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  1. Skabnoze

    Do You Have a "Pet" Unit/Model?

    You are welcome. I find it interesting that I greatly detest elves in almost every single fantasy world I have explored. I am much more of a Dwarf kinda guy in stereotypical Tolkien/D&D fantasy. That extends to warhammer fantasy and 40k. I appreciate the new asian-themed aesthetic for Dark Eldar in 40k, but I still don't like them. But oddly enough I like all of the Elf factions that GW has created a battletome for in Age of Sigmar. I really like the demonic forest spirit/demon theme in Sylvaneth. Witch Elves were one of the few elf models & themes I liked in Warhammer Fantasy and I like everything about their full army now. The heavy greek aesthetics & mythology influence with Medusa, Naga, and Harpies is great. And then there are the Idoneth with their flying sharks and massive turtles. The only thing that stopped me from immediately picking up an Idoneth army is that a significant part of the army and synergy options revolves around Namarti and there is not a whole lot of synergy options for the Akhelians. I still feel tempted to make a small force of them though.
  2. Skabnoze

    Do You Have a "Pet" Unit/Model?

    I won't rule out that being a thing. GW might decide to move Moonclan more into the fungoid & Squig territory if/when they get a full battletome. I find it interesting that Age of Sigmar is commonly referred to as being really unique and new, but honestly if you look at most of what they have done it has extremely heavy leanings on things from Warhammer's past. They have dug up some really old stuff and then took it to 11. If there is a theme for a lot of the Age of Sigmar releases so far to me it would be just going all-out on specific past themes. The only thing that is fairly unique & new is Stormcast. Most everything else so far is an older concept that they took to much more of an extreme than before. Following that pattern I was not surprised to see the Fungoid Shaman because he represents that sort of thing for Moonclan. I would not at all be surprised to see GW take the core themes of Night Goblins and just run with it. That would probably lead you to explore 2 concepts very heavily - fungus & squigs. Night Goblin lore has always heavily involved the consumption of mushrooms. The armies were generally drunk on Fungus beer in the background for most editions of fantasy. Fanatics are tweaked out on Madcap Mushrooms - which is the Night Goblin equivalent of PCP. The shaman cultivate mushrooms of various types and imbibe it during battle. And then there are the variety of murderous squigs that they prod out into battle. Squigs seem the most obvious immediate choice for new units & models. The mushroom emphasis could come in a variety of ways. They could make units of mutated mushroom monsters, more fungoid squigs, or goblins that ate a type of mushroom that causes them to mutate. Or they could go with the fungus cultivation angle and have some heroes that gather mushrooms and then use them to buff nearby units. Something that functions sort of like prayers but represents handing out different fungus. It could even cause mortal wounds to grot units in addition to granting a buff to represent that they are poisonous. I think it would be interesting to have a force whose buff mechanisms damage themselves. It would seem thematically fitting for Night Goblins and be a decent trade-off for some strong buffs. I like your idea, but I think that Mushrooms are still firmly in Moonclan theme right now and I don't expect for them to show up anywhere but there.
  3. Skabnoze

    Do You Have a "Pet" Unit/Model?

    Grot Sky pirates, while a truly absurd and magnificent idea, are not at the top of my wish list for Destruction faction expansion. Without consider a Legion of Nagash style book or existing battletome rewrites my preference for Destruction books would be: Moonclan (my favorite GW thing ever...), Spiderfang (we need more giant bugs - also Forest Goblins are so cool that they deserve a resurgence), Gutbusters (Ogres need this), and then a book or two of stuff wholly different from Orcs, Goblins, and Ogres. I would be ecstatic for a Giants faction. A Troll faction could be pretty cool. Or just some other monstrous faction - maybe make a race of Cyclopes, or bears, or best of all giant Hippo men! Seriously, if GW stole a few ideas from Mierce Miniatures I would be all over them: Or giant pig-men. There are simply so many cool ideas they could do for crazy beastial factions.
  4. Skabnoze

    Do You Have a "Pet" Unit/Model?

    The Fungoid Shaman is the natural evolution of Night Goblin fluff. You can go back to the 5th ed army book and find fluff for the shaman consuming enough mushrooms that they eventually become one. I expect that Squigs will always stay as primarily a Night Goblin / Moonclan theme in Fantasy. But I agree with you that the Grand Alliance is too heavily Orcs & Goblins. The whole alliance is basically the Orcs & Goblins & Ogre Kingdoms books split up. It could use some variety. I think Giants would be a really cool way to add some variety. They could possibly expand Trolls out as well. Or they could put something wholly new in there. But, I think that it will always remain very heavily an Orcs & Goblins allegiance. Simply giving Gutbusters a full book would go a long way for diversity though.
  5. Skabnoze

    Do You Have a "Pet" Unit/Model?

