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  1. Updating Ironjawz

    Personally I think they should introduce a Big and Little Waagh! spell pool which is available to all Orruks or Grots regardless of your allegiance. So allied Grot shamans still get to pick a spell from the little Waaagh! pool even in Ironjawz. That would be so much better than having unique ones for each allegiance.
  2. So black orcs are now Ironjawz Ardboys. Grimgor is a Greenskinz Warboss IIRC. Honestly I would say you have 4 options based on what you've got there. Bonesplitterz - Savage Orruks - The most competitive of the options but also based around kunnin rukk/rolling so many dice each turn you and your opponent lose the will to live. GA: Destruction - Everything - This is basically take whatever you feel like and don't worry about synergies etc. This is basically old Orcs+Goblins but you can also include any ogre kingdoms etc. GA: Orruks - I separate this out because you are aiming to take advantage of the various Orruk synergies. Using the Orruk Warboss on Wyvern for his Waaagh! Shamans, Weirdnobs any Bonesplitterz you feel like to really build around the Big Waagh! GA: Grots - Same as above but for the Little Waagh! this is slightly different because you don't have the same level of synergies that the orruks do, it's more a general theme. Generally this includes a Gitmob Shaman + 60 Archers, Gitmob Artillery, a Spiderfang package all built around the moonclan core. Realistically you have enough models to run anything other than Ironjawz or Ogors I list the 3 (and general GA) because they boil it down to some good core armies which form a solid starting point to explore and learn from.
  3. Mixed grots help

    If you can scrounge up 60 points could take 2 rock lobbers.
  4. Updating Ironjawz

    I really want a weirdnob on Maw-Krusha. The prayer idea is really good, I just worry it makes warchanters even more mandatory. How about having FoV be a prayer as you suggested but rather than give WC 2 prayers give all IJ heroes an additional prayer slot as part of mighty destroyers. On a 1 nothing happens as gork isn't paying attention. On a 2/3 one unit within 6" of the hero can move D6" on a 4+ the prayer goes off. Gain +1 to the roll if the hero is within 3" of an enemy. The ggs inflicting MW on charge is a great idea. 1 per model that ends within 3" increasing to d3 if they roll 8+ or D6 if you roll a 12+
  5. So it boils down to what allegiance you are running. If it's GA:Destruction then you need 3 battleline, of the units you listed that is specifically the ogors so running them as 3s (so 9 total) would be the easiest way to hit battleline requirements. If it's Beastclaw then you can only have 400 points of allies (Gutbusters). If it's Gutbusters then you can only have 400 points of allies (Beastclaw) So the units of 3 ogors would be to fill battleline requirements. If you use the GW Warscroll Builder it lets you put allies and will record how many battleline you have. Just be aware that if something is battleline iff (so mournfang for beastclaw) it will incorrectly count them for GA:destruction and Gutbusters unless you mark them as allies. I would suggest that if the game is a friendly you ask your friend to wave the pitched battle requirements on battleline since you are just starting again. As long as you use GA:Destruction allegiance abilities then you aren't getting a massive boost from it and as he's playing tzeentch he has an advantage anyway. Just be aware that your army isn't tournament legal in the long term as it stands now.
  6. Mixed Destruction "within Ogre Kingdoms"

    easy mistake to make. I also originally assumed they functioned the same way. I think the netters also replace the bows in moonclan? So every netter is one less shot. Like most destruction warscrolls they are showing their age sadly
  7. Mixed Destruction "within Ogre Kingdoms"

    So the big thing is that the gitmob +hit works for their bows while the Moonclan +wound doesn't. If you go with melee weapons Moonclan are far superior for all the reasons listed. With bows gitmob are better if you factor in points cost. At 40 you save 60 points meaning a grot shaman is only 20 points more than the Moonclan grots. Again this is only if they are using bows and specifically if the points reduction is meaningful.
  8. Mixed Destruction "within Ogre Kingdoms"

    Gitmob are cheaper, they are also basically equivalent with bows. If you have 60 then gitmob with bows is way better. Add in a gitmob shaman and it's way way better.
  9. So the way that I'm doing it is I'll have 3 banners, 3 icons, 3 drummers and the boss. The other 15/20 will be shields and any remainder are whichever weapon choice i have the unit using (2h or dw). Specifically because the banners, icons and drummers have whatever weapons I put on my list and I only use 1 type of weapon in the unit so it greatly reduces the number i need to weapon swap the unit, I dont use shields on the command group.
  10. Kit comes with 1 per 5 and 2 drummers.
  11. Updating Ironjawz

    Legions of Nagash has ranged support in the form of high Mortal Wound output. What the "Ranged Support" category really means is the ability to snipe the opponents squishy lynchpin heroes without them being able to throw a line of pink horrors then laugh. Whether this is done in the hero phase or the shooting phase is semantics.
  12. Updating Ironjawz

    I just feel like it would be a Greenskinz rather than Ironjawz. That said how about goregrunta mounted brutes with javelins/spears. 3 GG's in the squad for 140 points, a ranged attack at 3+/3+/-2/d3 with a 14" range. Retreat and shoot, when they complete a charge make a free shooting attack, if there are no models left in 3" after the shots finish make another charge (same as the MK!)
  13. Let's Chat: Spiderfang

    I think we will get a combined destruction battletome for the Orruks and Grots sometime this year. That's my feeling post Legions of Nagash.
  14. Mixed Destruction "within Ogre Kingdoms"

    When I field Gitmob Grots I actually have 10/20 of them be gnoblars because I prefer the aesthetics. If you put some of the bows/quivers on the gnoblars or on their bases you can easily have them pass as gitmob. Just make sure you tell your opponent before the match Aye I really do think that for Ogor armies Butchers with cauldrons are one of those models where they just get better the more of them you have. Like if one of them inflicts a MW to himself there is a chance that another of the butchers will proc the heal to get him straight back up. Also the hit stacking when it procs is just so massive it's unreal.