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  1. So I finally got started on my Gitz. Just some highlights to apply to the wood & metals and to base them. Quite happy with how they came out myself.
  2. These gitz look absolutely outstanding! Amazing work Warboss!
  3. Which reminds me; I really hope that they change embarking and disembarking to match 40k. So that our Duardin can bail out after the ship has moved and actually get around the board quickly, as they should.
  4. *looks up Thundrik’s Profiteers* Extra attack on arkanaut cutters? Yay! Although, is Garodd a regular arkanaut or a captain? No rend on the privateer pistols? Boo! They’re guns! They deserve rend! Boo! Aetheric Augmentation still only effects one weapon type? Boo! But they’re nice models so I’m happy overall. XD
  5. I’ve going through the warscrolls of each unit as they currently stand. Are they any changes you guys would like to see? I’ve got a very small suggestion for starters; give longbreads an extra attack. This puts them on par with the other elite fighter units in the army and narrows that difference. This way you get; Ironbreakers; braver warriors with an extra attack and much higher durability. Hammerers; braver warriors with an extra, more accurate attack, slightly better durability, and immunity to battle shock if near heroes. Longbeards; braver warriors with an extra attack, slightly better durability and the area buff of grumbling. That’s just for starters though. I’ve got more but I’m working atm.
  6. I can feel it...the dispossessed are on their way. 😎
  7. Absolutely. skywardens could become battleline if you have the KO allegiance, giving them a purpose in comparison to Endrinriggers. Possibly Thunderers too, although I’d worry about battleline thunderers stepping on the toes of arkanauts. We really just need the Fyreslayer treatment. Every scroll looked at again, and ‘endless weather’ and a terrain feature. I have an idea for the terrain feature btw...skymine fields. Comes in sets of 3 like Gnawholes.
  8. So who thinks that we’ll get a new book soon? Or that it’ll just be GHB points adjustments?
  9. I took the survey today. And in my final comment I specifically said “keep the dispossessed (and Wanderers and Ogors and so on)”. Hope it sticks! And I would put the characters on 32s. Hopefully that’s what they get in future.
  10. Horray, we’re back online! Also, if they design new kits in such a way that the old ones aren’t made obsolete I think you’ll be ok.
  11. Yeah I thought the dispossessed were those dwarfs who had fled with Sigmar to Azyr whilst the overlords where those dwarves who had fled into the skies on airships. Not sure where fyreslayers came from. And if they are making a new dwarf warrior kit, it should probably have enough parts for 20 models. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. 😒 Also, just had a thought...definitely have stone golems (animated statues powered by ancestor spirits) as heavy troops equivalent to trolls or what have you, but also have a dual throne chair warden king and portable anvil of doom kit that’s carried by a couple of these golems...or even four. Old Warhammer used regular dwarves, but we’re in aos now and we need to go bigger!
  12. @Zadolix I’m inclined to agree. They’ve moved beyond the Viking look now, and they don’t quite match up with the later kits. Not to mention the awkward numbers in the kit. A new warrior kit, that more closely resembles the longbeard models, would be sweet. Basically, no more horned helmets, they now wear a mixture of scale mail and solid plate rather than chain mail, have bigger and more detailed shields, and come in a batch of 20 with both weapon options. Literally like ‘scaled back’ versions of the longbeard models, with shorter beards too. I’m actually thinking of drawing an example of this idea with a longbeard as a comparison!
  13. OK, keep dispossessed as foot infantry. Maybe Fyreslayers could get cavalry in future; they’ve already got the monsters after all. And since they have the gyrocopters, I think they could get away with big land lumbering steam machines. Just as long as they don’t get too close to the Overlords. Big question; the current warrior and marksmen kits. Who wants them retained, and who thinks they need replaced?
  14. I’m kinda throwing ideas out there to see what sticks. It’s important that they don’t tred too much on the toes of the others in terms of ideas, if that makes sense. With that in mind btw, I really think that it could be time to see duardin cavalry...or possibly chariots. That would be very different to what the others have.
  15. I had a thought about the duardin. Does anyone remember the Squats of epic and their massive land trains? Maybe, just maybe, the duardin should get more fantastical steam punk versions of these? Could it be supported by the fluff? See, they could be a mixture of established karaks and ‘caravans’ looking to retake old/build new ones. Caravans made up of big steam trains.
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