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  1. It is also interesting to note this bit of rules from the designers comentory of skaven pestilence; Q: On the Plague Monks warscroll, the option is given for models to be Icon Bearers with standards, or Plague Harbingers with instruments. The warscroll states that any model in the unit can be an Icon Bearer or a Plague Harbinger. Does that mean I can equip my unit of Plague Monks with both options from both categories? A: Yes, you may take multiple standards and instruments in a unit if the warscroll allows it. Just mentioned warscroll, so not limited to just pestilence. As a general rule of thumb, as long as models are clearly identifiable as what they are (champion with skull) "Rule of Cool" takes precedence. This is war dollies we are talking about after all.
  2. Davros

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    Have Forgeworld do a rules update at an obscure timing that increases the price of one of your units without you realizing. I beleive the update happend 3 weeks after aos 2 release. Not that hard to miss. Also people wouldn't have thought that the hag would go up in points.
  3. Davros

    Clan Moulder question

    Not explicitly stated as a line anywhere, but they are used in different contexts in multiple sections. @Lazaris was correct when he stated "Army" in the context of the rulebook is your collection/organisatiom of your minitures. "Alliegence" is always talked about as something that is available to your "army" First paragraph under alliegence in core rules; "If your army has an allegiance, you can use a set of allegiance abilities for it in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Allegiance abilities allow your army to use additional abilities and spells." So you can have an army without an alliegence. Also this Paragraph on the same page (242 of the big book) ARMY ALLEGIANCE When you choose your army, you can also choose an allegiance for it. If you do so, you can use the allegiance abilities that correspond to the allegiance you have chosen. If an army can have more than one allegiance, you must pick one to apply to it during the game. In both of these spots it is clear "army" does not equal "alliegence" Sorry if my wording of my sentence was a bit off. Edit: just wanted to add the following from the first page of the new rules, subheading "The Armies"; Each player in a game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar commands an army. Armies can be as big as you like, and you can use as many models from your collection as you wish. The more models you decide to use, the longer the game will last and the more exciting it will be. Typically, a game with around a hundred miniatures per side will last for about an evening.
  4. Davros

    Clan Moulder question

    I may end up on the wrong side of an FAQ, but as written "alliegence" does not equal "army". The line you highlighted just shows that GW are terrible at sentence structure. In that sentance it says the army CAN have the Order Alliegence, but it does not state that if it takes that alliegence it is then called an Order Army. The fact it is stating that if an army is capable of having Aliegence X, by all units having that keyword, it can be called Army X. So in my list example above it could be called a Chaos army, a Nurgle Army or a Pestilence army and is capable of having the alliegence traits of any of those 3. In the list though I have to be a pestilence list for matched play to have the required battleline but no where does it say that because of this i have to be Pestilence alliegence, in fact it says i can choose.
  5. Davros

    Clan Moulder question

    I agree that it isn't the best solution to the problem, but it did fix the problem that GH17 had where if you where MOULDER Alliegence to have rat ogors as battleline you couldn't use the Chaos Alliegence traits. That had to be FAQ'd. So I say it is doing what it originally set out to do RAI, but here we have something that GW didn't take into consideration. But to be fair i think Pestilence are the only true offenders here. Their army keywords are SKAVEN, CHAOS, PESTILENCE & NURGLE that is alot to keep in balance. You would be hard pressed to find someone that wouldn't let you feild your Pestilence army with the standard chaos alliegence abilities, so why does it stop you running them as Nurgle alliegence.
  6. Davros

    Clan Moulder question

    Now you've got me. I have no idea, and this is more infuriating given the lack of clear difference between "Army" and "Aliegence" This is a huge problem given the amount of switching between the two words in battletomes. Here is how it is worded in the Nurble battletome; When you choose your army, you can also choose an allegiance for it. If you do so, you can use the allegiance abilities that correspond to the allegiance you have chosen. On the following pages you will find a set of allegiance abilities that can be used for an army that has the NURGLE allegiance. In order to have the NURGLE allegiance, all of the units in the army must either have the NURGLE keyword, or be assigned the NURGLE keyword during set-up. If an army could have more than one allegiance, you must pick one to apply to it during the game. The allegiance you choose will apply for the duration of the battle, even if you add new units to the army during the battle that have a different allegiance. Then in each part of the alliegence abilities (Command Traits, Artifacts and Spells) it says models in a Nurgle "Army" The biggest difference in the Maggotkin book and GH2018 is battleline if units now refferance "army" not "Alliegence" and this is where the grey areas start to apear. And here i was thinking i had sorted out all the grey bits. 😂
  7. Davros

