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  1. You can find bases in bulk on ebay
  2. The blood bowl bases also have additional holes in them as well. I would just snip the tabs and glue
  3. Yeah, thats neato! Another Idea I had was some sort of chariot pulled by hex wraith horses? I am not sure that just a conversion/model switch on the top of the mortis engine would work.
  4. I want to do a settra that fits more in the nighthaunt realm. I was thinking doing some sort of kitbash with a mortis/throne?? What do you guys think? Ideas?
  5. Bit more work on the bases and we gonna call em done!
  6. So progress since 5 hours ago, finished breaking of mantic bases and rebasing zombies, primed white, painted yellow 2 coats, painted green 2 coats, painted nihlox... and thats all i can do for today! more washes and highlighting before painting the bases!
  7. My death army: about 1900 points of Nighthaunts! (zombies reflavored as lost souls)
  8. Nice! keep it coming, I have 24 bulls, 9 guts, 10 leadbelchers, I got a lot to work with!
  9. gutbusters, just starting them!
  10. Hey all, All I see is tactica on Ironjaws! Any chance we can take a look at ogres? Thanks in advance!
  11. In, going to attempt a few 1k's at the minimum!