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  1. A tale of Kirton Gamers!

    Nice project and really fun you all contribute to this plog to inform us of your progress. Looking forward to seeing more.
  2. Elfhead getting things painted

    @Mordeus Thanks! I like the orange too, works great with the green of the armour and the flesh tones. I hardly ever use orange so it was a nice change of color palette. @Kronos blind heads Otten help to punch up the creepiness. I also like blind faces on Tzeentch daemons. The blightking head is actually from the blightking kit. It’s one of the daemonic heads, I think his smile really fits.
  3. @Alessio @Oneyah @AthlorianStoners thans for leaving a reply, very much aprreciated. The response to my winged vampire was a bit overwhelming. I actually 'won the day' here on TGA (most liked content in one day) and on my instagram account (elfhead_warhammer) I got over 400 likes... which is a lot (for me) since I hadn reached more than 200 likes for a single picture ever before... So yeah, thanks everyone! I just posted some Nurgly pics in my other Plog and Iḿ currently working on some elves. But maybe I"ll give this flying vampire some minions in the future. I kinda feel like he earned it:)
  4. Elfhead getting things painted

    I added some more Nurgle to my collection. I had an idea and ordered some bits. Inspired by the awesome game 'The last of us' I created a Nurgly version of the clikcer and bloater. In the game humans get infected by a kind of fungus (cordyceps) that turns them into zombie-like creatures that make clicking sound as a sonar (may sound silly, is terrifying). I thouhgt fungus taking over a body fits Nurgle perfectly so I had a lot of fun with a plaguebearer, blight king and lots of green stuff. Painting these guys is very different to painting elves. the plaguebearer is really quick to paint. I love doing large flesh areas and the bloater was the first time I tried NMM copper. groupshot of my nurgly warband (including an infected dryad and AoS-ified 40k lord of blights
  5. nurgle clicker front

  6. nurgle bloater back

  7. nurgle bloater

  8. Nurgle clicker and bloater

  9. nurgle clicker back

  10. nurgle warband

  11. Nurgle clicker

  12. winged vampire (3)

    @Killax @alexmcgee123 thanks! @Overread I kind of figured it out as I was working on it. I basecoated the wing with Kislev Flesh with some kantor blue mixed in. then I layered with some thinned down kislev flesh and after that paitned on the veins with kantor blue. Then I added more layers of kislev flesh in smaller and larger patches between the veins. sometimes slightly altering the shape of the veins. this way it looks like bigger and small veins appear. slowly I mixed in white with the kislev flesh to highlight. I think there was also a very tiny amount of red in the mix at some point. after that I used a wash of thinned down red in the recesses and added some stipling with red and kislev flesh.
  13. @Sharkbelly thanks! I'm still working on the new narrative to continue this army. I think incorporating he malign portents seems like a good idea. So when I had a week off work I created this: a winged vampire build mostly with dark eldar parts. I had a lot of fun building him and waiting the bronze armor (a nice break from gold and silver) and especially the wings. such a large area of flesh was very interesting and I think the veins worked out pretty good. What do you think?
  14. winged vampire (4)

  15. winged vampire (3)