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  1. The fact that he looks different as a creature of destruction is what appeals to me. I play a mega heavy Sons list and he will be perfect for my larger games or the occasional swap out. I’m also interested to see how Gordrak will respond to being relegated to “second lieutenant” status. That’s going to be a hard pill for ol’ Gordrak to swallow. I guess the story will reveal how that plays out.
  2. What’s nice is that our megas will probably drop to 440 and 450 respectively when the points changes come. Mega’s are not worth the nearly 500 points that they currently cost. Having a merc wizard might help us. Also, we can pretty much assume that Sons will be getting an extra unit or two. I’d like to see a matron or giantess that could serve as a wizard. Possibly a King Brodd for a special character kit. All I know is that Sons of Behemat has a lot more to offer in the years to come.
  3. Don’t fret over what you can’t control. Just do what our army does best and don’t sweat the other stuff. I’m 17-0 against a wide variety of killer armies. Play the three turn objectives game and you’ll do fine. They can’t catch up even after they drop a mega or two.
  4. GW is shutting down for two weeks because once May begins, it’s a whirlwind of releases until the end of summer. With vampires, AoS 3.0, and 40k releases, the next three months are going to be GW in “all hands on deck” mode. Look for vampire preorder in 2 weeks. Then it all begins.
  5. If IDK come within 3” of the middle line, my gate breakers move up 12” and charge. Once that happens, the eels are dead! No save with rend of 3 and high damage eliminates them quick. Use shiny uns and you hit on 3’s.
  6. Sons of Behemat are one of the most addictive armies I’ve ever played. I never feel anxious or apprehensive when I play them. They’re just one of the most relaxing armies I’ve ever played. I planned on buying into vampires, but if they don’t measure up to my Sons, I’ll be saving my money. Anyone who is thinking of trying out Sons, you won’t be disappointed. It’s the most relaxed gaming experience you’ll ever have. I’m going into tomorrow with a 14-0 record. Hoping to be 16-0 by tomorrow’s end, lol.
  7. The next vamp reveal should be in a couple weeks. The army is probably dropping May 1st.
  8. My gatebreaker general killed Katakros in one round of combat. OBR can’t handle the rend 3, damage 3 of the fortcrusher flail and death grip. Nighthaunt are the only real challenge.
  9. The Underbreaker and his Gravebreakers. “Rest.....in....pieces...”
  10. Love the Halloween Town music for the preview. Very Nightmare Before Christmas of them, lol. I think most vampire players wanted the classic gothic vampire army. Blood Knights are insane.
  11. Belakor is such an awesome model! I can’t wait to watch my Gatebreaker strangle him to death in my first game against him.
  12. I just wanted to let you guys know that my gatebreaker themed army has been killing it at my local store. The megas just camp on objectives and when my opponents get close, the rend 3, damage 3 just mauls anything that charges in. So far, I’m 12-0 vs Idoneth, DoK, KO, Blight Cyst, Tzeentch shooty, Stormcast, and other armies played by killers. Gatebreaker Stomp Army Fierce Loathing: Shiny Uns Gatebreaker General with Bossy Pants (Extremely Bitter) and Incandescent Rageblade Gatebreaker Gatebreaker 3 Mancrushers 2k
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