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  1. Next Death Battletome

    My guess is theres basically gonna be a deatlords tome, but with various options to build armies around rattle, walkers etc.
  2. Warpgnaw Verminlord - worth it?

    Aside from being a gorgeous model, you guys think its worth its 300pts, and with what units/lists would you put him in?
  3. Warscroll for Queek Headtaker

    yo! does anyone still have it, or know where i could get it nowdays? thanks
  4. The Rumour Thread

  5. Hey foks! im too lazzy to read all the scrolls, but i wanna know all the armies' strenghts and weaknesses to better beat them in games! Im thinking in very general terms here, so skaven for example (Pestilens not included in the list due to lack of knowledge) are generally: pros. fast lots of bodies lots of cheap units high mortal wound output several abilities that lets them break free from combat lots of shooty A few teleport-ablilities but only during deploy able to buff both tohit and towound fairly well - even clanrats could become scary! pro and con: many units are able to boost some specific ability/attack/spell in order to enhance it in some way, but most of the time they risk taking mortal wounds themselves if failed Cons low bravery poor save low number of wounds, some exceptions ofc. Wich is mainly behemoths/warmachines as said above - enhancing certain effects could kill your own unit with some bad luck, and it happens from time to timešŸ˜­ Un-tanky: lots of units are not good at "holding the line", since they either just die or flee Unpredictable/unreliable. Unpredictable is in a way a pro, because your enemy doesnt know whats gonna happen either. But alot of their stuff either kills themselves or flees lack of defensive buffs hope that gives someone who doesnt know how skaven play a dencent description and general idea of how they work! Please feel free to post the pros n cons of the faction/s and/or sub faction/s you know, id love to hear about all of them (except skaven ofc)!
  6. LetĀ“s Talk Skyre

    Ah, yea makes sense!
  7. LetĀ“s Talk Skyre

    Wait a sec, so neither warpfire projectors or throwers can double the damage? Why not? If you do say 3 damage, the abillity states that you can double the damage the weapon does (in this case 3 - so 6)
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Yeeess ***** finally!! I wonder if its gonna be like blight war but centered around death instead
  9. LetĀ“s Talk Skyre

    The first thing that came to my mind was to recruit loads of clanrats as allies. Use them to screen the important weaponry, and ofc tunnel heavy hitters behind enemy lines
  10. Stormfiends

    Nah they always were, along with acolytes. They might change how many of X weapons you can have in a unit or something like that mabye?
  11. hey foks, im about to buy some minis from someone (that i dont know personally) through a facebook group, and i was wondering how i do that as safe as possible? pay half first, dont pay at all until it arrives etc? is there some kind of app or something in order to make these kind of deals bullet proof for both parties? thanks!
  12. Skaven question

    I sicerely hope you can take allies as battleline. And not just for skryre, but how would stuff like soulblight even work otherwise?
  13. Brayherds question

    In the new GHB well be getting some sweet allegience ab! But - theres one thing i dont get: ambush: allows all brayherd units to be set to the side, then deployed in your first movement. Herdstone: set up a herdstone within 6" of the general, and atleast 1" from anything else. Now, how am i supposed to set up the stone if the general is in ambush? The only possible solutions i see are either A, The general isnt a brayherd unit, thus hes deployed as usual. Or B. He IS brayherd, but deployed as usual in order to even be able to set up a herdstone. Am i missing something here? Anyone has more info on this? thanks!
  14. The Rumour Thread

    hmm i see, thats weird.. I'm not a big tournament-goer myself, but i was under the impression that KO was really strong, but thats only speaking from personal experience ofc. but has this actually been attempted by anyone yet? imo doesn't really seem like GW to correct something potentially broken before people actually starts doing it
  15. The Rumour Thread

    DoT? whats that?