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  1. Hi everyone. I haven't been around here lately due to work, but I'm trying to get more active again. And I just wanted to say that with what they've managed to do with the 'Light Elves', they could totally make a traditional dwarf faction again.
  2. I've yet to play a game with the new Overlords, but I'm very keen to. How have you guys been finding them so far? Any glaring issues or must use builds?
  3. I don’t know about you all but I am loving our new book! 😁 Thoughts so far?
  4. That sounds quite nasty actually....*evil laugh*
  5. I have experience with using the garrison rules on the ships via house rules. They really work well.
  6. The retreating, deep striking, garrison-able ships is making me giddy, and the gold share and thunderers has me excited too. I’m getting the book pronto and oh wow do I need to buy a load of contrast paints lol.
  7. Anyone else over the moon at the new rules? 😁
  8. @ Kramer Am I over doing it with the wish listing? It seems like I am. 😅
  9. Good points. For the ships survivability I had them all with a 3+ save and the Tireless Endrinrigger ability is now an automatic healing of D3 wounds rather than the pathetic 1 wound on a d6 roll of 4+. As for the endrinmaster, how about this...the same “More Pressure” ability that a steam tank commander has. Instead of healing D3 wounds, the endrinmaster can attempt to boost the engines. Roll 2d6. If the result is less than the number of wounds allocated to the ship, it takes D3 mortal wounds. If not, ships movement is increased by 2”. Now, every single one of the characters can boost a ship: admiral lets it run and shoot, navigator increases speed and can outflank it, endrinmaster can either heal it or increase speed, and aether khemist can boost all the guns. As for the skalfhammer, I was bringing it into line with the great weapon type profiles of other order heroes. Specifically, a Freeguild foot general. But if you think Damage 2 is better than D3 I could support that. Is the extra attack in exchange for a reduced to wound stat ok? It is true that they don’t need much. It’s mostly a matter of a points and stats update. Here’s how I hope the ironclad looks like in future for example: Movement: 8” Wounds: 18 Save: 3+ Bravery: 8 Great Sky Cannon: range: 36” attacks: 1 to hit: 4+ to wound: 2+ rend: -2 damage: d6 Great Skyhook: range: 36” attacks: 1 to hit: 4+ to wound: 2+ rend: -2 damage: d3 (moves ship d6 inches towards target) Aethermatic Volleycannon: range: 18” attacks: 12 to hit: 4+ to wound: 3+ rend: -1 damage: 1 Aethershock torpodeos: range: 24” attacks: 4 to hit: 4+ to wound: 3+ rend: -1 damage: d3 Aethershot Carbines: range: 12” attacks: 12-6 to hit: 3+ to wound: 3+ rend: -1 damage: 1 Fragmentation charges: range: 1” attacks: 2d6-d3 to hit: 4+ to wound: 3+ rend: -1 damage: 1 Belaying Valves: range: 1” attacks: 10 to hit: 4+ to wound: 4+ rend: - damage: 1 Carries 20-25 Overlords. They can now shoot, fight and use abilities whilst embarked (but can be targeted in return) aetheric navigation: can outflank (yes I know I said this about the navigator but I have a different idea for him now) tireless Endrinrigger: heals D3 wounds every hero phase Grudgesettler Bombs: roll a d6 for 1 enemy unit this model flew over. On a 2+ they take D6 mortal wounds. supremacy mines: if enemy fliers charge to within 1” of this model roll a d6. On a 4+ they take D6 mortal wounds. detonation drills: if enemy non fliers charge to within 1” of this model roll a d6. On a 4+ they fight at the end of the combat phase. Flagship: 1 order per turn in shooting phase: Fire at will: +1 attack to missile weapons. Prove your worth: +3 inches to missile weapon ranges. Don’t let up: can retreat and shoot in same turn. With these changes, an ironclad can finally be the big floating fortress it’s supposed to be.
  10. I love the paint job on those Arkanauts Rahxephon. Also I said the other day I’d share my ideas for updates to the Overlord warscrolls, but I’m having trouble posting up my custom warscrolls here. I put it down to Apple. So could I just share the basic ideas for the heroes to start with? Here: The Admiral: increased the to wound characteristic of his gun to 3+ to bring it into line with other Order firearms, and jacked up his Skalfhammer to this: range: 1”, attacks: 3, to hit: 3+, to wound: 3+, rend: -2, damage: D3 I’ve also tidied up his abilities. He’s now got a “Boulder-crushing Strike” (1 mortal wound in addition to other damage on an unmodified to wound roll of 6 with his skalfhammer), Master Of The Skies (same as before) and a simplified command ability (18” ignore battleshock bubble). The other abilities have all been dropped. They were just clutter these days anyway. The Navigator: largely the same, but he can now outflank the sky vessel he’s embarked upon. The Endrinmaster: largely the same also. The Khemist: changed his augmentation ability to +1 attack on all weapons for 1 unit wholly within 12”, including sky vessels. This sounds op but it’ll make more sense when you see the other changes. Also working on his shooting ability.
  11. The best thing about using the garrison rules for the ships is that in addition to allowing the passengers to shoot out of the ship, it also allows them to fight out of the ship as well. And it’s fair too, because they can be targeted in return. And when they are fighting from the ship, it invokes images of the enemy boarding the ship and the overlords fighting trying to repel them, just like in the fluff. It’s fantastic.
  12. Yes absolutely. I should have said too, I was replacing the current embarking and disembarking rules with a modified version of the garrison rules found in the core rulebook. I’ve played a few games with them and the difference is immense. Unbelievable even.
  13. Boar answered that question better than I could lol. As for my list, I haven’t got it to hand at the moment but I’ll share some key bits: - all the guns should wound on at least a 3+ and have -1 rend, exactly like Cities Of Sigmar firearms. We’re supposed to be the technologically advanced race, so it’s not good being shown up by black powder weapons. - the range of the main weapons on the ships need greatly increased. I hate having my supposedly advanced cannons and skyhooks outraged by catapults. - the saves for all the ships should be increased to 3+, and the healing abilities of the frigate and ironclad should be an automatic restoration of d3 wounds. This brings them in line with the monsters, war machines and healing abilities of other factions. I’ll be back later to post a more detailed response later.
  14. They missed a trick when they didn’t give Gunhaulers Aethershock Torpedoes. Then it would have been like the historical real life torpedo boat. Plus with torpedos in addition to its other weapons, it would actually pack a punch now. I’ve also been working on a big big list of improvements for the KO that I think they need. I’d be happy to share them later if anyone’s interested.
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