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  1. its too late now, the mantic skellies are not the same scale, would be super wierd to have them together. Also, mantic ghouls and zombies look great IMO, but their skellies look like pudu
  2. Why skellies? Just get more ghouls
  3. Cant wait for more!
  4. Yeah, its more of a fun list, though its for the team game an my partner is bringing shooty sylvaneth!
  5. Just about finished, one more wash on the metals and these babies are good to go!: tomb king in chariot- ruler of the night, book Herald on mount 3 chariots 3 chariots 3 chariots 3 chariots Royal chariots battalion
  6. Ended up trying out: Isabella Tomb banshee W book Mournghul 6 necro knights 10 zombies 10 zombies. It wrecked face in 2 games
  7. Hey All, Working on a list for the team tourney for adepticon..I have a couple lists bouncing around. Testing this one tonight: 1k Isabella Von Carstien- cursed book Mournghul - General Ruler of the night Mournghul 10 zombies 10 zombies My partner has: Durthu 10 dryads 10 dryads 3 bow kurnos 3 bow kurnos Another list: tomb king in chariot- ruler of the night, book Herald on mount 3 chariots 3 chariots 3 chariots 3 chariots Royal chariots battalion Another list: Banshee Banshee book 10 zombies 10 zombies 6 necroknights- general with ruler of the night 3 spirit hosts 3 spirit hosts Hex wraiths
  8. Actually noone was talking about a tournament. the question posed was this: "So simple question, should we have to paint our models in a certain colour to get the benefits, or should there be a more relaxed attitude?" And I believe that is what was being discussed.
  9. there is no rule for what color something should be. Its just fluff. Just an example. Its not comp. if the rules stated that they had to be a certain color, then you would have something. But you dont. You just have a schema that is rigid and incorrect. its stifling to creativity and anti-fun.
  10. Creativity and Hobbying should not be stifled by some fluff snob's view on what color my widow pwastic mans are. If someone said my stormcasts were painted the wrong scheme I would laugh in their face. Literally. That kind of thing is what keeps people from participating more fully.
  11. Personally, The brutes are just so much better for me. The small units are huge threats and pretty durable, (sans bad battleshocks). the 15 man with a general in it was insanely good. Ardboys havent performed well for me ever, but they do hold objectives well, which is the only reason I still take them.
  12. Havent really thought of why they are purple. I just liked it better! thanks!
  13. Thanks all The smoke was pretty easy: base white 2 light coats of Vallejo florescent yellow 1 light coat of Vallejo florescent green
  14. Played in a 2k tourney today. Went 3-0, 2 majors, 1 minor. List: Megaboss Talisman 3 warchanters 1 Weirdboy Talisman Gore gruntas ironfist: 15 brutes- boss was general with +1 to hit trait 5 brutes 5 brutes 5 brutes 10 ardboys Game one: Mixed destruction (from memory) Stone horn Tyrant Fire belly 3 units bulls 1 unit ironguts 1 unit fimir Dread maw Scenario : blood and glory- won 4th turn by controlling all objectives, end of game= stonehorn on 6 wounds, dreadmaw on 3, brutesquad went ham and just murderized everything while some squads held up the stonehorn and dreadmaw. Game 2- vs Stormcasts- 3 places of power (battalion that ignores Battelshock and ports down) prosecutors w jav/trident 10 protectors w 4 ss maces 5 decimators 2 ss maces 2 units of libbys castellant cellestant relictor 2 units of bow judicators Prime He decided to go 2nd, i ran up and started collecting points bubble wrapping characters- ended 12-7 in my favor. Highlight- Prime came down and charged the brutesquad- doing some good damage, but they smacked him down hard after his attacks Game 3 Vs Tomb kings- gifts from the heavens Settra 2 kings in charriot herald 2 morghast archai 2 units of 30 skellies 6 snake riders chariot unit This was a funny game. we played chicken, sitting on our objectives, with gore gruntas holding up the chariots and tk in chariot. t5, his turn, he flies the snakes out to try to score some points, fails. My brutes kill 1 tk in chariot and my gore gruntas runaway to end the game tied on objective points, with the one unit casualty being a tk in chariot.
  15. Baking soda and elmer's glue makes a great thick paste