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  1. But you can use the staff only once, so you get the buff on a single spell.
  2. The fire torch under "Very likely sisters of battle" is on Abanddon's base.
  3. The price increase is bad but it seems that in the box are included both plastic glue and a pair of clippers. Will this be a new trend?
  4. Can a named character's mount receive a mount trait? Searching trought the books (Core Book, General's Handbook 2018 and Battletomes) I can't find nothing about it. In the Core Book (in the Core Rules section) it is specified that named characters can't receive Command Traits and Artifacts of Power, but it doesn't mention Mount Traits. Mount Traits aren't even mentioned on the General's Handbook 2018 and on the Battletome that I'm using (the last that Stormcasts Eternals received, so it should be up to date) it is not specified that named character's mounts can't receive a Mount Trait. Treating is as RAW (rules as written) it should be possible to give a Mount Trait to a named character's mount. For example Vandus Hammerhand's dracoth, Calanax, could receive the Thunder Caller Mount Trait.
  5. Exploding hits on hordes would make them a lot better, still not an auto-include but I would play them. One of my friends who plays LoN told me that, given the lore behind the Castigators, he expected them to have exploding weapons.
  6. Just take a look at the last battletome, there are 8 stormhosts that are described as getting different from each other (e.g. Hammers of Sigmar channel lightning when they enter the fervour of battle while Celestial Vindicators enters a terrible rage when they fight). Also the desing of Stormcast reflect a lot of the design of Space Marines as they are both super-soldier made by a powerful being, and you can see a lot of patterns between the two. I predict that we are just some editions away from stormhost-specific books.
  7. God, I hope that I don't have to buy another batch of new Stormcast models for at least a couple of years. I do love them but my pile of shame is already huge (of the ~3500 points of Stormcast that I own only ~1000 are painted).
  8. For those who are unaware the "Tome Celestial" contained in the White Dwarf of february has 4 Stormcast battallions. 4 really bad battallions. One battallion is a mega-battallion (it looks cute for narrative battles and nothing else), one battallion can't be played at 2000 points (it requires too many heroes) and the other two are on the bad side of battallions. I haven't seen the point cost of those battallions, there may be none, so for most of us is useless stuff. And please stop wining about new Stormcast stuff, it feels really bad to be "hated" so much. Seeing the trend I fully expect GW to develop Stormcast into Space Marines (something like different stormhosts as opposed to differet chapters). It will happen, it's not a matter of if but when.
  9. In Warhammer everything is situational. 20 points are non that game-changing from my experience, and for a mere 20 points I like the fact that my anvil can become an hammer. It's the versatility that I like about my Sequitors, they are as much hammers as they are anvils and in a game of random variables I like some versatility. So you use Liberators because they are cheapest that Sequitors but then you spend around 340 points (Lord-Castellant + Lord-Relictor + Knight-Incantor) just to buff them?! And in the same setup Sequitors are better as they will reroll all failed saves, even the ones that have some kind of rend. If you like them you are free to use them, but you can't really say that Liberators are better. They are not. As the game stands now Liberators need one of two buffs to be worth playing: 1) Lower the cost to 80 or 90 for 5 Liberators or Lower the maximum unit size to 20 and make them cost 350; 2) Make them ignore rend or make them reroll all failed saves with shields (and add something with the double weapons). So either you make them cheaper or make them more resilient.
  10. Anybody would reply with a "yes, they are better", and this is true but have you tried to confront the warscrolls? The difference between Liberators and Sequitors are glaring as the sun. For just 20 more points you get: - better attacks (3+ 3+ versus 4+ 3+) - more damaging attacks (you have 3 special weapons versus 1) - more survivability (you may choose to reroll al failed save rolls) "Liberators or Sequitors?" isn't even a question someone should ask anymore, Sequitors are just better in anything.
  11. Exept that there aren't any fancy maces and there aren't any Sequitor-Primes that wield that swords on the official GW photos (in those photos they have the normal swords) and if that was the case I think that they would have them.
  12. Hey guys I just noticed something strange in the Sequitors multiplart kit. There are 4 swords that have a different desing from the ones that you can see on the box, as they seem bigger that the standard ones I tought that maybe they where supposed to be the special version of the swords (just like the greatmaces are the special version of the maces) and they are in the same number as the greatmaces. Has GW ever aknowledged this? Could this be "fixed" in the next GHB?
  13. But they are humans, the books describe them as humans that have been enaced by magic (and have been given a splinter of Sigmar's own essence) and nowhere they are dedcribed as NOT humans. Yes they are not the same humans as we are, but I still see them as humans. So let me ask you a question, are chaos warriors still humans? (They are chaos-powered and mutated humans).
  14. Except that all Stormcasts have the "human" keyword on their warscroll, so they are human. Big demigod-like humans but still humans.
  15. On the back of the January White Dwarf there is a photo of some Stormcasts models from the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost (notably all of the named characters) under the title "Next month - the Tome Celestial: the Hammerhands", maybe are they the ones that will be expanded? It's not like Hammers of Sigmar needs more stuff (and I play them a lot so belive me).
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