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  1. Which orcs for mixed destruction

    Normal Greenskinz should be fine. The start collecting box has the 2 Warbosses in it, I'm buying it at some point just for those, which with the great Waaagh! banner is amazing. As long as you aren't looking to max out the unit of Greenskinz Orruks it should be fine cost wise and at 90 points they are cheap easy way to get a battleline unit. The boars and chariot are a nice to have, giving you a bit of unit variety. If you aren't looking for hyper competitive go for the various boxes that are out. All of them are amazing value and will bulk up your army with a nice wide variety. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Spiderfang-Grotz-Venom-Clan - Solid monster/cav and the arachnarok with shaman on is 2 spells a turn! https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Ironjawz-Weirdnob-Warband - I'd really recommend 1 (maybe 2) of these. The weirdnob goes amazingly well with greenskinz and 10 brutes will give you the biggest ardest killing unit ever. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Start-Collecting-Greenskinz - You know about these. As I said above, Warboss with Great Waaagh! banner is king with all orruks. A block of 40 Orruks goes fantastic with a weirdnob in them, give them spears and you're good to go. You said you didn't really want Ironjawz so skip the SC:IJ, The second Weirdnob warband is if you want to field the unit of 10 brutes. If you only buy the one, magnatise the arms and give them dual wield, that will let you swap to 2h if you do want to use a bigger block later. Don't underestimate the power of Greenskinz Orruks, they might not look great on paper but with Spears and Mob Rule they will put out a lot of attacks which aren't terrible. Throw in that Great Waaagh! banner and maybe the CA from a Warboss on Wyvern they can pump it. As I said above as well, they are fantastic for powering up a weirdnob shaman or 2. If you take the with 2 cuttas with a waaagh! banner behind them they are rerolling 1s both to hit and to wound which doesn't quite make them 3+ but is still a solid statline.
  2. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    I do findeed the focus on sigmarines to be kinda frustrating and a little bit annoying. From my perspective not only are they one of the most populace factions but also ones of the most boring.
  3. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    Loving the double Order battleforce, no destruction Hoping it's not a sign of times to come.
  4. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    I just need everyone to take a moment and dream with me. Dream that the ironskullz boys could fill a slot in the Ironfist.LeadersGordrakk The Fist of Gork (620)- GeneralMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (460)Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Ironjawz Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Ironjawz Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Ironjawz Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Ironjawz BattlelineUnits4 x Ironskull's Boyz (80)BattalionsIronfist (160)Ironsunz (120)Total: 2000 / 2000 Dream of days gone Waaagh!
  5. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    Moonclan primarily needs allegiance abilities and battalions more than anything else. Though to be fair most of Destruction as an alliance just needs more battalions. Spiderfang is kinda awkward because battleline wise there isn't that much more to add to them. I guess there are some things you could do to expand them....hmm I started and I actually have way more ideas than I thought. Rename the faction to "Spiderfang" (Remove the Grots portion) Spiderfang Allegiance Skittering Destroyers - Roll a dice in your hero phase for each Spiderfang Hero and Spiderfang Monster. Add 2 to the roll for any Spiderfang model which is both a Hero and a Monster. On a roll of a 6 pick a friendly Spiderfang unit within 6"..... Webbed Menace - At the start of the game select up to D3 pieces of terrain which are Infested with Spiders and covered in webbing. Roll a dice for any model which ends it's movement phase within 3" of this terrain, on the roll of a 1 the unit that model belongs to takes a mortal wound. Do not roll for any models that have the Spiderfang keyword. In addition, any models with the Spiderfang keyword can fly while moving across this terrain and can choose to ignore any effects the terrain has. At the beginning of each players turn, roll a d6. Add 2 to the roll if the battle round is higher than the number Infested terrain pieces. Subtract 2 from the roll if the battle round is lower than the number of Infested terrain pieces. On a 4+ the infestation spreads, you may select another piece of terrain