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  1. Glazer

    Can you NOT activate a unit in combat?

    I agree, although counter-intuitive, once you stop being able to select units to attack, the rules say that you can't do so for the rest of the combat phase: "If one side competes all of its attacks first, then the other side completes all of its remaining attacks, one unit after the another." However, I think I would let my opponent off if this happened when I was playing .
  2. Glazer

    Can you NOT activate a unit in combat?

    I agree with the others, you don't have to attack with the models in an 'activated unit' - I was just answering the question, "Can you not activate a unit in combat." It's correct to say that you don't have to make any attacks with the models in a unit that is selected to attack; however, if you have any units left to select, you must pick one and carry out its attacks. Once you've selected a unit, you can choose not to make to hit rolls etc for the models in it.
  3. Glazer

    Can you NOT activate a unit in combat?

    You missed out the important bit between those two quotes: "The player whose turn it is picks a unit to attack with, then the opposing player must attack with a unit, and so on until all eligible units on both sides have attacked once each." Note the word 'must', and that the player whose turn it is, is simply told to pick a unit (not 'they can pick a unit').