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  1. Umjammerlama

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    In the previous edition Saves of - could not be improved. It was in the description of warscrolls, which was situated before any warscrolls. Now its part of the core rulebook.
  2. Umjammerlama

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    Just seen that Plague Monks have had a small boost. Saves of - are now 7+ and can be improved by the effects of cover etc. Better than last edition that it couldn't be improved not matter what.
  3. Umjammerlama

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Nice one for the Skryre. What was in your list?
  4. How did you find the movement trays?
  5. Umjammerlama

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    What would you have in a 1000 points list?
  6. Umjammerlama

    Clan Skryre Craziness 2000 Tournament List

    Let us know how you get on with this list at the tournament.
  7. Umjammerlama

    The Rumour Thread

    I think it is something belonging to the Van Saar gang in Necromunda.
  8. Umjammerlama

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    What is better the doomflayer gauntlets or shock gauntlets on stormfiends?
  9. Umjammerlama

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    They are in the artillery section of the list building
  10. Umjammerlama

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    With the new Maggotkin of Nurgle book coming out, how will this impact on Skaven Pestilens. What allies to have? etc etc.
  11. Umjammerlama

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    For Rabid Fever you would choose a weapon and get to attack with that weapon's profile. For the moonclan, the extra attack is a bonus to the weapon already being used and not an extra action to attack with that weapon again. I would say you are using Rabid Fever correctly.
  12. Umjammerlama

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Why did you go with a Verminlord Corruptor?
  13. Umjammerlama

    The Rumour Thread

    This weeks rumour engine - looks very Imperium not Stormcast. Maybe be another primarch?
  14. Umjammerlama

    The Church of Contagion: My dip in the Pestilens Pool ( I WIN!!!! 11/26))

    Just a quick question - how can Skaven Pestilens have a Chaos Sorcerer Lord as an ally?