which becomes Infested. Units Improve the Arachnarok Flinger to 3+/3+/-1/3. This would put it almost on par with the Gitmob artillery pieces Without any of the special rules or bonuses for being in a Battery. Grot King on Arachnarok Queen. Significantly increased points cost, 400-600. Can move over any unit without the Monster keyword as if it had flying. Always has 8 Attacks with it's Chitinous Legs. Monstrous fangs always hits on a 3+. Now deals D3 +3/+2/+2/+1/+0 wounds with it's monstrous fangs and Spider Venom. Has Crown of the Spider God Command Ability which Causes all Spiderfang units within 16"/12"/9"/6"/1" to inflict mortal wounds with their Spider Venom on a 4+ instead of a 6+. Trapdoor Spider Riders. No ranged ability, similar stats to Spider Riders. Patient Hunter Starts game off the board. At the start of your movement phase may be deployed completely within 3" of any Infested piece of terrain and more than 3" from enemy models Ambusher If there is an Enemy Unit within 9" of an Infested piece of terrain and this unit is off the board you may deploy it as described in the Patient Hunter rule. The unit is then immediately activated and can pile in up to 6". Grot Boss on Trapdoor Spider - Has Patient Hunter and Ambusher No command ability. Similar Stats to Grot Big Boss. Grot Shaman on Gigantic Spider Has Prayer - On a 4+ a piece of terrain within 12" becomes Infested Spiderfang Spiders Spiders with no riders. Giant Spider's Fangs weapon. Immune to Battle-shock tests while within 12" of a Spiderfang Monster Must take a battleshock test every turn if more than 18" away from a Spiderfang Monster Add in some battalions and good to go! On a serious note though, might be slightly overpowered
  6. Man seeing your army almost makes me regret doing mine in more muted snowy colours. They look so nice and stand out amazingly well on the battlefield!
  7. Rock lobbas 100 points. This means you can field 4 at 2000pts 40" range, no LoS 1 attack at 3+(to 5+)/3+/-2/3 Extra shot on 6+ hit roll in batteries +1 vs units of 10 or more. Doom Divers 120 points. This means you can field 3 at 2000pts 50" range (to 20"), no LoS 1 attack at 3+/3+/-1/d3 d6 damage in batteries On miss 4+ to hit a different unit instead. So the important differences are 40 points spare per 2 rock lobbas, or 40 points more for the 4th rock lobba. 1 extra Rend for Rock Lobba, Flat 3 damage vs d6 Extra shot on a roll of 6+ (5+ vs units of 10 or more). No miss redirect on a 4+ Assuming optimal conditions, your doom diver hits on a 3+. This means that the 4+ to redirect is functionally a "hit" on a 2+ (D6 roll of 1 = 1-3, D6 roll of 2 = 4-6. 3+ is a hit). Hence it's fair to say doom divers generically "hit on a 2+" provided you don't care about who you hit. For Character sniping Both hit on a 3+ The Rocklobba has an extra rend Guaranteed 3 damage vs d6 Extra shot on 6+ to hit The important thing to note here is that most characters are 5/6 wounds, so 2 hits from a rock lobba will kill them guaranteed. On the other hand the doom diver has a 1/5 or 1/6 chance to instikill them but has approximately the same chance to not kill them in 2 shots. When you add in the extra rend, potential second shot and 20 point cost reduction I feel for character sniping the rock lobba is the better choice. For hitting Unit Blocks Both hit on a 2+ (see above for doomdiver) Rocklobba has an extra rend Guaranteed 3 damage vs d6 Extra shot on 5+ to hit In this case the consistency of the damage is less relevant. The extra rend is going to be quite important vs some armies, particularly ones with rerollable saves. The extra shot on a 5+ is also amazingly nice. In this situation the two are more or less equivalent, there are a couple of reasons for this. Against small elite units the rock lobba becomes less effective but the extra rend is much nicer, against large chaff units the rock lobba becomes more effective but the rend becomes potentially less useful. In both situations the damage range of the doom diver is probably far more useful than the flat damage. Against anything with negative to hit vs shooting, Nurgle being the obvious choice, the Doom Diver is king. It's Grot-Guided Missile gets better and better as the opponent gets harder to hit while a -1 cripples the rock lobba against small units and -2 against ALL units. Conclusion As a character sniping tool, which is what they want to replace the spear chukkas, the rock lobba is better. While for general purposes the two are essentially equivalent. The main thing that puts the rock lobba ahead is the 20 point cost reduction. That has a huge bunch of implications not least is that you can field 4, this gives you 2 batteries instead of 1 and increases your number of shots by 33%. Hence, Rock Lobba over Doom Diver.
  8. 'Competitive' Ironjawz

