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  1. Tempest was my first tournament 2 years ago. the local scene is full of great guys and a few girls too. cant recommend taking the plunge into tournaments. great way to meet more people and play some nice varied games of age of sigmar!
  2. Craig Graham incased you miss it in the chat - Paid up already
  3. sign me up please - Craig Graham
  4. An evil numbers wizard once told me that swords perform better than spears with -1 to hit and spears are better with a +1 to hit relative to each other. I have them kitted out with Spears however over the course of a game I am sure there will be a few combats where one option would be better than the other. As I said i take spears as I allow myself to maximise my attacks more often, and we love rolling dice right? but once you have circled that poor defenseless dragon with swords he is more dead than he already was. In summary "meh" you choice will be right as much as it was wrong. With regards to the msu choice I cant see a scenario that skeletons can out perform the chainrasps. They have twice the number of attacks, a better move, a much better save against rend and can fly. Only scenario I can see is to fill out a battalion requirement.
  5. I don't think I would ever take 30 or less skeletons. As soon as you loose one model your loosing a attack. 40 points for another 10 is just too good to pass up. if you need to fill a battle line and only have your 240 points available, then personally I would be taking Chainrasps.
  6. To build on Honk's point I think Arkhan is the best fit for a mortarch with Nagash. His command ability can be really great to extend the range of spells, just watch out with him. He is super easy to kill
  7. Interesting. I never really considered the GFC for my VLoZD. Also not that he needs it but you also gain +1 movement which is pretty decent. Would have helped when my VLoZD got murdered off the board to a unit of 10 retributors... probably still would have been murdered... just less so
  8. @Hoseman No problem. If you want to go with the Legion of Night for the Ambush playstyle you will need to use Manfred as your Mortarch if you want to run one at all. Not played with legion of night before, but I think that Morghasts would be pretty good coming in off the side with Manfred. Specifically Harbingers with Spirit Halberds, as they get to use 3d6 for charge rolls. Also deathrattle units get +1 to save if they are wholely withing your own territory so skeletons get even better in this legion. You mentioned that you were looking for which box you should look to purchase. The blades for the blood queen box would give you a great supplement to your army, as you get a Mortarch kit and 2 Morghasts plus more skeletons. You also get a wight king and 10 Grave Guard, which are okay, but I personally wouldn't build an army around them. Also I wouldn't say Neferata is necessarily better than Arkhan. They are just different.
  9. @HosemanUnfortunately if you chose to take Arkhan your list has to be in a Legions of Sacrament or Grand Host of Nagash. Basically each of the different allegiances in the Legions of Nagash book state that if you take a mortarch it in Legions of Night/Blood/Sacrament it has to be that legions mortarch and they have to be the general. So if you change to Neferata, then you would have to take a Legion of Blood or Grand Host of Nagash. I would also strongly recommend that you find a way to bump your skeletons up to a unit of 40 as that only costs an extra 40 points, and you have to loose 11 models before you go down to 2 attacks per model. The chainrasp horde work fine in smaller units like you have listed. I think getting the extra command point is a good idea, but I look at that list and I am not sure how it kills things/wins games. If you want to stick with Arkhan and maybe use the legions of sacrament I find that the spirit hosts are pretty good. But I would look to increase the unit size to 6. 3 can be quite lacklustre as you are just not rolling enough dice to get those 6's for mortal wounds. Alternatively you could look to increase the size of your reapers. Also if you quite like Arkhan (Why not he is awesome) and you have not built the coven throne yet you could look at the Lords of Sacrament Battalion. It uses Arkhan, a Mortis Engine and 2+ Necromancers. and it gives models in the battalion +1 cast each and +1 to save rolls for the battalion in the shooting phase while they are withing 6" of the mortis engine. could be a way to go if it sounds appealing to you. Anyway its food for thought
  10. Not tried the first cohort, but honestly I am not too tempted to either. If i did I think it would change it up a little. Nagash Necro 2x Archai 2x 40 Skellies 1x 10 Skellies First Cohort Spell Portal 1990 Gives you more board control and Nagash does not need 4 morghast to make a deathball. He is a death ball already! Ill give my new list a try with the Grimghast which look like they will be pretty sweet. going to do a few weeks of list tinkering before my next event, then get a few weeks of "no changes to the list" practice.
  11. Played it last night against an objectively super competitive Daughters of Khaine list and player. Felt pretty good, however a few serious misplays by me in hindsight cost me the game. Also this DoK list puts out a serious number of attacks, I cant even imagine what it would have done to me without Neferatas Command ability giving them minus 1 to hit. Had minus 2 on morathi but she was still just chewing through me! However I have decided to paint up my Nagash: Nagash, Necro, VL (Flying) 30 Grimghasts 40 Skellies 10 Chainrasps 2x5 Dire Wolves Spell Portal
  12. Sign me up please Kev. Can't have that little sticker you gave me at Northern Invasion taunting me for a year! Craig Graham
  13. I am assuming it stands for Vanhel's Danse Macabre, a necromancers warscroll spell which makes a summonable unit able to pile in and attack twice in your next combat phase. I agree. I have gone off the list to be honest. It was a bit of a Eureka moment followed by the relisation as I played it out in my head that 400 points is a lot to spend on making Nagash immune to rend. Nefferata isn't up to much without her command ability. Looking at this list now and will try it out tonight. Grand Host of Nagash: VLoZD (General, Lord of Nagashazzir, Etheral Amulet, Vile Transferance) Neferata (Overwhelming Dread) Necromancer (Fadind Vigor) VL ((Flying, Amaranthine Orb) too much fun on a 9+ cast) 40x Skellies (Spears) 30x Chainrasps 5x Dire Wolves 2x Morghast Harbingers (Spirit Halbreds) Then im not sure if i want to use cogs or another unit of Dogs for 1950... I will decide on the drive home.
  14. Great event! Got a great laugh by winning a bar of Fine Orkney Soap for helping clean up Kev's filthy list! A big thank you again Stu for organising a fantastic event!
  15. Dreamed up this list today. Bit concerned with how many points are spent on heroes but it just seems pretty tasty. Nagash Neferata Necromancer 40x Skellies 30x Chainrasp Horde 5x Dire Wolves Spell Portal 1950 points Idea is to make Nagash immune to rend and if it doesnt look like the skellies are going to be removed in the game use the extra command point on Neferata's command ability to make the ultimate attrition force, which definatley packs a punch! Also there's an option to drop the 30 chainrasps and the spell portal and swap in 40 more skeletons and take shackles for 1950 points again. or Drop the chainrasps to 20 take and extra unit of Dire Wolves and take the shackles. Interested to hear your thoughts.
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