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  1. Im struggling with figuring out what the heck i should put on my death banners?! I play deathrattle with a few deathmages, so overall everything is skeletal. This said, i dont want like just a skull or something like that, but more religious almost, is there like an official symbol for nagash/arkhan/neferata or GA:death? Im googling but cant find much..please help! Any selfmade symbols would be appreciated too! cheers
  2. Looks very 40k imperiel/cultist ish to me.. but i pray its death
  3. Dont remember if both were mentioned, but it wouldnt surprise me!
  4. Im looking for good choices that make mortal wounds, any suggestions? I know about terrorgheist but other than that? Thanks!
  5. Big skaven fanboi here, so id say skaven hehe. But yeah, lots of mortal wounds, low bravery, lots of models, goofy abillities that often goes horribly wrong. Overall a FUN and cool force, mabye not that competetive. seraphon is more competetive id say. Good units all around, and lots of variety, plus they have a battletome!
  6. When it comes to completely new armies, one that id really love to see would be araby/persian styled humans 'a la lotr easterlings. But thats just wishful thinking, no idea if there is any such thing in the lore. There are more already existing sub/dangler factions that id like to see re released actually (skryre n deathrattle🙏)
  7. SC and Khorne are obvious exceptions since they are the flagship factions, and thus need to be the most playable at the moment. Other than SC(and khorne i think?), no faction has recieved an updated book, and most likely wont until atleast the vast majority of other GAs and factions gets some love. People still start armies that are of the older books or even completely unsupported so - more options of "ok" factions (a.i atleast a book) - more money for GW.
  8. well since those factions atleast got a book at all, i wouldnt expect much in the nearest few years tbh. there is ALOT to take care of before GW will revisit those factions, is my bet atleast
  9. thought of that too, but unfortunately i think its just a coincidence
  10. Im looking for a quick and easy way to paint a deathly glow from the eyes of my skeletons! like some kind of blueish/nihalak oxideish sorta thing. i was thinking about just using nihalak oxide, but not sure how well that would work? any other tips on what colour i could use? thanks
  11. Pleeease let there be abillities for skaven and deathrattle🙏🙏🙏 hoping for some clarification and updates on the corerules as well
  12. Just wow! That looks official
  13. 😁🍻
  14. Haha oh i see
  15. Whats your own, made up faction/s, and what are their features? If you are a complete nerd (like me) then im sure youve made something up over the years. An orc warband specialized on 'ead butting, or an elven host obsessed with the fine arts of arcane magic? Whatever your mind has created, post it here! My contribution is the skaven clan Strix. Like an offshoot of clan skryre, so heavily focused on technology and wacky machines. Led by the fearsome Schkii Blackclaw, they are on the rise in the mortal realms.