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  1. I hope not, it looks ugly 😅
  2. so they are ... vegetarian...cannibals :o? looks good, nonetheless 😛
  3. it is hard to compare 40k to AoS now, because for example summoning is free in AoS (you had to pay points for it before), so the same applies to the terrain features. the "points" that you have to pay for it is that you limit your models to the faction, similar when using faction specific spells and artefacts. It is basically the same as any faction abilities except that they have an actual model on the field (which offers other benefits as blocking LoS). most of these features are fixed in number (basically one) except for nurgle and sylvaneth where you can summon additional stuff while playing. but if they wouldn't be free they wouldn't offer any benefit for you (which would hit these armies hard). as another example, for gitz you have the moon travelling the field and offering benefits. you have to remember it or place tokens, imagine doing this for all armies. i personally prefer having an actual model over this (build my graveside markers for LoN, too)
  4. actually, the first point free Faction specific terrain features were introduced with sylvaneth (wyldwoods!) very near the beginning of AoS, it just started recently with other armies and seems to be standard now. i like it, not only is there more terrain on the field, but sylvaneth aren't alone with transporting problems of additional stuff anymore it is more of an extension to your army, visualising effects of your powers (growing woods good or evil, moon shaped meteors, heardstone etc)
  5. no, you would trigger both effects separately. you get 6mw for the roll of 6 (for which the attack sequence ends) and then you would generate the extra attack (with wound and save roll). this exact example is in the faq (and was already cleared one to two pages before)
  6. you have two different poses in the box (head up and head down). for my 3rd one I rearranged it a bit on a scenery piece, not so hard to do with a bit green stuff.
  7. did some customisation for a jungle themed gitz army with main focus on troggoth that are supported by a cannibalistic grot tribe. it includes an 'arachnatrogg' and last but not least 'da trogg moon' already had my first 1.5k game, and they are much fun (even if not high competetive) anyone else doing conversions for their army :)?
  8. did some customisation for a jungle themed gitz army with main focus on troggoth that are supported by a cannibalistic grot tribe. it includes an 'arachnatrogg' and last but not least 'da trogg moon' anyone else doing conversions and a thematic army?
  9. you have to take care that some effects like the weapon artefacts for a hero only counts for his weapon, and not for its mount. so in your example for a coven throne, the artefacts would only be available for her melee weapons and not for the handmaidens and spectral hosts weapons (they count as mount as per latest faq)
  10. as per last FAQ you can go above starting size without paying points but only with "add" abilities and not "return slain models" abilities
  11. I find the astrolith bearer changes interesting. now fully within 12" to get the reroll to hit, but you can reroll any hits (and not only failed ones), which is good against modifiers (which coukd let you miss a successful roll) or to fish for some extra effects on a 6 (if you reroll a 5 that would hit). and he doesn't need to plant the banner anymore but can move normally (or was this changed before?)
  12. I started a conversion for my (two) mortis engines into a ghost ship. anyone tried a list with two of them? I only played the arkhan battalion, but I'd like to include both in order to get the 'full experience'
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