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About this blog

Thought of maybe keeping track of my AoS games and hobbying. Maybe'll become a regular thing. Then I'll add more to the description. 

Entries in this blog

Glimpse the Future - Tourney Tactics

What the Fortune Cookies Shown Me.... UPDATE: I didn't mange to attend since life got in the way. So there will be no followup battle report. … I'm going to get my **** kicked so hard. The list that was submitted: Allegiance: Tzeentch
Mortal Realm: Chamon

Lord Of Change (380)
- General
- Trait: Incorporeal Form
- Artefact: Argent Armour
- Lore of Change: Tzeentch's Firestorm
Tzaangor Shaman (180)
- Lore of Fate: Glimpse the Future

10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (200)
- Lore of Change: Fold Reality
10 x Tzaangors (180)
- 2x Pair of Savage Blade
- 4x Savage Greatblade
- 3x Savage Blade & Arcanite Shield

Endless Spells
Chronomantic Cogs (60)

Total: 1000 / 1000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 50 Tournament Format: TA (Totally Annihilated) clause is included. Major victory given if the opponent has no models left on the table. No other limits in army construction other than Matched Play one. Battle Realms  are in play. Nighthaunt and Stormcast Eternals battletome are in play.  Game rounds are already set and swiss pairing.
14 players expected. 1 Ironjaw, 1 Seraphon, 1 Freeguild, 1 Nurgle, 1 Slyvaneth… to be fair, it could be anything since there's no painting requirement.   On My Painting Table:  But this wasn't part of the July Contract...  Game Round 1:  Duality of Death in the Realm of Shyish Game Plan:  This battle is going to straightforward. Run the Lord of Change forward on to the objective (with the command point) if I have to and sit on it. There's a good chance I'll finish deploying first with only 4 drops so I will try to go first. Shyish have a couple of amazing defensive spells, Unnatural Darkness casted on a 6 for -1 and Night's Touch for unmodifiable save.  In combination with Chromatic Cog, artefact of power and command trait, that's a re-rollable unmodifiable 4+ save and -3 to hit in combat. Repeat and Rinse. 
Oh, remind myself that Soul Force Sacrifice exists. And realmscape rules...  Game Round 2:  Border War in the Realm of Chamon Game Plan:  Similarly to previous round by moving the Lord of Change forward to cap one of the middle objective. The Tzaangors and Shaman and going to play defence and horrors going to harass with the Lord of Change. Tough battleplan since I don't have the numbers to contest. I'll be a challenge if someone could throw bodies at me to outscore me. Not sure how it will play up and there's a lot of variables here but going to try summon in an Exalted Flamer and Blue Horrors to take their home objective. There are some offensive spells but my available spells are better. Game Round 3:  Focal Point in the Realm of Aqshy Game Plan:  KILL! MAIM! B-uuurn! Flaming green blue INFERNO tzaangor BLADES! The Lord of Change will spearhead the assault to claim skulls.. uhm .. for Tzeentch! Is it me or all these battleplans require fairly aggressive armies? As always keep up defensive spell and keep the shaman protected. I can't really take the middle point but I can make it costly for them to hold it. So keep the Shaman at home objective, move up the tzaangors with the Lord of Change and the pinks going to contest another objective. A smart opponent probably ignore the Lord of Change and clean up the rest of my army and they'll outscore me. If so, it might be best to throw the Pink horrors into the enemy lines early so that I have enough (blue and yellow) bodies to contest and hopefully wittle them down.    Game Round 4:  Starstrike in the Realm of Hysh Game Plan:  Have you heard of Banishment? 😎  Let's hope there's no Nagash around. My little bird going to have a tough time against the God of Death.  It doesn't hurt if I prepare a little bit for my upcoming tourney, I suppose.



