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  1. That's a clever idea! I don't play Legion of Night so I'm not too familiar, but I assume the idea is to arrive via Ambush to a Gravesite and then immediately us a Command Point to summon a unit?
  2. Speaking of The Master's Teachings, has anyone actually gotten it to work? It seems like the trigger is so specific, it would never actually happen in-game. Has anyone gotten good use out of it?
  3. Seeing as it seems Reikenor cannot take additional spells in LoN (leaving him with just Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield, and his special Wraithstorm spell), does that make his +3 to cast very relevant? Or is the idea to use him with Endless spells?
  4. I absolutely agree. I'm still putting my mostly-Deathrattle army together, but the thought of losing my General seems like a huge deal. A Necromancer with LoS and the ability to pass off wounds should make him pretty tanky, but with so many Celestar Ballistae around I'm still worried. Maybe he needs a durability artefact?
  5. Orb has a decent chance of hitting multiple units, and (while a little unlikely) can double-cast on 9+.
  6. It could take a lot of conversion work I think. Swap the weapon, remove the crest, and remove the shoulder pads and swap for something a little less obviously Stormcast. Then get rid of the hammer on her belt, and file all of the Stormcast insignia off. Once you do that, you'll be able to add whatever Vampire-themed bits you like to the stripped-down model.
  7. Assuming the Skeletons make it into combat with ~30 models remaining, and the Vampires enter combat largely unharmed, the Legion of Blood +1 attack buff provide a similar damage boost (mainly from the VLoZD) compared to Lord of Nagashizzar and doesn't require a linchpin hero, which seems helpful. However, there are no good Command Traits for a Necromancer general, and the re-rolling save rolls of 1 artefact isn't as good as Wristbands of Black Gold for the VLoZD, so I feel like I'd only be taking Legion of Blood for the Vampire attack boost (which is very fluffy but maybe not ideal). Instead, Sacrament would buff army speed, casting, and VLoZD. Grand Host would buff Skeleton Warrior attacks and Skeleton Warrior durability. Tough choice.
  8. Running 30 Grave Guard with a Necromancer in tow, getting passively buffed up by Lord of Nagashizzar and Vanhel's (when needed) is not a bad tactic. It's a huge target, and so needs other nearby threats to draw attention away from it, but it's definitely totally obsolete.
  9. To be fair, Lord of Nagashizzar (from Grand Host) only buffs Deathrattle units.
  10. Ah right, forgot they didn't need to be allies. Carry on!
  11. You're exactly right- Grave Guard are simply a different unit with entirely different attack stats. They're less durable, with fewer bodies, but pack a much greater punch. Also, and I'd say more importantly, Grave Guard are recyclable via Endless Legions.
  12. Would you consider the 9" charge more viable if you had Cogs?
  13. As a new player I'm just curious, why Neferata?
  14. Just curious- think there's any value in using Sacrament for a speed list? +1 to casting so easier Cogs for +2" move and +2" charge, then Mastery of Death for +3" move for a total average of 18" average threat range for move+charge (3"+4"+2" move plus ~7"+2" charge). Likewise you could use the Emissary of the Master trait for re-rolling charge distance ability instead, combo with Cogs for impossibly reliable 9" charges when you use Endless Legions. Any value in these sorts of abilities, or does Sacrament not really have need of movement-increasing abilities?
  15. I'm thinking about taking him as well. 2D3+1 Mortal Wounds with +1 casting against regular targets, or +3 to casting if you really need to get an important Endless Spell off, like Cogs or Spellportal. Plus he's no slouch in melee especially against hordes.
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