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  1. Malakree

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    So this brings up an interesting question regarding our Waaagh! since the unit we "use" them on is the Megaboss not the other units. This means we are once again in a grey area where RaW doesn't clearly define whether we can have multiple of the same Waaagh! type over multiple megabosses.
  2. Malakree

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Allegiance: IronjawzLeadersGordrakk The Fist of Gork (540)Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (440)Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)BattalionsBloodtoofs (120)Ironfist (180)Total: 1980 / 2000Wounds: 104 It's like the gordrakk fist with slightly less turn 1 reach but a waaagh! Extra and 2 mks getting both bonuses to boot. Not to mention you can use the third cp to reroll a crucial failed charge. Also requires only 17 models to run.
  3. I asked on the fb page and they said you could but would need to buy multiple boxes to have the models. You would also need to pay the points for each instance and couldn't cast it twice in one turn.
  4. Could you cast a spell portal through another spell portal and then chain the spells through them across the board? The most hilarious foot of gork ever!
  5. Malakree

    No Greenskin-Faction Focus...could it means something BIG?

    I'm hoping that this isn't just some random mushroom dreams of a mad grot. I'm desperately wishing for it all to be announced at the open day on June 30th. It would explain so much about the lack of destruction....anything leading up to AoS2
  6. Malakree

    No Greenskin-Faction Focus...could it means something BIG?

    I suspect they will be put into the legacy portion with things like dark elves.
  7. Malakree

    Ironjawz AOS2 2018 Help Me Be Positive

    So with the Cogs from the endless spells it would be +4 charge for Brutes and +6!!! for Ardboys. If you are running units of 5 Brutes then +2 bravery is really all you need, means that they have to kill 3 models before you even risk one fleeing.
  8. Malakree

    Ironjawz AOS2 2018 Help Me Be Positive

    One of the silly lists I thought of is something like this LeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (440)Orruk Megaboss (140)Orruk Megaboss (140)Fungoid Cave-Shaman (80)Battleline5 x Orruk Brutes (180)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)5 x Orruk Brutes (180)BattalionsIronfist (180)Bloodtoofs (120) It's a 1 drop and you start with 2 command points, meaning that the triple Waaagh! is available on your first turn. Potentially you can take the Fungoid as your general no matter what your alleigance is, that gives you the potential charge in hero phase, retreat in move, charge again in charge phase from the MK. If you wanted to you could also downgrade 2 units of brutes to either Ardboys (+40 points) or GG's (+80) and pick up an endless spell up. As an example the Cog's would give you +4 to your charge range when combined with our other bonuses making it super easy to get everything in on that kill turn, not to mention getting the 8" charge on the two units of GG's to line up with potential +6 attacks with each melee weapon. 3 Goregruntas doing 30 attacks with the pigs at d3 damage, oh baby.
  9. Malakree

    First GH2018 List: C&C Please

    My initial thought is that Gordrak is wasted in that list because you don't have a battalion. He gets considerably worse without it, switching him to a normal MK loses you very little but gives you 100 points extra to play with, that's a fungoid cave shaman and 20 towards triumph.
  10. Malakree

    Shadespire community FAQ

    I used it at UKExpo and that ruling was made there. It's how I always read it. It's to stop things which trigger on you having made a move action, so hidden paths then cunning but brutal etc.
  11. Malakree

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    Thats honestly disgusting...one failed save and a Maw Krusha gets killed by a single gobo with a spear....
  12. Malakree

    Ironjawz AOS2 2018 Help Me Be Positive

    You can generally get +1 to cast from an arcane piece of terrain I had the same thought but foot of gork is 18" add the 6" is 24" therefor with 2 rolls on range gives 36". Hence I concluded the arcane terrain rather than the balewind
  13. Malakree

