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  1. So what exactly, happened? Did you use chaff
  2. Has anyone took spell portal with allaria to be able to reach out and use metamorphosis with out being dispelled.
  3. I have only played dread wood and gnarlroot as far as my experiance, but even when I summon 10 dryads in wyldwoods that -1 hit does work. A unit of 20 in cover for 200 points is awsome. Tree-revs I usually hold back as objective holders with the threat of teleporting, or worst case as chaff. In my dread wood I run 4x 5spite-revs and they are ok sometimes. But they seem like a tax, however in my gnarl root I have one unit because their cheap and battle line. And if played right can still force favorable battle shock results. I always run 2 branch wraith just in case one dies, summoning 10 dryads is awsome from a 80pt model. I keep one with ranu lamenteri, and one with throne of vines. One stays back and one moves forward. I set one woods In a deployment zone sticking out a few inches so tree lord ancient can use unique spell turn 1, acorn in my deployment zone, and i still have verdant blessing on 4+ from branch wraith and 4+ from treelord ancient. I try and get as many woods down as possible to help block large based models.
  4. I use it every turn and use one of the 12 spell slots to unbind it.
  5. I was playing dread wood and doing well, but I think gnarlroot with all the spells is way more powerfull and balanced. Let me know what you guys think. Alarielle, throne of vines, 600 points I can summon kurnoth hunters with the right weapon choice for the match, or 20 dryads. Worth every point. Tree lord ancient, regrowth, with gnarled warrior and oaken armor. Branchwraith 1, ranu lamentiri, verdent blessing Branchwraith 2, throne of vines Branchwych, throne of vines, crown on a 5+ to get command point back, Knight Incantor, with everblaze comet, i have found he is totally worth the points. And autodispel comes in very handy. 5 spit-revants 5 tree-revants 20 dryads Souls snare shackles, quicksilver swords, everblaze comet House hold and gnarlroot, An even 2000pts, and 1 drop I'm either summoning dryads with +1 cast or +D3 cast so very reliable.
  6. Hidden attackers limit enemy range for spells, abilities and attacks to a maximum of 12". My question is an ability or spell with a listed range is easy, what if an ability has no range limit such as kroak, or the nurgle spell that can pick any unit in LOS. Do you add the phrase "maximum range is 12" to them. Or are they not effected
  7. All pile in is happening simultaneously, how would you ever charge a unit if you had to always stay within an inch.
  8. If we are suppose to use newest warscroll, and the app has the most recent date how do we know its correct. Ex. Sylvaneth battalions in the app don't mention extra units for things like dreadwood.
  9. It's not just that list, it counters any spell heavy army. I think we will see a lot more spells in this edition. Yes it's super power full. Does it need a slight tweak of course. If kroak gets +1 to cast he still needs a 6,7,8 to get off all three. Needs to get off bale wind and spell portal. On another note I've been playing against kroak since the last edition. It did get more powerfull but not unbeatable.
  10. I've played the new "brokenato" a couple time. Thankfully I always take the "lens of refraction" in every list I make. If one artifact can shut down a third of their army it's not broken
  11. How many people were there last year, for age of sigmar.
  12. As a freeguild player, this is super important. I usually have a T looking formation to keep the 6in requirement for the great company. So I i take a lot of casualties I loose out on pile in but I gain shooting in the enemy charge phase. It confuses opponents when you intentionally break unit cohesion and lose the ability to pile in
  13. After 12 games including a 2 day tournment I would like to share some observations. 1. 30x Xbows as a part of a great company vs an army with no range can win you the game alone. 2. 2-4 long rifles can do great damage. as a bonus the great company's support ability doesn't have to target a specific unit. 3. With a huricanium 4x unit of 10 hand gunners with long rifles are great, but with out a huricanium a unit of 20 is a must. 4. But command ability in the game? I'm voting freeguild general 3x units +1 hit/+1 wound 5. a unit of 10 archers would have helped against players making trees on objectives turn 1, and also giving a buffer for deep strike 6. Allies are a tough choice, but I use either a huricanium (nice with multiple small units of handgunners) or the rocket battery (this is not the most efficient war machine but the 36in range and no line of sight really does add more than just the wounds it does. The opponent has to play around it with his lightly armoured hero's. I will add some more later
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