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  1. Teuchter

    Legions of Nagash whatsappgroup?

    If theres one i would i would love to join
  2. Teuchter

    Events UK: The Howling

    sign me up. sounds good - Craig Graham
  3. Teuchter

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Okay well that's fair enough. To be fair in my original post I used the term "to add weight to Runebrush's take", not that it was a matter of fact. I have found that it is largely accurate. Given that it doesn't allow you to choose a spell lore for the GoS in LoN, and I have seen this question asked a number of times on the forums, i think it is worth pointing out. My point is it is not something to make "rules statements" on... I agree with you, however it is an observation that I thought was interesting and helps paint a picture. i.e x,y,z leads us to think this, while a,b,c, makes us think the opposite. I would be surprised if the warscroll builder is not also proofed by their team, even if it is largely user created. I wouldn't dismiss it so easily.
  4. Almost all of this is sold now. Removed it all. I am especially interested and looking for Arkhan the Black (Just the Rider) as I messed up gluing him to the saddle. I would also consider listed in order Spirit Hosts Morghasts Fenrasian Wolves Hexwraiths Black Knights Skeletons Grave Guard Terrorgeists/Zombie Dragons
  5. Teuchter

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    In that case my mistake. I have miss read it. If that is the case then i guess RAW you can pick either option, however I do think that the warscroll builder's omission clearly shows RAI. Which to be fair we are not playing too as matched play gamers. FAQ me please GW
  6. Teuchter

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    To add weight to Runebrush's take on the matter when you select the GoS in the warscroll builder from the units from the Legions of Nagash list you do not get the choice of a spell. When you pick him from the Nighthaunt list then he is able to pick from the Lore of the Underworlds. I also don't agree with the viewpoint that from a RAW perspective that the GoS would be able to pick from a lore in the first place. Sure it states that all Wizards are able to generate a spell from the Lore of the Dead as per their allegiance ability. However I see the second paragraph as condition two. As the GoS is not a Deathmage, Vampire or Deathlord wizard then there is no lore to choose from, despite having the right to a spell. To clarify I can't see how you can take the RAW viewpoint on paragraph one (detailing that Wizards get to take an additional spell) and disregard the second one (ignoring the keywords). Agreed this needs clarified by GW and I am sure that they will with the next FAQ.
  7. Teuchter

    Umbral Spellportal healing interactions

    Thanks for the reply. Okay so for clarity you could drop a spellportal within 3" of multiple units and hit them all for the chance at some large healing. That seems fair with the Vile Transference. Although I feel like with Nagash's melee profile he should be wading into combat in the mid to later rounds, once the main targets that can threaten him has been dealt with. My list uses a flying vampire lord so I'll put VT on him and use it in Nagash later if needed.
  8. Hi Guys and Girls Looking for some clarification with how the spell portal interacts with a couple of spells: Soul Harvest : range is 3" from the caster, then for every mortal wound caused it heals a wound on the caster on a 5+. My questions is as this specifies that its range is from the caster can it have its range modified by the spell portal? Vile Transference: range is 12" from caster then heals a friendly death unit within 6" of that unit. My question here is say you put the portal 2" away from the unit you are casting on, can the healing be measured from the 2nd portal. Say 4" away from that when taking into account the initial 2". Its seems bonkers if you are able to achieve both.
  9. Teuchter

    Events UK: Tempest Crusade - 19/20 Jan 2019

    Hi Scott. Was a great event last year. Add me to the list! Craig Graham
  10. Teuchter

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    struck me as odd, but that might just be because you are being clever and I generally am not 😵
  11. Teuchter

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    Can you use Nighthaunt battalions in a Legions of Sacrament list? Are they not limited to Nighthaunt allegience? If so I had no idea and I will be looking them up 😀
  12. Teuchter

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    That makes a lot of sense. I am building some lists atm with Nagash, a Necromancer and a Flying Vampire Lord and 40 Skeletons and The Spell portal. What I cant decide is whether or not to use 2 or 4 morghasts harbringers. 4 limits me to 2 units of dire wolves to fill out the battleline and leave me with at 1950 for the command point. 2 lets me take 20 chainrasps and 3 units of wolves, or 40 chainrasps and 1 unit of wolves. Is 2 a big enough reliable hammer. I am short on cash atm and I dont want to buy it all to experiment. Any advice for a scrub? Cheers,
  13. Hi Everyone I have been posting a few different lists recently mainly focused on Arkhan in Legions of Sacrament, as I have come from Stormcast Eternals playing a 39 model Skybourne Slayers list. Therefore I wanted to go Heavy on magic and higher model count to experience the game differently. My main reason to look at sacrament was that I for some reason believed that Locus of Shyish was a Legions of Sacrement ability. After flicking through the BT last night again I seen its not specific to a particular legion. I am building a 2k list with the view of it being a competitive in a matched play environment. It doesn't have to be cutting edge competitive however but I don't want to go home from a tournament 0-5. Also while spending a silly amount of time last night list building I am gravitating towards using Nagash, in a Grand Legion allegiance. I have tried playing around with a First Cohort but I cant settle on a list I like which has led me to this with three variations: Nagash Necromancer Flying Vampire Lord 2x Morghast Harbingers /w Halberds 40x Skeletons /w Spears 40x Chainrasp Hordes 5x Dire Wolves Umbral Spell Portal 1950 points This gives me my hordes, with a good blob of Chainrasps that I feel can tarpit an objective with less support letting me focus on an objective that will let me gain a points advantage with the skeletons and most of my hammers. 2nd variation is: Nagash Necromancer Flying Vampire Lord 4x Morghast Harbingers /w Halberds 40x Skeletons /w Spears 2x 5 Dire Wolves Umbral Spell Portal 1950 points Less hordey (thats a word right) and as a result I guess less board control? However extremely scary hammer with the morghasts pumping out 5 attacks each when the Vampire uses its command ability. Third Variation: Nagash Necromancer Flying Vampire Lord 2x Morghast Harbingers /w Halberds 40x Skeletons /w Spears 20x Chainrasp Hordes 3x 5 Dire Wolves Umbral Spell Portal 1950 points Probably would give a playstyle more similar to the first but more MSU, gaining better efficiency from Deathly Invocations and better fast screens to eat shooting / delay in this new edition. Looking to put the Diadem on the Necromancer and give him Fading Vigor. Vile Transference on the Vampire Lord, and Overwhelming Dread, Amaranthine Orb, and Soul Harvest on Nagash. Would love to hear from you far more experienced death players, if you think my assessment is correct. Also whats your thoughts of running Nagash outside of First cohort with regards to his survivability. Is it easy to remove his hefty 800 points from the table, as I feel that if that happens early, without causing similarly large casualties on my opponents side that these lists really fall apart. Sorry for the long post, as well as my numerous other list posts. I hope I am honing in now however! Cheers,
  14. Sold some of my stormcast. updated the price to reflect that and also happy to accept offers on any individual units or batches. Also added in some of my old wanderers as a wee freebie bonus to the sylvaneth lot. Persuade me to throw them into the purchase of the rest of the SCE and I could maybe be convinced?! cheers,
  15. Tried to magnetise him and royally messed it up. Anyone willing to sell him on the sprue? For clarity this is just the rider that I am after. Cheers,