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  1. Arkanaut Admiral

    WIP Kharadron Overlords

    Reviving this thread to show my latest progress on the Overlords. Finished the bases on one squad and made headway with the Admiral;
  2. Arkanaut Admiral

    WiP Wednesdays

    I meant to post this last night but I was very, very, very...tired. The wip bases for my Overlords:
  3. First off, I would like to see all current Finecast minis replaced with plastic versions. That's a given. As for my list; 1) Orruk Boar Chariot. 2) All Moonclan Squig Units 3) Clan Skryre Acolytes 4) Warplock Jezzails 5) Gutter Runners 6) Night Runners 7) Zombies 8 ) Doomfire Warlocks* 9) Steam Tank 10) Human Ironweld Artillery *In truth, any kit that's got unit options spread across multiple factions might need looked at again imo.
  4. Good suggestions here. I’ve been thinking of how Age Of Sigmar might have developed if there was no previous game. As in it’s just the new factions and the lore. What I figured was that it would be exactly the same as it is now but with ‘tidier’ factions. And greater interconnectivity between them too. Here’s what I mean; the free peoples are 90% human and have the new AoS aesthetic, looking like smaller less well armoured Stormcast rather than the Germanic look. However, instead of the ironweld arsenal, the Overlords came down from the skies and started trading with the humans, setting up workshops and selling them aethermatic weaponary. So they would have Aether cannon and volley gun artillery peices, aetheric tanks and aetheric ornithopters, crewed by overlords based in the cities. They might even have masked humans wielding aetheric carbines. Same for magic. They’d have the arcane colleges, mostly humans but with the involvement of aevles, who’d be in charge. Maybe aelf warriors wearing sigmarifed armour as elites. This is all coulda woulda shoulda though.
  5. I do agree up to a point. I definitely feel like there’s some baggage left over from the Old World. But, they’re there, nothing can be done from that, and there’s some nice models that deserve a second chance.
  6. They should really look at those old factions who are almost there with regards to having a fully fledged Battletome. I'm looking at Wanderers for example. They've got a Trait, Command Abilities, Artifacts plus an almost completely plastic range. Give them spells and prayers and a couple of big plastic beasts (lesser versions of the Wardroth Beetle?) and there you go. Maybe bring out new plastic versions of the resin characters? A Nomad Prince riding some sort of big beast as a centerpiece model? Easily done. Chaos just needs a dedicated to a god army for the four (and we have 3/4 of them already), plus imo, a Legions style book for Skaven, then a massive Legions style book for Slaves To Darkness, which includes every beastman, 'marauder' style chaos human and all the chaos monsters and 'undivided' demons like the Furies and the Soul Grinder under one banner. And then there is the Everchosen, who if I could, would be comprised of all the 'warrior' style chaos humans as the truly elite chaos faction. Then one day, Chaos Dwarves, and if I've added that up right that's eight separate chaos factions...one for each point of the star.
  7. I’m going to say, why not both?! For Order, I reckon 3 big Legions Of Nagash style books, one for humans (freeguild, colligate arcane, current human ironweld...actually just all the old empire stuff minus the devoted of Sigmar), one for duardin and one for Aelves. Done and dusted, and from there you can expand as needed. Ironweld (proper clockpunk Ironweld) and devoted of Sigmar can get their own tomes, as can the wanderers.
  8. Arkanaut Admiral

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    I should have said too that this theoretical new Khemist ability would be a flat bonus to all of the units weapons. We were discussing that a few pages back. So assuming that these arkanauts are in a squad of ten, and the capt has a volley pistol, that would be Fifteen 12” 3+/3+/-1 pistol attacks Eight 3+/3+/- cutter attacks Six 4+/3+/-1 volley gun attacks One 3+/2+/-2 D:d3 skyhook attack Two 3+/3+/-1 D:2 skypike attacks. It becomes even better if they’re targeting a character, or benefiting from master the skies or settle the grudges etc. I could live with this sort of damage output.
  9. Arkanaut Admiral