    So in a group of 10 there are 7 brutes with your choice. 3 Brutes with dual wield do the same number of attacks as 4 with 2 handers. That means for every 1 brute which is in range because of the 2" it's as if 3 of your brutes are dual wielding rather than 2h, at 2 brutes in 2" but out of 1" then the weapon options are essentially the same. When you then consider the advantages gained by having the extra 2" range normally at 10 it easily out weighs the DW.
  9. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    Wow the fangs! Don't tell an orruk that he might need to get along with an aelve. I LOVE the idea of an "elemental" faction in destruction though. The reason I say faction, not alleigance, is because we could easily have several smaller elemental allegiances which are each others allies and form the elemental part. The same way there is a greenskinz faction and an ogor faction atm. Split the troggoths into the various elemental alleigances, rather than what I suggested before. The fimir and felwater troggoths then become the "Felwater Menace" along with the basilisk and merwyrm. Then you could have another more "traditional troll" type alleigance.
  10. How do I paint non-greenskinned Orruks?

    http://taleofpainters.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/tutorial-how-to-paint-azog-defiler.html That has a list of paints used to paint the mounted model, as well as the step by step guide he uses.
  11. How do I paint non-greenskinned Orruks?

    When you say "no green skinned" did you have any specific colour tones in mind. Elf flesh style Reddish Uruk-Hai Brown Uruk-hai More of a Pallid style Slightly different The Pale Orc Yellowish Ollie with the way more useful response
  12. Ironjawz 1250 Tournament list

    @jake3991His ability to fly and massive movement range is one of the reasons he's such a key model. I didn't suggest it because I was working to try and change the original list as little as possible while fitting in the, in my opinion, mandatory warchanter. The Footboss is far more likely to be tarpitted tbh.
  13. Ironjawz 1250 Tournament list

    Drop the 10 ardboyz and get 2 warchanters and ironskullz boyz. Or Drop the 10 ardboyz take another 3 goregruntas (as 2 blocks of 3) and the Warchanter. Or Drop the 10 ardboyz take a warchanter and an Ironfist. The first gives you a frenzy of violence for both brutes squads and you still have the small defensive unit. The second puts the most models on the field and gives you two strong heavy cav units to support the brutes. The last one forgoes models in favour of increasing the mobility of your heavy infantry. A roll of a 1 is still a 25% increase in their move speed. The extra Artefact is a bonus.
  14. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    I am aware yes. While I'm not suggesting that it's thrown around in everybody's faces I'm against deliberate retconning to remove it. It's an aspect of what makes the fimir so horrific and vile.
  15. 'Competitive' Ironjawz

