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  1. I think 24 wounds would be the greatest number for a model other than unique characters. What do you imagine the attack profile looking like?
  2. This may have been discussed earlier, but I was wondering what you knowledgeable people think. From the short blurb about King Brodd: "The stony artefact was a part of the old Behematian Temple that once crested Tor Crania, a monolithic structure toppled by cyclopean mutants long ago. Once his swamp-dwelling gargants have gathered in numbers enough to take revenge, Brodd intends to see the temple to his titanic father rebuilt, its mortar the ground bones of the same beastmen that dared tear it down." I'm not sure if this is necessarily canon moving forward, but it seems as if the cyclopean cygors are being positioned lore wise as a natural enemies to gargants. Considering this, does it seem inaccurate to sculpt a gargant with a cyclops eye from a lore perspective? What do you fine people think?
  3. I especially like the big guy's grimy, yellowed teeth. Looks great, sir. Is the Bone Grinder a solid piece of resin and relatively heavy or is it hollow?
  4. Figured I ought to try and contribute to this thread and share the gargant I'm currently working on creating. More work to come.
  5. You're single handily keeping this thread alive, bro. I really enjoy catching up on the comments after a few days time.
  6. EasyArmy


    I really like the way these Nurglings are painted. They look fantastic! Nicely done on creating an interesting base as well.
  7. Is each spell only allowed to be cast once in GHB17? If that particular rule was changed Nagash's ability to cast eight spell initially would be very powerful, regardless of changes to summoning.
  8. The zombies seem like the correct choice as they should help improve the survivability of the Necromancer - whereas the ten Ghouls would most likely be destroyed before being replenished by the Varghulf Courier. Since only your Crypt Horrors benefit from a Courtier's replenishment ability is it better to take the Varghulf or Crypt Haunter?
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