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Good questions. For 1, I would: Jack up the rend of their pistols to -1 Give the Skypike Damage 2, putting it on par with similar such weapons like Grand Blades, Gore Glaives etc. Increase their Bravery to 7 Limit the specials to 1 of each per 10 models Assuming Khemists now grant +1 to hit & to wound on all weapons, they'll become glass cannons, which is what they should be imo. As for 2, I agree. The main weapons of the ships are too short ranged, most of the guns aren't powerful enough, and many of them are a bit useless too.
  10. Arkanaut Admiral

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    @Rachmani Glad you like the idea! Imagine our Arkanauts having 3+/3+ guns (And I’d up their rend to -1, to match every other gun in the game) and 3+/3+ cutters, with a 3+/2+ skyhook, 4+/3+ vollygun and 3+/3+ skyhook. They’d finally have some punch, and be the glass cannons they probably should be, rather than the fodder for skyhooks that they currently are. @ Nicolaunch Completely agree that we should be able to fight from the ships. I’ve been experimenting with using the terrain garrison rules for the ships, allowing the embarked passengers to shoot and fight from the ship and be targeted in return. They really help us out without being broken. As for the Admiral and the Endrinmaster, I guess the first could have his invoke the code looked at again, whilst the latter could be given a points decrease if nothing else could be found. Also, I really really really think that the khemists (new) augmentation ability should be applicable to the ships. All the characters should have an effect on the ships imo.
  11. Arkanaut Admiral

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    If the Khemist granted a simple +1 to Hit and/or to Wound, it would easier to justify this affecting all of the units weapons rather than just one yes? Because that's something I would really like to see. A unit wide effect would really help out Thunderers, and Arkanauts, and Skywardens...everyone really. An Aethermatic Volleygun hitting on 4s (3s against characters and monsters) and wounding on 3s would be quite nasty yes? And Aethershot Rifles hitting on 2s and wounding on 3s? Yes please!
  12. Arkanaut Admiral

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    What if the Khemists ability was changed to a flat +1 to hit and wound across the board? Extra hits because weapon recharges quicker between use. Extra wounds because it’s overcharged?
  13. Arkanaut Admiral

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    Plastic squigs are a must. They probably should have created them ages ago. The metal/resin kits need replaced, so that's new characters. I'm sure that the Fungoid Cave Shaman will probably pretty much replace the 'standard' one. Thing is though, what about the current rank and file moonclan grots? Think they'll stay put, in the same way that the Black Orc kit became Ardboyz? I think they'll keep it, as it was a fairly recent kit and although it was designed for rank and file squares I think it still holds up. But some think that they'll just ditch it. That would be a waste though right?
  14. Arkanaut Admiral

    Which faction needs the most TLC?

    Oh, I want in on this! For Order, do something about the KO. And help out some of the legacy factions like the aelves and dispossessed. For the later, some new characters, a new anvil and plastic traditional duardin artillery (grudge throwers and bolt throwers) would complete them. With an allegiance trait, artifacts, different runes for the anvil, there’s a solid army there. And the fyrslayers. Take what the GHB gave them and expand on it. For Destruction, everyone. Everyone needs help! I’m hoping that the moonclan do get some love, but the Ironjawz need it too. I do hope that the ‘regular’ grots get some attention, in the form of steampunky stuff. The Grot bag scuttlers? If regular orruks got a new boar chariot matching the boar boyz closer, new shamans and new artillery, with a proper allgence trait and artifacts, I think they’d be ok. I know the game is going in a new direction but there could be room for a ‘bench mark’ faction that the others are compared too. Chaos: Skaven. All of them. They all need love. I sincerely think that with a bit of thought, all the clans could get their own battle tome. But maybe it’s best to have a LoN style super tome.
  15. Arkanaut Admiral

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    You know the Squig Gobba from forge world? Make it plastic and make it good. There’s a nice fluffy artillery unit right off the bat.