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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. working on lots of other Jawz!
  2. Here is the beginning of my Ironjawz....a lil different. Hope you like
  3. Have:Warmahordes:Cephalyx mind slaver + drudges NIB 30 shippedFeral Warpwolf built 12.00 shippedWarpborn stalker 5 man unit Built 12.00 shippedTroll lot: 95.00 + shippingMin bone grinders (no champ, using a model on cork for champ)7 fennbladesMadrak world endergrim angusHoarluk doomshaper rage of dhunia1 bomber 1 blitzer (old model converted, see pic)2 slag trolls axerimpalerJanissa KOW:30 panther riders NOS 30.00 shippedMalifauxSeamus - resurrectionists starter 10.00 + shippingWOK:2 goritzi starter boxes both NOS, 1 in shrink 30.00 each shipped, 55 for both shippedWants:AOS:iron Jaws Megaboss (may take more than 1)Iron Jaws tomeSylvaneth tomeKurnos hunters (both kinds)Drycha (new one)Flesh eater tomeCrypt horrosCrypt flayersTomb kings:CharriotssphynxsCatapultsBow horsemenNight haunts:Spirit hostsBlood knights (Or dragon princes )Daemons/tzeentch:let me know what you gotStormcasts:5 judicatorsprotectorsdecimatorsany of the non character dracoth ridersbow dude!HurricanumsSkaven:Storm fiendsJezzailswarp lightning cannonsCataputsacolytesdrillersWeapon teamsArmy trades would be interesting to meNecrons:SPidersWraithsDZC -ask me, starting from scratch
  4. More pics, one of the casket too!
  5. Ill try to get some up later tonight or tomorrow bud
  6. Some more pics...army is spectral themed, all ghostly except for living models..
  7. Thanks! the overhang is minimal, pics make it look more than it is!
  8. Thanks for the feedback all!
  9. Thanks all! Im contemplating reins...
  10. Hey all! Really wanted to get Settra out on the table with my nighthaunts, but couldnt get him anywhere (obvi). Decided to Convert one up in a Barrow wight style. Decided to make up some Barrow Knights that burrow (Necropolis Knights) for the same reason. I donno, i think its cool. Let me know!
  11. You can find bases in bulk on ebay
  12. The blood bowl bases also have additional holes in them as well. I would just snip the tabs and glue