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  1. Brutes and Ard Boyz need a points drop by 20. Their foot slogger heroes are fine. Gore Gruntas need rend of 1 and D3 wounds per hit on the charge no matter what. As for army terrain, give them an idol of gork that increases no battleshock each turn. Actually, Ironjawz are such an easy fix to make them a viable army again. Their rules should be an escalation of violence by increasing rend or giving them more attacks. Army wide Waaagh should be free once per game with no battleshock that round. The general’s handbook will be the first clue about where they’re going. Hope we are not disappointed!
  2. Makes Da Bad Medicine was so proud to bring home Best Sports at the 2019 Armed Forces Day tournament!
  3. Unfortunately, I just let it go unchallenged
  4. Argh, I meant Curse of the Spider God
  5. RULES QUESTIONS Ok, crew, I played in a tournament yesterday and two things came up that seemed very “wonky” to me. Situation 1: I cast Curse of the Spider God on a unit which makes all of my opponents hits and saves of 1’s and 2’s always fail, but my opponent claims he still gets his rerolls. Thoughts, please. My point was that what would be the purpose of the Curse if they can still reroll? Situation 2: I was playing an Idoneth Deepkin player who was at high tide which makes them activate all units before I go. However, I cast Itchy Nuisance on one of his Eel units and he claimed that it simply “evens it out” similar to 8th edition where two always strikes first would wash. Here’s my issue. The FAQ for Idoneth simply talks about two Idoneth players at High Tide. It stated nothing about if a spell makes them strike last in a combat round. Once again, guys, thoughts please.
  6. Spiderfang Question.... Does a Webspinner Shaman on an Arachnarok with the Totem of the Spider God under the light of the Bad Moon cause mortal wounds on a 4+? I’ve heard different viewpoints on this.
  7. Finally done painting this army! 1 Dankhold Trogboss 2 Fumgoid Cave Shamans 3 units of 9 Rockgut Troggoths Loonshrine Mork’s Mighty Mushroom 🍄 2k
  8. Because sometimes, 24 Rockguts just isn’t enough...... 27 Rockguts is truly a sight to behold. Three more to paint and I’ll send pics.
  9. Lol, dude, stop!! You’re making me want to crawl back into a painting shell! My God, those models are incredible! Shroomnose is jealous!
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