    Ironjawz AOS2 2018 Help Me Be Positive

    To quote from the Facebook page. Q: So we can't purchase 3 purple suns and have all of them running around at the same time 😢 A: Well, you can - you'd need to get three Malign Sorcery sets to do so though! So yes you just have to pay the points for every instance of an endless spell! I think at least 1 battalion will be staple for us to try and get the extra command point. I also suspect that brutes should now be run in 5s rather than 10. One change I did read somewhere is that allies are now 1 in 4 units rather than a strict points limit. Which is going to be interesting. Our biggest problem is going to be fitting a wizard and 2 waaagh! In the army if I'm honest. Really sad that the ardboys 30 block wasn't even dropped by 10 points to an even number...
  14. Malakree

    Let's chat: The Farstriders

    Specifically Second in Command is there to score victorious duel if farstrider dies and to ****** over people trying to do the same. It's definitely a choice my argument is that it's not garbage like most seem to assume, and I did as well at first. Realistically there is quite a bit of wiggle room in all of the decks components and I suspect it will come down to how you individually play. Personally I was attempting to minimise the amount of 3rd end phase cards since I'm trying to score superior tactician and trying to maximise my scoring potential when I'm losing as the game at the moment is very much who gets ahead first in aggro mirrors. My original post was made after looking at the thread and seeing people primarily ruminating on just how defensive farstriders should be. It was to give people an inspiration for a far more aggressive style of play which isn't scoring supremacy turn 1. I actually toyed with making a statement but found my playstyle just doesn't score it. Will be interesting to see where people take it and I'm waiting eagerly for the new leader objectives. There's 2 slots in the objective deck that I have seriously struggled to fill.
  15. Malakree

    Ironjawz AOS2 2018 Help Me Be Positive

    So I think a reduced points balewind is far more important for us than we are giving credit. It's 40 points to give a weirdnob a second spell, +1 to save and 6" on their cast range. At 160 points that is actually quite a potent caster. As @Ollie Grimwood said the extra unbind range and his amazing bonuses to cast mean that at 320 points we can now rock a strong magic game AND have good anti-magic ability, something we have traditionally struggled against since magic is a big source of mortal wounds. The ability to save command points AND only have to IP reactively are also big buffs for us. Since it means we can have those huge turns, with the tactic @Sangfroid has been using recently (Crouching Grot, Hidden Playtester???) the 5 man Brute units are HORRIFIC. All of which is only made even better for us since smashing and bashing is now "Immediately activate another Ironjawz unit" rather than the closest, this means on those big turns we can chain combats in the perfect order rather than having a random warchanter stop us from doing so. With regards to the Ironfist, it's still going to be mandatory just the 20 points has moved from the MK onto this basically nullifying both changes for the standard IJ list. For most of us the only change will be that we get a 2nd command point for free compared to some other armies. The reduction on the Bloodtoofs means that both mega battalions are now 120 so assuming Ironsunz hasn't changed we get the extra moral/charge for the cheaper price. The command points change also makes the Footboss more of an attractive option as our only way to properly make use of the extra CP's. Hopefully we can also spend CP's to use allied command abilities because that would let us use the Great Waaagh! Boarboss from Greenskinz instead for the same 140 points. Similarly the Fungoid Cave Shaman is a fantastic in our armies now even with the Mystic Shield nerf. At -2 to hit (look out sir) and a 5++ save having one rammed right up into enemy lines on a balewind is seriously scary. Suddenly his Spore Maw is d6+6" range which is far healthier, the same is true of green-puke. Not to mention after eating his Deathcap you get 3 casts off him in one turn! This lets us actually put down a very scary wizard list (without the stupid weirdfist). Depends on what realm spells we have access to suddenly IJ could have some of the best spellcasting in the game! Another important thing to note is the Cogs spell they go on about. A +2 to charge range means that our army is now has +3 to it's charge range while Ardboys are sat at a phenomenal +5. The endless spells give us options for reach and utility we were sorely lacking before. Big G is now more viable than ever since not only is he now 540 points (?) but he doesn't eat our Commander Trait or stop us from using Waaagh! later in the game. The final thing to remember is that while we got "meh" buffs some of the other factions (Tzeentch/Fyreslayers/KO) took such a massive strapon nerfing that it actually opens up the field again. So while we didn't get super buffed, there's a solid chance that we gained position by others getting nerfed. Going to have to wait and see, I'm not optimistic but we might be overreacting a little bit.