    Mawkrusha is king. At 1k point's he's a good choice, at 2k he's basically mandatory. One won't go a miss and 2 is completely viable. A Megaboss on Foot (Footboss) is an ok choice at 1k. He's not needed but it's nice to have the option to throw one in a list if you want. Probably our only mediocre choice. One Warchanter is essentially mandatory. Two is close to mandatory. Easily one of the best heroes in the game for his points and a huge force multiplier. A Single Weirdnob Shaman is good to have. Two or Three is probably overkill but gives you list options. Brutes are Amazing, you want to take them in blocks of 10 with 2h weapons. With frenzy of violence they will kill any and all monsters in a turn. The boss should have a Klaw. Goregruntas recently got a points reduction making them a competitive choice. A gorefist list recently came 2nd in a huge tournament. 6 is a good number, 15 is overkill. Ardboyz, these are generally used as filler. They are ok at a unit of 30 now (massive units) you will get enough of these just by getting the rest of your army. For a pure Ironjawz army the following will give you everything you need and more. Weirdnob Warband - 4 of these will get you 20 brutes, 2 blocks of 10. Each box is £40, £10 more than the brutes, but has 5 Ardboyz and a Weirdnob shaman in. So for £160 you get 20 Brutes, 20 Ardboyz and 4 Weirdnobs. If you were to buy them individually that would be £232. The 4 weirdnobs are the most you will need even for a cheese list, the 20 ardboyz are useful because. Start Collecting - Ironjawz - Litterally the only way to buy Gore Gruntas. These are £50, basically the same as the Goregruntas alone. So for £2 you get 10 Ardboyz and a Warchanter. 4 of these will cost you £200 giving you 12 Goregruntas, 40 Ardboyz and 4 warchanters. Again the only thing you might want more of is the Goregruntas. You could feasibly use 4 warchanters, although 2 is the standard number and 3 will be top end. There's no point even comparing the price value, if you want 3 Goregruntas buy this box. Buying the 4 of each of these will give you the following. 4 Warchanters - You could seriously run all these if you wanted. They are THAT good. I'd recomend having at least 2. 4 Weirdnobs - 1 more than you will ever want, 2 more than you will regularly want, 3 more than you realistically need. A nice bonus to have just for list options. 12 Goregruntas - They work as units of 3, as your flanking heavy cav and objective grabbers, or in units of 6 as devastating shock cav. 6 Pigs doing an 8" charge with frenzy of violence is disgusting. Build them with the choppas, the 2" attack is never really needed. 20 Brutes - If you are going to magnetise, do it. If not give them 2h. While ok in blocks of 5 with DW, especially at 1k, they really shine in blocks of 10 with the 2h. Apply frenzy of Violence and watch them delete any monster you want. Current single turn kill count is a Magmadroth, Neferata and a vampire lord on zombie dragon. That's out of 6 games. 60 Ardboyz - Exactly 2 massive size units, this is the most you will ever want for 2k. Build every Drummer and Every Banner/Icon you can, you can never have to many. Build 2 Bosses. Split the rest between shields, 2h and dual wield. Realistically this will let you field whatever combination of 30 weapons you want. From this you can see why, despite it's cost, I recommend getting 4 and 4. This right here is almost every variation of an Ironjawz you could ever want at 2k. From here all you need to sort out is your allies and the Big Daddy himself. Mawkrusha, Death Cabbage, King, Living incarnation of Gorkamorka - Personally I will be getting 3 of these eventually. 2 Standard MK's and one painted up as Gordrak. Magnetise them. You can Magnetise the Megaboss on top so that you can switch him for Gordrak if you want, don't forget to magnetise Bigteef's hood as well. In addition you magnetise the megabosses arms to let you swap between the two weapons options. The only reason not to get 4 is that they don't fit in a 2k point army (YET!). As an added bonus they are a stunning model and an amazing centrepiece for your army. Allies This is the final section. We have a wide variety available to us at the moment so I'm going to list them, without explanation, from Common choices to the most exotic. Giants. Buy 2 because you can. Mostly used singularly but there isn't really a solid reason NOT to get the second. Spear Chukka, Doom Diver, Rock Lobber. Grot artillery. Choose your favourite. Troggoth Hag. Orruk Warboss on a Pig with a Great Waaagh! Banner. Seriously read what that banner does! Moonclan Grots with Fanatics Cheap Grots potentially with a Grot Shaman for sneaky stabbin Wizards, Wizards, Wizards and Crazy Wizards This is not an exhaustive list of allies but it covers the few obvious and most basic choices. We are really spoiled for choice here. I hope this helped. I do see people asking the same sort of question regularly so maybe we can get @Chris Tomlin to write us a proper introduction to ironjawz post and then sticky it!