Disciples of Tzeentch Army Plans

There is a Plan for all of Us Army Milestones and Goals: Fun and Awesome Army to play with and against Win local painting award Fully painted and Playable at 1,000 Points  Fully painted and Playable at 2,000 Points 80% Painted of models by 2019 Tzeentch has always been my second favourite chaos god. First being slaneesh but I am waiting for new (sexy) models. I already have most of the models bought for the previous edition (A0S 1.0) and now updating it for the current edition. Thankfully out of the 3 playable army I have, this is the only one that felt needed a list change. I'm going to stick to Chamon and Aqshy as my realms and theme for all my current and future planned armies. You will notice that they are not overly competitive lists and have some inefficiencies: The way of Tzeentch is ever mysterious. Below are the current planned list: Tzeentch 1000 Points:

Lord Of Change (380)
Tzaangor Shaman (180)
10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (200)
10 x Tzaangors (180)
Chronomatic Cogs (60) Total: 1000 / 1000
Wounds: 118 Not much logic here. A list made mostly for a local tournament on 7th July. Expecting lots of Death and Nighthaunt. Lord of Change will have Chamon artefact "Argent Armour" and "Incorporeal Form" general trait for a -2 to-hit in combat phase. The idea is that I can place him aggressively against most armies. Unless they shoot. A lot. Then he's just dead. 
(Local scene has a lot of Slyvaneth, Maggotkin, Stormcast , Ironjaws and Legion of Nagash ) Can you believe that this 1,000 Points of Disciple of Tzeentch?! Oh how things have Changed.   Allegiance: Tzeentch 2,000 Points

Lord Of Change (380)
Ogroid Thaumaturge (180)
Tzaangor Shaman (180)
Magister (140)
20 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (400)
20 x Tzaangors (360)
10 x Kairic Acolytes (80)
3 x Varanguard (280) Total: 2000 / 2000
Wounds: 118 Lord of Change and the Varanguard feels "Too cool to be left out" or rather the centrepiece and personality of the list. Wonderful models they are. Maybe when I'm massively let down by them, they get dropped from the list but so far the Lord of Change has not disappointed me that much. Other than everything else, I am more willing to sub out. I had good fun using the Tzaangor Shaman's Boon of Mutation spell to disrupt my opponent and I think generating free units through spells is powerful. The Tzaangor shaman, Ogroid, Magister and Fateweaver probably be core to Tzeentch lists. This is going to be go-to tournament army for awhile. Strangely enough, this army actually migrated from 40k. When Games Workshop announced that Tzaangors were going to be in Thousand Sons I bought all the Tzaangors off a friend. So on the bench ( and summoning pool) I currently have: 20 Blue horrors (For Splitting) 20 Brimstone horrors (For Splitting) 6 Screamers (For summoning... sometimes if the exalted Flamer is still alive) 6 Flamers (For summoning... realistically not gonna happen) 1 Exalted Flamer (For summoning, I like this one) 1 Burning Chariot  1 Changecaster 1 Fluxmaster/Fateskimmer  10 Tzaangors 6 Skyfire  That rounds out my collection for Disciple of Tzeentch, I really enjoy painting them and more models might be inadvertently added to the collection but the aim of this blog to lay out all my buying plastic sins and get them done before more plastic sins are committed. Next blog post will be about my 1k tournament report . Thanks for reading. 

P.S. I should read up on blogging. "We are here because are all addicted to plastic crack" ~



Painting Contract - July 2018

The Painting Contract For July 2018,

I commit myself to Painting to tabletop quality:  20 Pink Horrors 1 Magister 10 Tzaangors Signed,
Qaz The offending models:
Current AoS painting backlog: Hipefully betwwen this,  the 40k backlog and commission work … the log actually gets shorter.  Tzeentch (current interest): 20 Tzaangors 1 Magister (bought June '18) 6 Skyfires 3 Flamers Burning Chariot 6 Screamers  20 Pink Horrors 10 Kairic Acolyte Also to rebase all to Realm of Chamon. Kharadron Overlords: 5 Grundstock Thunderers 1 Grunstock Gunhauler 1 Navigator Also to rebase to Realm of Chamon. Slyvaneth: My sister bought me a Start Collecting. Looks fun to paint. Just gotta leave it at that for now. Fyreslayers: 60 Berzerkers 3 Magmadroths 30 Hearthguard Assorted Heroes Everytime I look at this on the shelf.... my will to paint them disappears. On Hold for now.   



Alright, how do you even ....

Hi,  My full name is … not-important but I'm known as Q to my friends. No known relations to James Bond's Q but I wished I was related. A collector of the plastic crack since I was 11 in 2002. Only started painting them in the last 5 years or so, and playing in last 2 years (AOS ghb2016 and 8th Edition 40k). The intent of this blog is to keep track of my games so that I may improve my general-ship and tactics and get my army painted. There may rants in between, narratives and battle reports.  



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