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About this blog

Welcome to the Age of Sigmar tricks and tactics blog. As the title suggests,  I will present various tactics, tricks and such to (hopefully) help others improve their ability to manage the game's more strategic elements. 

This will focus mostly on movement, pile-ins, and objective control - and less on individual unit strength, buffs, number crunch, and such.

While I will try to keep the advice posted as open to all factions as possible, I am a Skaven player at heart, and this will influence the overal focus. 

If you want to employ (underhanded) strategies and tricks that focus on objectives above all else, this is the place for you.


*If you have any suggestions, or strategies you would like me to include, feel free to send me a message, and I'll see what I can do ;)

Entries in this blog

Defensive Formation: The Onion

Defensive Formation: "THE ONION" Named after the multiple layers it uses.   When to use: When you know you're going to be hit hard by an aggressive army, preferably one that wants to punch you in the face, since shooting armies have ways to circumvent your outer layers entirely. Notable examples: Ironjawz, Beastclaw Raiders, Bloodbound, and armies with similar playstyles. Mind that it is potentially dangerous to do this versus an Ironjawz army, as their Megaboss on Mawcr



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