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  1. I'd be a lot more excited about these things if GW stopped cutting pages from their translated books. I want to read the story of the campaign books and cutting a 100 pages doesn't make it easy.
  2. As a StD player, I'd love the idea of getting our own kind of daemons we can summon and the desing of the one in Sanguinius' base is fantatic. I really hope GW makes at least a couple of units for them.
  3. In the second Stormcast podcast, the designer of the BoC mentioned they were planning on releasing apiece of terrain for every army moving forward.
  4. I could see a battletome that's just vampires, as they are more independant than say skelletons or zombies. It could bring updated plastic Blood Knights, Blood Knights on foot, so they can have some elite infantry battleline, maybe some sort of feral vampires and skelletons or zombies as chaff. A lot less focus on regenerating hordes of undead and more focused in the vampires themselves and their blood sucking mechanics.
  5. I expect more tomes that update either old battletomes or microfactions that don't need new models, like freeguild or dispossessed and a trailer for the StD release, like the ones Gloomspite Gitz got during Blood and Glory.
  6. I only have one thing to say about this and we just have to look a few months back: Malign Portents Destruction herald -> Fungoid Shaman. Zarbag's gitz Nighvault warband released in october 2018. Destruction rises in the Mortal Realms trailer released during Blood and Glory in november 2018. Gloomspite Gitz reveal trailer released in december 2018 with the preorders and model releases in the following weeks. Malign Portents Chaos herald -> Darkoath Warqueen (of which we know Darkoath isn't a faction and her army is Slaves to Darkness). Godsworn Hunt Nightvault warband released in january 2019. LVO in february, the month right after the release of the Nightvault warband, just like Blood and Glory, will probably have a trailer for the new AoS releases. (And if I had to guess, the preorders for Carrion Empire). Which means, if the pattern continues, Slaves to Darkness or however the Undivided army that includes them, Everchosen and the Undivided daemons is called, would have a reveal trailer somewhere in early March, with the release in the following weeks.
  7. Oh, I wasn't talking about the StD tome when I said microfaction. In any case, after the amount of resculpts Gloomspite Gitz got I'm positive the tome will include StD, Everchosen, Daemons of Chaos (So Be'lakor, Furies and Soulgrinders) and Monsters of Chaos (Giants, warhounds, chimeras, cockatrices, etc), which indeed is already a really good amount of units, I'm positive at least marauders (we basically know it already), chaos warriors, chosen, exalted heroes and furies will get new plastic models. Add a couple of new heroes and units and there you go, a faction that could almost rival Stormcasts in the amount of webstore entries (still around 20 less, but hey).
  8. This fits what I've been thinking and I'd be delighted if it were true. It would mean I have 3/4 months to save for the new StD goodies, that some of the microfactions that need a battletome but not necesarily new models would get it and it would let me get my armies ready for the global campaign that would culminate in Slaanesh's escape. Good stuff.
  9. What base size are thouse marauders on? They look really big but they could just be 32mm. The concept of big, superhuman, heavy armoured warriors that serve chaos is already taken. Chaos stormcast don't bring anything new when we could have a chaos warrior that was a stormcast before falling.
  10. "Hey, let's make an Order version of the Chaos Warriors!" "Sure" "Hey, let's make a Chaos version of the Order version of the Chaos Warriors!" Why people keep spouting Chaos Stormcasts? They make no sense because he concept already exists.
  11. You should read the Warqueen novella. You're going to love the blood warriors there and the difference between the marauder tribes and the real chaos warriors.
  12. If the torso, legs and arms you could replicate that pose and it would look much better. I'm sorry but a unit of warriors with tht exact same pose that can't separate their elbows from their torsos doesn't look cold or intimidating, it looks as if they were in a cramped train. Executioners do have very static poses, but they are far better and more menacing poses than the "I cant move my arms" chaos warriors. If they do make a new chaos warrior kit, it should be like the chaos knights. Great aesthetic, modular so you can pose them however you want, have all the weapon options in the box (maybe add some special weapons like bloodwarriors or sequitors) and (I've mesured) the riders are as big as stormcasts. I couldn't ask for more.
  13. Exactly. Even GW knows they shouldn't be two different factions, they are Archaon's armies after all and they've been presenting them together for quite some time already so it's likely that when the battletome drops, all the undivided factions (Everchosen, Slaves to Darkness and Daemons of Chaos, maybe even the giant and the monsters) will be merged together, just like they did with the other gods. In fact, that would leave the Grand Alliance complete save for the skaven, who will probably get a tome that merges them aswell and Slaanesh, that will join soon too.
  14. You are describing chosen. But that works for me as I could take them and convert them to be warriors, I just want new sculpts with decent poses and not having to buy the weapons separately. We are talking about the rumours of the new chaos army and the implications of old kits beung taken from shelfs.
  15. They didn't want to use points or matched rules either.
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