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  1. I did see a Warcry Catacombs novel going to be released in October 2020, they normally release them together.
  2. I would like a ‘Crusade’ system, similar to the one 40K 9th edition has just received.
  3. I hope so to. I did email them at the start of lockdown to see if they could provide this, but no reply. I hope they do the Catacombs scenery and board separately for people who got the original starter set.
  4. New campaign released by GW. This time featuring the models out of the Soul Wars box set. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/04/16/solo-warhammer-the-glymmsforge-catacombsgw-homepage-post-1fw-homepage-post-1/
  5. The skaven models from Warhammer Underworlds would count as clanrats and the leader (Skritch) would count as a clawlord, which is an ally in Warcry.
  6. I just wish they made a new Warhammer Quest and they put in the product expansions similar to Blackstone Fortress. It seems that Silver Tower and Shadows over Hammerhal isn't getting the support unlike the 40K version
  7. Nice work and you have given me the inspiration to convert mine with a warpgun.
  8. I bet he’s called Mortarch of Bones.
  9. I think Tzeentch will get a new battletome along with endless spells this year. During the announcement at the LVO they announced that each grand alliance will be getting a new battletome. The picture is the order grand alliance was a stormcast and a Fyreslayer and we have had a new Fyreslayer battletome. The chaos picture had something very Tzeentch looking.
  10. Quick question: In a mixed Skaven list and let’s say I have an Arch Warlock and a plague priest do they gain the allegiance abilities such as the warp sparks and the great plagues?
  11. Congratulations for coming 26th. What was your army list?
  12. It looks like from the preview, another Stormcast Eternals Battletome. Am I guessing right?
  13. There was rumour when 8th edition of WHFB, that they were producing a plastic weapons team kit to make all the weapon teams. Maybe they will make an appearance soon.
  14. Any cards from the Mollog’s Mob and the Godsworn Hunt expansions people would consider putting in their decks?
  15. There could be some news at the Las Vegas Open. They made some announcements last year, hopefully they will do the same this year.
  16. I have 210 unpainted models left in my collection and the aim for 2019 is to get them all painted. It will be nice to buy new models and paint them straight away, which will happen in 2020 hopefully.
  17. That is a great tactic, especially if the terrain is Arcane. Will have to try this out in my next game.
  18. Same here, it’s also nice to see that they have different play styles as well.
  19. Nice to see a Clan Skryre list finished 10th at NOVA GT.
  20. I bet you that the necroquake has freed Slaanesh.
  21. I think he means 3 units of plague censer bearers.
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