    Day 1 pre-order. Expanding Giants into a full faction would be just pure magnificence. They would have to create an exception within the army for number of allowed Behemoths, but it would certainly make it a very unique faction. A bunch of giant drunkards stomping on peasants would be right up my alley.
  6. Skabnoze

    The Rumour Thread

    While that is easily one of my all-time favorite GW games to date - I really don't see them reissuing it. The only way that I could see that happen is if it was a single very limited release like the Shadow Wars: Armageddon box. Maybe if they were releasing new Ork vehicles and packaged those in the box and just reprinted the rules as-is. It was a fantastic game and full of humor & flavor. But being just Orks it was just way too niche for the time period when it launched. They eventually had to dump the stock by giving it away free with White Dwarf subscriptions. While they have better marketing outreach now - I still think it would be too niche to find success as a real product unless they heavily changed it and brought all the other races into it. If they rerelease it then I will buy it day one, but I just don't see it happening.
  7. Skabnoze

    Do You Have a "Pet" Unit/Model?

    I really wish that they would put that formation back and give it points for matched play. I would play it in a general destruction list in a heart beat.
  8. Skabnoze

    Do You Have a "Pet" Unit/Model?

    I like the current plastic giant model, but most of the time I still field the old Marauder Giant model. If I was to claim a specific model that I own that would qualify for the status of a pet model it would be him. I painted the model in the mid 90s and he was my first major attempt at doing free hand. I painted him up like the various cloth patches on his outfit were from the banners of various races. I used the core rulebook and just painted portions of the banners for various races onto him - and then a big jolly-roger in the middle of his shirt. I have painted better models since then, but I have used him with so many editions now that I probably have more fun anecdotes involving him than any other model for any game that I own. He has had amazing games where he was the MVP, games where he was too drunk to even stand up for most of the game, and games where he was spectactularly defeated by complete rabble in truly humiliating fashion. He has fallen onto major enemy leaders and killed them outright - like a Slaan in 5th edition. He has also fallen onto my own leader and crushed them - causing most of my goblin horde to run off the board. He ends up in a lot of my lists because I usually have so much fun with him. Aside from that I have a soft spot for anything goblin, but very much so for Squigs. I'll field squigs on almost any chance I get just because I love the little guys. Squig hoppers have been either questionable or outright bad in almost every edition of Fantasy and I will still bring a small contingent of them simply because they amuse me. That said, they are better in Age of Sigmar than they have ever been previously in fantasy.
  9. Skabnoze

    Grots and some Dragons

    I am considering making a Greenskin Orc swarm list. I had a massive Common Orc army in 8th ed Fantasy and so I have close to 200 orcs. They are dirt cheap, they all have rend -1, and all versions of the Orc warboss are quite good. The Boarboyz are not amazing, but they are decent since they still pack rend -1 on their choppas. I have about 5-6 chariots as well, but I am very much on the fence about that unit. They are durable, but they are not as fast as Wolf chariots so I am unsure about them. I'll have to look at their cost again. I'd probably play Greenskinz as generic mixed destruction since there is honestly zero benefit to using their allegiance if you plan to take regular orcs. I think there might be a surprisingly good list for a ton of Orcs.
  10. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    You can't catch the whole army in the bubble of the Lens. Just cast your damage spells at something outside of that bubble.
  11. @TheOtherJosh And at one point Space Marine Dreadnoughts looked like this: Note that the base is a 40mm one. Those guys were not much bigger than the current plastic terminator model.
  12. The original Dark Eldar range was so hideous. I remember when they came out and I thought they looked terrible then. Kudos to GW for the spectacular visual update they made to that force.
  13. So here is a hypothetical question: Lets say there is a game of 40k and someone is playing an Ork army. In their army they bring a Painboy in their army but they use this converted model instead: Instead of being a doctor with an ability to prevent damage on models they instead have this guy who hands out booze for that effect. I highly doubt the idea of putting this model on the table would be to trick the opponent so they don't know that it happens to be the painboy - they just had a fun idea for a hobby project and want to use what they built. The result is still the same in that it is not the exact model that GW sells for that unit. Is there anything wrong with someone playing this figure?
  14. I don't disagree with any of this. What I disagree with is everyone having to adhere to a singular concept of what the "hobby" is. GW has been one of the biggest proponents of conversions over the entire time I have played this game. The older books used to be filled with almost as many pictures of converted models as standard ones. Honestly, I don't think conversions would be nearly as common of a thing as they are if GW had not started and continued to promote the idea over the years. White Dwarf used to be filled with conversion articles and they still showcase them in the magazine and community site. They used to sell entire modeling books that have a big emphasis on how to convert models and scratch build stuff. The Rogue Trader book had a section on making the infamous grav-tank from a plastic spoon & deodorant container.
  15. How do you deal with things such as relics, battalion abilities, spells picked from an allegiance spell lore? Those can all layer some very game-changing rules onto units and they have no requirement to be represented on the table.