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  1. Found a 3D Moon that lights up to serve as my Bad Moon.
  2. I’ve been working like a mad artist to get my troll army finished. 9 hours of painting today and I still have a long way to go!
  3. This is my final list. Beat on an Idoneth Eel list pretty bad yesterday. My buddy vowed revenge, lol.
  4. Troggoths need an army that bathes in command points. Fungoids will cover that if you take 3 of them. Furthermore, they’ll be piggybacking the Troggoths to give them no battleshock. If you’re going to play Troggoths, play Troggoths. Once you start the including lots of grots or squigs, it kind of loses the theme of being a pure Troggoth army. In the end, it’s your army build though. Play what you’re going to enjoy or you’ll just end up dumping it. Trog on!
  5. Decided to make a little 1k troggoth army.
  6. Lol, yes, certain game stores do attract a rogue’s gallery of “odd ducks” and “unique” characters. These gaming communities tend to have bad vibes and poor cohesion. This can often make the socially trained person feel very uncomfortable and even scare them away from the hobby. On the flip side, some game stores have a strong community of socially trained people which makes the walk-in newbies more comfortable and allows them the chance to learn and grow as a gamer. If you had a stronger gaming community, you’d probably enjoy all the parts of the hobby.
  7. Very interesting topic. I simply cannot and will not put an army on the table unless it’s painted. That wasn’t always the case for me. It took a certain degree of effort to watch painting videos, ask advice from pros, and simply practice. Maturin, no one expects you to be Leonardo DiVinci. Most of us aren’t master painters. However, I’ve never known of any gamer being respected in the community playing “bareback” models. And yet, people will always respect the gamer that at least tries. Now, go get those paints and get to it!
  8. Archaon was killed by a Minotaur champion, lol.
  9. Had a fun team game vs Free People’s and Archaon’s Varenguard. Limited terrain due to a tournament so we just played for the goof. Played Scorched Earth
  10. Huge siege game today! Order vs Death and Chaos! Plague Skaven tried to break through the right flank with insane buffs but ultimately bounced! Decided to move to the center instead and kill Daughters. Beastmen and second Fyreslayers butted heads on the left. Daughters tried to hold the center. The brutality of the combats were the stuff of legends. My Fyreslayer ward saves were incredible. The plague monks through hundreds of attacks at us and we held like Spartans. Battle was rather ambitious, but we had a great time! Chaos and Death for the win in the center.
  11. Anything that can bring troops back or summons gives a player points they didn’t start with.
  12. Slaanesh, Flesh Eaters, Legions, Blades. All top 10 armies.
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