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  1. I love you punctuation.
  2. gRIB

    And some older stuff

    Just Noch water effect with some waywatcher green.
  3. I cannot say how often i will post... but still.. attention is attention... Older stormfiends pack. DOOOOMWEEEL. Cannon. Thanquoll. Verminlord. Bell\Furnace.
  4. Firstly I want to upload some models I made for resent painting challenge that was held in my area. Theme for me was Pestilence army with some stormfiends allies. During it new batletome had released.
  5. One model. Master Moulder gives extra wounds only to one model, not unit.
  6. gRIB

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Trigger is "Sucsessfull attack". In 4 pages "sucsessfull attack" is after save failed. Than you roll damage. Short answer - double before damage roll.
  7. gRIB

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    No one tryed FAQed Deathrunner as general? Double inspiring\lord of war\great destroyer\even crown seems dope.... If i read his rules (in FAQ) right.
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