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  1. Hey everyone My FLGS is running a 1200 point event this month and I'm trying to write a balanced list, but I am struggling to combine the elements I'd like into a well rounded list. I have only played a handful of games with my death army, so I am very much a novice. The event will have 4 games: - Gifts from the Heavens- Border War- Blood and Glory - Three Places of Power This is my initial list: Cairn wraith Isabella von carstein Mourngul 10 Skeletons 10 Skeletons 5 Blood knights 6 Spirit hosts I only have 1 wizard and 2 heroes in total, which feels a bit lacking for a death army, to get the most out of ruler of the night. Am I better off making my mourngul the general? do I need a 3rd hero? These are the other units I have available: vampire lord on abyssal terror vampire lord with wings arkhan the black or manfred mortarch mortis engine tomb banshee 5 hexwraiths wight king with black axe Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading
  2. varyn

    Necro vs vampire lord

    I'd recommend the vampire lord, I use mine with wings and it's decent for killing other heroes on foot, plus it's a lot more survivable, with the 4+, chalice and healing in combat. Plus the spells/command trait are a good combo. I haven't used a necromancer so I can't comment on him, sorry
  3. varyn

    New death player

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions guys. I've written a 1200 point list for a local event: cairn wraith Isabella von carstein Mourngul 10 skeletons 10 skeletons 6 spirit hosts 5 blood knights only 1 caster, but we'll see how the practice games go!
  4. varyn

    Death 1000 points, new player needing advice

    I'll be trying a similar list at 1000 points, let me know how your list does!
  5. varyn

    Mortarch, mortarch... which of you?

    There are lots of guides for it, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9aN_LHQmwA The only suggestion I would have is to look carefully how the parts fit together and where you can put the magnets to get the best adhesion. I usually use N52 neodymiun magnets (ebay has lots of sellers), something like 3mm/4mm x 1mm should be fine I'll try and put some pictures of mine up in a bit, although I'm very much a novice!
  6. varyn

    Mortarch, mortarch... which of you?

    Firstly, I would recommend magnetising parts so that you have the option to run either of the options! I magnetised the head of the monster and the riders and it was very straightforward. Regarding how they perform on the table, I haven't gotten around to using mine yet But I think the general consensus is that they're a bit overcosted, Neferata is good for her debuff, arkhan is the cheapest and has decent casting buffs and manfred is more of a beatstick. I think most people prefer vampire lord on zombie dragon for a beatstick behemoth/leader though
  7. varyn

    The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    the magister looks great Rich, looking forward to seeing the rest of the army
  8. varyn

    Nighthaunt advice.

    The list looks good, mourngul will be very tough to deal with at 1000 points. I started my death army in the same way; nighthaunt. I have ended up adding some soulblight to give me a bit more variety for bigger games, also you can't get any wizards if you go pure nighthaunt I'd probably run the spirit hosts in units of 6 in games over 1000 so they can tie up enemy units for longer while you focus on objectives etc
  9. varyn

    I have a really bad idea

    Sorry if this derails the thread a bit I have a question about summoning in a soulblight list like the one Gotrek has posted; I thought you might be restricted to summoning units of your subfaction type (soulblight), if you summon something which isn't soulblight, (eg skeletons) your army is no longer full soulblight, wouldn't the blood knights stop being battleline and your army "invalid" ? sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. I really like the list Gotrek, soulblight is such a cool subfaction, it'd be great if GW fills out some of the smaller death factions
  10. varyn

    Skeleton warriors sold out

    Not sure if anyone noticed this, but the skeleton warriors are sold out in the UK. A friend in my FLGS tells me that it's for a reboxing, which could mean a death release soon? Or at the very least round bases for skeletons!
  11. varyn

    New death player

    I've played a couple of games with my army now and have lost both (vs tzeench disciples), 760 and 980 point games. My thoughts are that my army lacks any threat and once my heroes were killed, my army folded pretty quick. 760 list vampire lord, wings, chalice cairn wraith 10 skeletons 10 skeletons 3 spirit hosts 3 spirit hosts 5 hexwraiths 980 list vampire lord, wings, chalice tomb banshee cairn wraith 10 skeletons 10 skeletons 6 spirit hosts 5 blood knights I don't know whether I need to start taking more resilient heroes (I have arkhan and manfred on horse), I also have a mourngul. I'd like to keep to my theme of nighthaunt/soulblight. Having played tzeench twice, I really get the impression that lots of my units were very underwhelming and inferior Is a VLoZD worth a look? or perhaps isabela and vlad? The blood knights did well against tzangors when they charged, but then got wiped off the table with mortal wound spells and shooting/charging skyfires. The skeletons feel like such a tax, unless I invest in 40 more, but then I've got 480 points tied up in units that I don't really want to take. I have only just started playing death but my friends playing tzeench, khorne/blood bound, sylvaneth all seem to be able to build to whatever particular theme they enjoy and still have better units available which pack a punch. I'd like to avoid buying dozens more models to make an army which doesn't get stomped on so easily. Any help would be appreciated, I feel very lost with my army
  12. varyn

    New death player

    Thanks a lot, it was all a happy coincidence! I needed another unit to make up some points and I noticed some vampire bits left over from my mortis engine. All the bits are as FRoper said, and the sword is also from the dark eldar scourge kit
  13. varyn

    New death player

    thanks for that Discoking, I'll have to rethink my list a bit and consider taking a vampire lord on zombie dragon with red fury
  14. varyn

    New death player

    Thanks a lot for the feedback, some really interesting ideas. I had my first game at 760 this week and lost 2-1, but it was a very fun close game. I played a tzeench disciples list with: shaman on disc caster (shaman?) on foot 10 tzangors 10 tzangors 3 skyfires My list was: vampire lord (with wings) cairn wraith 20 skeletons (swords) 5 hexwraiths 3 spirit hosts 3 spirit hosts I found that it really pays to keep heroes near all my units for the 5+ death extra save. None of my units really felt like they had any real threat, in terms of damage output. - Would my spirit hosts be better in units of 6? - should I take take another hexwraith unit? if so should I double my unit up to 10, or go with two units of 5? - Any suggestions for something I can add to give my list more punch? morghast harbingers? - I will probably push my skeletons up to 30 and possibly add a wight king with black axe - I've got a mourngul on the way too, but not sure what points level to start adding it in I'm trying to keep away from the FEC stuff, so I don't want to take zombies, ghouls etc. My army is more themed around spirits, I've started painting my skeletons in a ethereal style (a bit like the undead in Return of the King!) This is my list for 980 - Archon the Black - Tomb Banshee - 20 skeletons - 6 spirit hosts - 5 hexwraiths I've put a picture of my vampire lord conversion and the test model for my skeletons, thanks for reading. Looking forward to some more feedback!
  15. varyn

    New death player

    Hey guys This is my first go at a death list, based on the skeleton horde and malignants box. I'll have 10 hexwraiths/black knights, should I build them all as hexwraiths? Feedback would be appreciated as I'm not sure which units are weak/strong, I'd like a balanced thematic list for a slow grow AoS league with friends. 760 points Tomb Banshee Cairn Wraith 3 spirit hosts 3 spirit hosts 10 hexwraiths 1000 points Arkhan the Black Tomb Banshee 10 skeleton warriors 10 skeleton warriors 3 spirit hosts 3 spirit hosts Thanks for reading, advice would be appreciated!