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  1. Getting back to work on my grots:
  2. I’m in favour of retaining horses in the setting to serve as mounts for rank and file humans (both order, chaos and undead), because just like humans themselves they help make the more fantastical stuff stand out better.
  3. What if the more traditional dwarf artillery was to return? The grudge thrower and bolt thrower? Bigger and in plastic?
  4. I’m trying to be optimistic but this cull was pretty hard hitting. The way I see it now, the dispossessed are missing all their core troops. I could see the unforged going tbh, and I was on the fence about the core unit kits, but the artillery was a blow. I’m an optimist. What I’m hoping, is that they’re just having a clear out of the old kits, and this book is a get you by, and then going forward they’ll bring out new kits. I hope. And I accept that that is a long shot.
  5. That is a lot more than I thought!
  6. I would be incredibly surprised if it wasn’t. Come on let’s face it, it was a bit of an oversight. A sort of hold over from fantasy that doesn’t quite work in AoS.
  7. That sounds promising! And I’ve always seen the unforged as a sort of dwarfish version of a flagellant. They should probably try to keep pushing that angle to distinguish them from fireslayers. And I honestly wouldn’t understand why they wouldn’t sell them as boxes of 20. It would solve a lot of issues.
  8. Those plastic kits with 16 minis in them? The duardin warriors, the glade guard etc? They come in sprues of 4 don’t they? I swear, while they are dated, they’re still usable. If they just crammed in an extra sprue and sold them as boxes of 20 they’d be good to go. Then they could replace them or keep them.
  9. I think that all the fine cast/metal miniatures still remaining plus the very old plastic kits with odd numbers will go. But I hope that they won’t. Especially because they managed to retain some old Skaven minis. If they keep the profiles at least then they can happily carry on into the future.
  10. I’m actually a bit worried about the future of the range now. I’ll try to reserve judgement until the book is actually released though.
  11. I’m always dappling in rules design.
  12. Gasp! You’re not after the...lost legion are you?! 😂
  13. If I get some overtime this week, I might be able to purchase some old dogs of war minis to start a unique Freeguild army lol.
  14. I never got to ask, what do you guys think of the new points costs?
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