement and buffs.

 (I was low on time from prepping and forgot to take a pic of deployment)


Turn 1: Idoneth Deepkin:

Hero Phase:

I decide to just go for it on Turn 1, and reverse the tides to be able to run + charge or run+ shoot turn 1.

My Tidecaster pulls off the prayer on an 9+, preventing the duardin from receiving cover (might as well).

I cast steeds of tides on my Soulrenderer and teleport him directly onto the center objective (hindsight, probably not the smartest move since the soulrender already had +4” movement and fly, so could just run up the center).



White eels stood between boats to prepare for Turn 2, in case of deepstriking or to support the frontlines in the next turn. Middle reavers moved up to shoot duardins. South thralls were spread out to prevent deepstriking from behind, while second unit of thralls to the east ran into the woods for cover.

At the end of the movement phase, soulscryer enters with second unit of reavers and the blue eels. Soulscryer was prepped to take control of the objective in turn 2, so really needed him to survive, hence the weird donut wall around him.



Reavers shoot, and I think 1 or 2 vulkanites die (nothing spectacular).



Soulscryer targets a chubby vulcanite which was sticking out of the woods, and charge into the vulcanites which were flanked with a Runeson (I think). Zapped the runeson to death, and eels killed off the unit of vulkanites. Vulkanites return their attacks as they fall in battle, resulting in two dead eels.



Nothing much happens, eels passed.


Fyreslayers Turn 1:

A boatload of buffs were used (quite a bunch failed too) , ones I remember were:

-       -1 to hit on my blue eels

-       General popping the -1 to wound 12” aura

-       +1 to save on hearthguards

-       (running + charging prayer failed iirc).

-       Both magmic invocations come out.


        Hearthguards didn’t get the run+charge buff, so could only waddle their way up slowly. Auric and the battlesmith run towards the west objective, while the two runemasters and runefather move towards the center.

        Runesmiter enters the field at the west objective, with the vulcanite berserkers placed near my thralls along the southern edge (see pic!).



The magmic thing spat fire at my soulrender, dealing 2 mw (I really dislike how despite that it’s fired during the shooting phase, its not technically considered a shooting attack).


Charge (this was when I finally remembered to take a pic, sorry):

        Hearthguards pull off their charge into the blue eels, with a remnant also tagging my reavers. After a round of attacks by the hearthguards, 5 eels were remaining (passed battleshock w/ a 1), and only one reaver died (iirc his hero was too far back to use a CP to attack again or something).



End of Turn 1:

VP: 1 – 1


Turn 2: Deepkin win roll-off and take turn 2


Turn 2: Deepkin: High Tide!

Hero Phase:

Prayer doesn’t go off

Steeds of Tides goes off, and I teleport my tidecaster to the eastern objective.



Reavers retreat

Blue eels retreat to threaten western objective.

Southern thralls move up to block vulcanites from routing.

Thralls in woods and reavers at north start to move forward.



White eels charge into hearthguards, forming a wall to try and stop them from moving up further. White eels zapped and killed off a number of hearthguards, and all but one eel remains after the end of combat (iirc only 3 survived, another 2 ran from battleshock).




Fyreslayers Turn 2:

Hero Phase:

A bunch of buffs went off, including the run+charge prayer onto the runefather.



Priests and runefather start running up. Vulkanites move back to intercept my blue eels.



He thought he could fire the magmic thingy at will, but I played against him a couple months back, and checked its rules afterwards so I knew you needed a priest within 6” to activate it.



His runefather charged into the reavers, and vulkanites charged into the blue morsarr eels.


Combat: (here is where things got a little dicey w/ rules)

Since it was his turn, he activated the ability to let the hearthguards attack first, killing off my eel.

Since it was high tide, the rest of my army attacked first, and I piled my reavers such that they were out of 3” from the hearthguards (they were all closer to the runefather, so I just inched them closer to the runefather and farther from the hearthguard). Blue eels kill off several vulkanites.

Fyreslayers begin to attack back. Since I wasn’t too sure of the rules, I wasn’t aware that ONLY units who charged that turn OR had an enemy within 3” were eligible for combat, so technically his hearthguards weren’t allowed to attack again. Blue eels end up down to 2 remaining, and my soulrender survives the onslaught with 1 wound remaining.


I ended up ahead at 4:3 points at the bottom of Turn 2.


Since we both took quite a while, the match was called (mini-event at FLGS, so matches were timed at 2:30 hrs). Had the game gone to 5 rounds, I don’t think I would have been able to win, mostly due to a couple strategical errors. (Should have probably tp’d the soulrender to capture east objective on turn 1, soulrender did little to nothing even with the namarti corp buff, as the namarti pretty much just die within one round of fighting).

I don’t think I made any mistakes with timing of the eels, but rolled rather poorly (most of my spear attacks didn’t go through). I had considered letting him go first on Turn 1, allowing me the opportunity to possibly flank from behind to kill off most of his heroes. However, I felt that going first on Turn 1 with the Deepkin would give me better control of the board, and trying to get some attacks in before he could start buffing the hearthguards.


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Recommended Comments

Thank you for this report and the effort you put in writting it. I enjoyed reading it as part of my preparation for an event

Allow me some critisism, if you might.

Writting things like:

"He thought he could fire the magmic thingy at will, but I played against him a couple months back, and checked its rules afterwards so I knew you needed a priest within 6” to activate it."


"Fyreslayers begin to attack back. Since I wasn’t too sure of the rules, I wasn’t aware that ONLY units who charged that turn OR had an enemy within 3” were eligible for combat, so technically his hearthguards weren’t allowed to attack again"

reveal some underlying bitterness towards your opponent and specifically his lack of understanding the rules (or worse his deliberate bending of the rules). This is something I read a lot in battle reports., even on some from very experience people.

Is it really necessary to put such commentary on a battle report? Does it add or detract from the overall writting?

Edited by Planar
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Thanks for reading and appreciate the frankness, I typically try to write with less bias, but so far this has been one of the more frustrating matchups I've had to play (and probably shouldn't have written the report right afterwards). I hadn't played in a couple months, and my last matchup was also against the same opponent (slightly different lists), and I knew it was going to be an uphill battle. 

I'd consider us both as competitive players, and believe he made the mistakes in good faith, but it left a sour taste with how strong his army already was ( I still believe that deepkin are very strong despite the point adjustments, but was also surprised fyreslayers didn't get any changes in the recent FAQ). 

(We are both prepping for our annual local tourney, so emotions kinda ran high as well!) 

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