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  1. elfhead

    The Rumour Thread

    does It mean anything we got a faction focus on slaanesh, a force without a battletome, as one of the first articles leiding up to 2nd ed? I’m a big slaanesh fan, but more of the potential it has than the idea people generally have (as proven by the sex-Jokes above) of him. Hopefully GW exploits the potential te lore has to deliver some glorious new models.
  2. @Rhivan I have put some SoS masks on the idoneth thralls, it looks pretty good but I also really like the blind faces. I think I’m going to paint half of them for my army and have some fun creating a new color scheme for the other half, as a stand alone group of deepkin. One of them is also getting green stuff tentacles instead of legs... The turqois on the melusai is a color I have used as an accent color before I think, it works well with purple. I did a test with the melusai with a black tail and a purple tail, but I liked this better. Because they are larger than most units I found they looked boring in my usual color scheme. There also isn’t enough cloth on them to get enough white. I see them more as allies though, so it fits they stand out a little. @AthlorianStoners I’d love to do something like the page as a commission. Send me a PM If you’re interested.
  3. elfhead

    Kairic Acolytes conversions ?

    @Hagen is working on some stunning conversions. He’s doing a human tribe based in Ghur. You can check them out on his blog www.hagen.pinxit.com
  4. @Kirjava13 @Wolfman @Rhivan @KnaveOfScribes @Thundercake and everybody who liked my update, thank you so much! The journal page was a lot of fun to work on and I'm so glad people like it. If someone leaves a reply that really makes my day, so thanks! as for my plans on what to do next, there is so much I'd like to do. I'd love to work on a Altar of Khaine and I also have some other plans to do a big conversion combining the lhuminark of Hysh and a Skaven screaming bell. But I think those kind of projects cost a lot of time and money so they might never actually happen. Right now I'm looking at some Deepkin thralls, I couldn't resist them being the elf fanboy that I am. Some might join my Slaaneshi elves but I'm also working on some conversion creating a mixed deepkin/corsair warband. And GW just keeps bringing out so many amazing models I don't know what will end up on my painting station. And then there are still dozens of models in my backlog that deserve some paint. Like the reavers from the old starter set. And now, picture time! I finished my Melusai and took some shots: As you can see I expended the unit to consist of 6 Melusai, of which one is carrying the banner. As always, let me know what you think!
  5. elfhead

    Melusai command

    Melusai champion and converted banner bearer.
  6. elfhead


    Close up of two of my Melusai
  7. elfhead

    Melusai unit

    unit of Melusai to join my Slaaneshi elves army. Will they find out the army is led by a daemon prince of the god they hate most?
  8. elfhead

    The Rumour Thread

    A lot of opportunities for some AoS conversions. Those rogue traders make for some great free people with some weapon swap and removing some techy bits. And the nurgly mutants are great too, especially the big ones.
  9. @Mirbeau thanks! I did look at snakes but this picture is just perfect. There is a thin darker line between te scales though, hopefully those will be better visible in a new photo. @KnaveOfScribes Thanks man. Instagram is a nice platform but I really enjoy these plogs, allowing for some more interaction and depth. I made a page from a journal of a Sigmarite witch hunter, visiting the city of Thalion. I always liked the fluff pages back in the day of the 6th ed. rulebook, fleshing out the Old world in short texts and some nice sketches. I think this way I can quickly transfer some of my ideas about the background of my army. Please let me know what you think (and keep in mind I'm not a native speaker of English).
  10. elfhead

    The Rumour Thread

    When I got the Juan diaz mounted daemonettes they were metal. I think made to order are metal mini’s
  11. @Rungi thanks man! I really like the way they turned out. It is kinda scary picking such a different color scheme for models that are almost always painted in a dark color scheme. check out the complete unit of masked guards below @kaaras thanks! I was thinking about something similar for the vampire. I've actually written some pieces of fluff to explore different ideas. I think there are some vampires in the city, orchestrating marriages between the most influential and beautiful people in the city, creating the best tasting bloodlines. Thalion lets the vampires do this because it means the inhabitants of his city look gorgeous. But with the malign portents the undead try to expand their grasp on the city. I'm working on a new character, Nazril, who is one of the Oreinoi. The Oreinoi are the elves who work directly under Thalion, controlling the city. Nazril is bringing different factions into the city to expand his power base. But these factions, like the daughters of Khaine and vampires, are also causing problems. This makes his position a tricky one. But it seems like fun to have a character fighting for (political) power and trying to balance the different interests of factions within the city. picture time! Masked guards (probably aligned with Nazril) and a Melusai (work in progress!) as always, I'd love to hear what you think.
  12. elfhead

    Melusai (work in progress)

  13. finally some updates! I've been working on some 'basic' troops for my Slaaneshi elves force. I realised I didn't really have a lot of actual elves in the army. So I got a box of dreadspears and with some added greenstuff robes they look the part. These represent the guards for Thalion's city. Another unit I have been working on are these guys. I love the masks from the sisters of slaughter kit. I really like that design features heavily in the new daughters of Khaine. I'm imagining the ciry my army inhabits allowes other groups to live there. The daughters of Khaines' blood rituals make for a great attraction in a city devoted to pleasure, but their hatred of Slaanesh could complicate things if they find out that the godlike creature ruling over the city is actually a Slaaneshi daemon prince... more to come soon!