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  1. How do you guys treat True Line of Sight?

    I’ve found this topic to be a non-issue where I game. Most gamers where I game just work it out. In other cases, there are some people that are willing to let things slide because they don’t want to lose an opponent for future games. Especially if they live in an area where players are hard to come by. Bottom line, be a decent person and be reasonable. Our group has a great deal of veteran gamers, and we occasionally have to quell animosity among the teens and twenty-somethings. A strong gaming community often is the key to playing respectfully and promoting fair play.
  2. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Has anyone noticed that Nighthaunt models are not featured in any of the photos in the LoN book. This may indicate that the Nighthaunts getting their own book rumor may be true. I would like to see the spirit Legions get their own book. Nighthaunts allegiance not being included in the book being yet another indication that something could be in the works for the ghosts with the most.
  3. Morathi, not Morathi, Pamela Anderson for all I care. I just want my Daughters of Khaine soon! As for some of the responses, I asked for them. Positive, negative, or abusive, lol. Guess what, no one will care on DoK release day. Believe me, I won’t!
  4. I doubt very seriously that witch elves are getting new models. Those particular models are rather new in terms of product longevity and it seems more likely that they are getting a new boxing. They may even be renamed generically as daughters of Khaine. However, it’s not like people wouldn’t want to see new blood crazed she devils.
  5. I think the smaller, winged witch elf may just be a generic witch elf lord character. It seems that the larger model that was teased is the actual Morathi model. Your thoughts, folks.
  6. Why are Nighthaunts not in LoN?

    That would phenomenal if they got their own book. A great Halloween release!
  7. Why are Nighthaunts not in LoN?

    It just seems very strange that the ethereals wouldn’t be in the Nagash book since Soulblight was in the GH17 as well. This decision on their part is very odd. I would think if they were going to eliminate the Nighthaunts allegiance, they’d do it by mixing them into this new book. Maybe Nighthaunts will get their own book
  8. I don’t understand why GW didn’t include Nighthaunts allegiance in the LoN book. The character, Keldrek is the harbinger of MP and yet his allegiance is not included in the LoN book??? This makes absolutely no sense unless Nighthaunts are getting their own book in the future. Does anyone have any insight or information as to why they weren’t included.
  9. Has anyone pondered if Marathi’s place in this whole storyline will be the return of Khaine’s life in exchange for DoK allegiance? Or, does Nagash want Marathi unleashed and unhinged in order to harvest all of the souls she and her Murder Cult will send him?
  10. Malign Portents

    Matched play and points saved AoS from oblivion. Not a single AoS player in my area plays using the old AoS rules. You never never even hear it asked, and most players consider it unplayable without the matched play rules. Matched play has brought a ton of old players like myself back into the hobby and it’s definitely the future of AoS.
  11. Sylvaneth and DoK! The Hunters Of Kurnoth looking to reap some Chaos trash!