    Clan Moulder question

    An example list i just put togeather; Army Pestilence. Allegiance: Nurgle LEADERS Packmaster (60) - Herding Whip & Blade - Allies Verminlord Corruptor (220) - General - Command Trait : Pestilent Breath - Artefact : The Endless Gift Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80) Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80) Festus The Leechlord (140) - Lore of Malignance : Blades of Putrefaction - Allies UNITS 40 x Giant Rats (200) - Allies 5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60) 5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60) 40 x Plague Monks (240) -Woe-stave - Icon of Pestilence - Doom Gongs 40 x Plague Monks (240) -Woe-stave - Icon of Pestilence - Doom Gongs 5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60) Plagueclaw (160) Plagueclaw (160) ENDLESS SPELLS Chronomantic Cogs (60) Malevolent Maelstrom (20) TOTAL: 1840/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 3 WOUNDS: 178 LEADERS: 5/6 BATTLELINES: 5 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 1/4 ARTILLERY: 2/4 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ALLIES: 400/400
  8. Davros

    Clan Moulder question

    This is a very interesting setup as AOS 2.0 have made "Army" and Aliegence two seperate things. The main reason for this was so you would be able to have your batteline if units count with a grand order aliegence abilities. No need to FAQ like they had to for gh17. Because of this allies are taken for your army, in this case pestilance so you can have rats, but you take the Nurgle aliegence because a Pestilance army has all got 3 key words (Nurgle, Pestilance & Chaos) any of which ypu can choose as your aliegence. The list will still need a Nurgle sorcerer to be allied as well so you can cast the spell. As it it is rotbringer keyword. So list would end up being 320-340 points of allies used to have the combo but it does work, or the full 400 with the pack master. I think that is pretty cool. Rats have 3 attacks each dealing mortal wounds on 2+ (6+ base +3 because of unit size, +1 for pack master) also those attacks get to roll for wounds as well and can get to 4+ rerollable. Really sweet combo. Add in Verminlord corruptor and you can add an attack for each command point you spend. Edit: this took me quite a while to decifer, but it all works if you read the alliegence page in the core rules. Wouldn't you think GW would be better at rule writing after 40ish years.
  9. Davros

    Maelstrom vs spell portals

    The maelstrom needs to be with 12 of the wizard. Spellportal only says measure range and visability from the other portal, not the wizard is treated as "being" at the other portal.
  10. Davros

    Army Roster and switching Allegience to Grand Alliance

    It has been worded differently this edition. If you have a look in Generals hand book it is worded as battleline in x "army" where it used to be alleigence. This is ao you get the bennifits of your battleline but your alleigence is diffined differenyly to your army. So for example you could run a Nurgle Army to make Putrid Blightkings battleline but still take the Chaos alleigence abilities. I hope this has made it clear as mud. Edit: page 242 of the core rulebook is where this is best explained. Talks about your army as seperate from your alleigence.
  11. Davros

    Destruction generic list

    The reason people dislike maelstrom is that it isn't reliable dmg at all. Also people think the opponent will just unbind it, to which i think tbat is a spell chance not used against me. Best 20 points i think you can spend in a list. Sure some armies won't like it but as soon as you have a few wizards i find it invaluble.
  12. Davros

    Clan Moulder question

    Yea, you are correct. Started building all sorts of lists and figured this out not long ago. So sad would of been awsome if you could get giant rats into a nurgle army.
  13. Davros

    Clan Moulder question

    You can run the giant rats as allies in a nurgle army to have access to the spells. Sort of thematic to have hoards of rats with the rest of your plague filled army. 200 points for 40 rats is pretty good value and gives you numbers you don't generally see in Nurgle.
  14. Davros

    Destruction generic list

    Looks pretty good. The spell batttery fort is pretty cool, if you can find a way to fit geminids in then that would be even better. You will probably find cogs most likely won't be needed and swapping to geminids + swords or maelstrom (massive fan of maelstrom gives a second dispell chance on spells cast in range, great for shutting down opponents spell forts) would give a bit more of a boost. Reason i say this is you have 3 other ways to get 2 casts out of one wizard (prophet, fungoid, vortex). Deffinitly worth testing the comfiguration on endless spells as what looks great on paper can work drasticly different ingame. One thing of note, unless the enemy is stacking minus to hit shoot the lobbers at characters. So much value in taking them out, more than chip wounds on bigger units i have found. My artifact of choice on the wyvern boss is the ethereal amulet, 4+ re-rollable save that isn't effected by rend is pretty hard to get through. The other big option is the broach that gives 4+ shrug on mortal wounds in realm of fire.
  15. Davros

    AoS 2 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    I like the drakfoot, but i would always run a greenskin boss with morboys, his ability gives extra attacks to each weapon the use, so +2 attacks per command point (also the same for boarboys, maniaks get an effective +4 attacks per command loint with the double activation). If you still want the monster buff i would look at mangler squig or a giant, you don't mind if either of them die and they are designed to run headfirst into the enemy. You don't really want to loose the idol as you threw away 400points and +1 to casting. Spell wise i would look at the cogs first as the +2 movement and charge is huge. Geminids is a very close second for those juicy debuffs though. Edit: you also get 2 more artifacts because of your battalions.