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  1. Grots win 4 games at GWGT Heat 1

    I did wonder, I've been using sneaky stabbing on 20 in my Ironjawz and its vicious. I saw the block of 60 and got a huge evil grin
  2. Grots win 4 games at GWGT Heat 1

    Which shamans did you run, gitmob or Moonclan?
  3. To some extent it's not all power creep, if rampaging destroyers hadn't been obliterated then we wouldn't be strictly worse.
  4. Rampaging Destroyers - Twice?

    It's fricking disgusting isn't it. It's really unlikely and super restrictive but like in that game, which it won me, my opponent tripple checked in the rulebook.
  5. Rampaging Destroyers - Twice?

    Yes you can. If you use the tail end of a big unit properly you can trigger it as many times as you like on that unit. Best I've pulled so far is 3 on my Goregruntas. Combined with my Ironfist move, the normal move and then a charge it was disgusting. 18" + 3" + 9" + 10" = 40" of movement 21" of it occurred in the hero phase. It's actually one of the reasons I hate the destruction move atm, most of the time it's underpowered as hell but occasionally your opponent just gets a giant ****** in his face. It's the bad kind of RNG.
  6. GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    @AllanBallan Personally the big thing about the battalion is the ability to double down on your single unit buffing. Combined with the extra artefact and reduced drop count I would say that with a list which gets close to it is probably worth taking the Kunnin' Rukk. Not sure if you do take it though whether it might be worth swapping the Morboys for generic Savage Orruks since they go in the Kunnin' Rukk and give you the option to activate it on them instead.
  7. Destruction presence in masters

    @Sangfroid Dude....did you betray us for stormcast? Is it really that bad...
  8. Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Collosal squig, 8 attacks with a 2+/2+/-3/d3 AND 2d6 4+/2+/-1/1 totally doesn't seem disgusting. Or a full str unit of cave squigs 5+/2+/-2/d3 Seems totally balanced.
  9. Double Cabbage

    Yeah that's the problem with him. Really he needs to be able to fit into a meta battalion QQ The Brutefist isn't actually that great when you look at it, it's questionable whether you even get the 3d6 charge on the brutefist hero phase charge and your opponent gets at least a turn to try and mess with it.
  10. When you compare him to a Tyrant he's actually not that much stronger the comparison is 4 Attacks 3+/3+/-2/d6 4 Attacks 3+/3+/-2/3 3 Attacks 3+/3+/-2/3(6) Which actually is neither here nor there. If you pull the +1 to wound on turn he charged the tyrant is suddenly doing 6 damage per hit on a 5 or 6 to wound which is pretty bonkers. Ontop of that the Tyrant has his 12" pistol shots which aren't shabby either, they are only 1 attack short of a Gorechoppa for a unit of brutes which is generally considered to be a vicious weapon.
  11. Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    It would be OP as ****** buffing some other units. As it is it's fantastic on any unit of gitmob grots and godlike on a 60 strong squad with bows. 60 shots at 3+/4+/-/1 is wood elf levels of good.
  12. So you only really have 2 targets for the Tyrants CA on, the big ogre and the big Yehti units. The Overtyrants ability doesn't actually look like it USES the command ability so you could just IP every turn instead, that said the tyrant is a bit of a boss. What's the points difference?
  13. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    I looked at the new GUO and tbh with it at that point can see another 60-80 points off the MK. Especially given the stupid bell which is better than our allegiance ability. Basically, and I asked @Chris Tomlin this who agreed, if you want to play Ironjawz atm then the new Nurgle Rotbringers is just better.
  14. Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Yes sadly Reinforcements is useless in matched play.
  15. Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Personally I'd be tempted to drop the 5 cave squigs as those 60 points give you 100 spare. Then go to 60 Moonclan Grots (massive unit, 130/360). The spiderfang variant of Would also be fine but you would probably just end up going full spiderfang with that list. Remember to check whether they allow Stoneklaw's, if they do that's a huge boon for you running any sort of pure grots list.