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About this blog

Hey all,

I really like customising my armies, and therefore do a lot of conversions with my models. I was asked several times to show the process, so I thought it's time to start a Blog for anyone interested ?

Feel free to comment on ideas, improvements, positive and negative critics.

For my latest updates you can follow me on Instagram (@tea_wild_owl), but here I'll go more into detail for the creation process and ideas behind the models.

I've started some conversion topics here at TGA for everyone to join, so if you are interested in conversions in general go check them out and see awesome stuff from other members, too ?


Entries in this blog

The Lady from the hidden clearing

So, for my current project I plan to customise my sylvaneth and wanderer army. And what is an army without some awesome big bad boys...or ladies Drycha is one of these awesome models. And I always wanted to have a celestant prime in my army. But since the style of the original model doesn't fit so well with sylvaneth (at least thats my point of view), I started to build my own one in sylvaneth style The base of the model is build from the Drycha set. I rearranged the leg and arm parts



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