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  1. Kuma

    28mm Bases?

    Brah, apparently you can get em on etsy. NOT MY site, just saw em avail: https://www.etsy.com/listing/698925158/25mm28mm32mm-bases-pipes-warhammer-40k?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_e-toys_and_games-games_and_puzzles-role_playing_games&utm_custom1=7a56f000-3e4b-4995-a354-d220ba149bcc&utm_content=go_1844178623_68445232023_346398488104_pla-321505258066_c__698925158&gclid=CjwKCAjw44jrBRAHEiwAZ9igKGO6qvHfmHI9xstcO2ZL0kNLt4CZQw5-6xy403tZFu9GnkYcizBGOxoCgAEQAvD_BwE
  2. Agreed, this is the game we have been waiting for from GW. Smart, intuitive rules with slick play and short games. Amazing.
  3. Untamed Beasts vs. Iron Jaws. WARCRY batrep!!
  4. sisters with the 6 inch pile in ability
  5. How does the six inch pile in trigger? Do you just check for 6 inches in the combat phase? Do you check for three inches and then pile in 6??
  6. Hey all, About to pick up a painted army for a relatively good deal, was wondering what else I might need to get them up to snuff Here is what I am getting: 60 witch elves 20 Khinerai Heartrenders 2 Cauldrons 2 Hags 10 Warlocks 1 Medusa 1 Morathi.
  7. Great podcast!! Since you are already converting the heads of the castigators to be different, just change the bow tips from the castigator ones to something similar (or just cut some tips off of some random swords/spears) Make one have a fancier point and your conversion is done for Judicators, you will just have the crossbow ones. Great Idea on the +1 to save buff, but also look at Sequitors, they are liberators on black tar heroin. Stuff as many Big hammers as you can (3 per 5, or 5 per 10, or 9 per 20). They always get +1 to reroll with shields, can choose EACH Combat phase whether to re roll saves or hits. They can be battle line with a lord arcanum as your general. Also, look at this dude: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NO/Lord-celestant-Gavriel-Sureheart-2017 His command ability is add 3 to charge phase for every stormcast unit within 9. (MUST PLAY HAMMERS OF SIGMAR FACTION) Drop him in with whatever unit you want to beat face with, hopefully with 2+ command points. Use his command ability 2-3 times during the charge phase. Add +6 or +9 to your charge...thats right, auto charging for units within 9 of him at the start of the charge phase. Good luck!!
  8. Hah! thanks! I am just working out how to get across the field without the old destruction moves. seems the new ones dont allow for a lot of movement.
  9. Thanks!! I am in the process of moving this weekend...had these in pictures and posted em up. I can take more pics in week or two!
  10. Hey all, Coming back to Iron Jaws after AOS 2 hit, how exactly is the army playing now? Its hard for me to wrap my mind around some of the combos. Thanks!! Pics of my jaws attached!!
  11. Another great show! For realzy though here are your stormcast shooty suggestions: Get An ordinator (He gives +1 to hit for artillery), then get more celestar ballistas- Deep strike them (ordinator w ballistas) within 18 inches of what you want to delete and roll 4 dice hitting on 4's for each ballista (which explode for d6 hits) up to 24 hits per ballista Castigators are bad- convert them if possible, into: Bow judicators W fancy bow on the fancy lad nets you quite a bit of good shooting, also they are battleline for stormcast
  12. No idea, I actually tried with the crimson wash, didnt work so great. You can try to use tamiya Clear red over silver, i hear that looks like cherry red hotrod
  13. Thanks, exactly what I was thinking. I like the HOS for the possibility of a 5+ to get one of the sequitor units back. Realistically you only need the +6 to charge (MOST TIMEs) so you would have the command points to spare for the rest of the game
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